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 Chapter 564: Skyrocketing Jealousy

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"S-so strong!"

Muqing looked at Lin Fan with a stumped face. She had not expected this man, who was with her junior sister, to be this strong!

However, Tianyun wasn't looking so good right now.

This man had one-upped him right in their very faces! Not only that, each time he caught sight of this man making casual banter with his junior sister, he would feel a pinch of displeasure.

Junior Sister Hongyun was not only beautiful, her disposition was really demure as well. Within the sect, he wasn't the only one who had taken a liking to her. She was the apple of the eyes of many senior brothers up above as well.

Back when they were surrounded by the three ancient race beings, Tianyun was especially worked up when he realized that his Junior Sister Hongyun had arrived. If they were to go through some trying situations in this secret ground together, they might have a chance of blossoming some mutual feelings! But, by the looks of the current situation, everything had been disrupted by this random stranger!

How could Tianyun cheer up at a moment like this?

"Junior sister, this person is?" Tianyun asked with a tinge of jealousy.

"Senior brother and sister, this man right here is Lin Fan. He is the pride of the Human race. Back when I was being hunted down by the Evil Alliance, he was the one who had rescued me." Hongyun replied.

"Evil Alliance?"

The moment Muqing and Tianyun heard the name of the organization, their entire faces froze up. At the same time, waves of respect were flooding through their eyes. Evidently, they had experienced the viciousness of the Evil Alliance for themselves as well.

"Lin Fan, the two of them are my senior brother and sister, Tianyun and Muqing." Hongyun followed up with the introductions.

Looking at the both of them, Lin Fan smiled casually.

"Back when I entered the secret grounds together with Hongyun, there were already ancient race beings present. I'm afraid that the ancient race army would be arriving really soon." Lin Fan continued.

"If that's the case, we should make haste and look for the rest of them. After all, this place here is simply way too dangerous. If the ancient race army were to seal up the entrance later on, none of us would be leaving this place forever." Muqing commented worriedly.

'Calling her Hongyun directly, isn't that REAL close, eh? If anyone didn't know, they might even mistake you two for a couple.' Looking at how Lin Fan was so used to calling out her name so casually, Tianyun's heart was aching terribly.

However, what could he even do right now? It was evident that the other party's strength was way beyond his. How was he going to show off his charm now?

"Junior Sister Hongyun, are you able to try and make use of your unique gift to sense the location of our elders?" Muqing asked.

"I'll give it a try."

Fairy Hongyun did not know whether she could sense them in this Fire Water Secret Grounds as well. However, with the way things were right now, she could only give it a shot.

Lin Fan was particularly curious towards this unique gift of Fairy Hongyun, wondering how it worked.

Suddenly, Lin Fan could sense a mysterious wave motion being emanated from the body of Fairy Hongyun. This wave motion did not seem as though it was a skill or possessed any form of consciousness within it. It was hard to describe or explain.

"I sense it, albeit blurrier than usual. They should be in that rough direction." Fairy Hongyun's eyes burst wide open abruptly as she remarked.

At this moment, Lin Fan frowned. A series of wave motions were being echoed out from the direction behind them. Not only that, this motion was really frequent, as though someone was treading through the void.

"The ancient race beings are coming! Let's leave!"

Without further ado, Lin Fan flicked his robes and dragged Hongyun with him, leaping into the void immediately while bursting forth with an immense speed.

"Such speed!" Muqing's consciousness was rattled right now. However, as she caught sight of those razor sharp energy currents of the void striking at Lin Fan's body, she exclaimed in shock.

The faster one's speed was while traversing through the void, the heavier the damage that would be inflicted on their bodies by the void torrents.

They had suddenly realized that the speed at which this man was dragging them through the void was impossibly fast! In fact, even their elders might not be able to match up with this speed!

If only they knew that Lin Fan was deploying his 'So Near, Yet So Far' while taking them through the voids with them, that fact would probably cause their eyeballs to pop right out of their sockets.

Once upon a time, there was a divine celestial level 1, True state being of the thousands of races who had tried deploying a physical body skill while traversing through the void. By the time he came out of the void, the meat was scraped off his body entirely, leaving nothing but a single set of white bones.

Therefore, if anyone wanted to travel through the void with a rocket speed, they must know of the tough requirements that their bodies were required to have.

Looking at the crazy speed of Lin Fan, Muqing couldn't help but wonder deeply, 'Just how mighty is the Physical Body State of this man from the Human race?'

Following the breakneck speed of Lin Fan, the deep blue void had long since disappeared.

Replacing it was a sky of bright red clouds. At the same time, the temperature was steadily rising, as though they had entered a blazing Hell.

"The Fire Water Emperor! There's the Fire Element around here!" Hongyun remarked after checking out her surroundings.

"There are two connate Five Elements in this secret ground?" Lin Fan was startled for a moment. If that were truly the case, his entry into this place would definitely reap in big bounties for him!

No matter what it took, he definitely had to obtain this Fire Element.

"The Fire Water Emperor is a powerful being of time immemorial, who had understood the true meaning of fire and water. As such, every single breath he took would spout out both connate water and fire. Even though he had fallen eventually, the true meaning of the fire and water he had cultivated would not vanish just like that. Now that such a long time has passed, this place must definitely possess an infinite amount of connate water and fire.'

Hongyun had a broad spectrum of knowledge. Back in the sect, she would always spend her time reading through books and records intensively. The genre didn't matter at all; she just loved reading.

Therefore, over time, the amount of knowledge accumulated in her mind has reached a terrifying state.

The more Lin Fan looked at Hongyun, the more of a liking he was taking to this girl. Bloody hell! This was just a walking encyclopedia! If he could bring her along by her side, he would definitely know everything about the Ancient Saint World in time to come!

If only he could transfer all of the knowledge within Hongyun's mind into his own... What a wondrous thing that would be!

But of course, those were just mere thoughts.

If he were to transfer all of Hongyun's knowledge over to himself, Hongyun would definitely turn into a bloody retard.

"Hey, guys! Take a look! Those Fire Spirits are absorbing the connate Fire Element and cultivating!" Looking down below, Muqing exclaimed.

At the moment right below them, a several hundred feet tall flaming giant was devouring the endless connate Fire Element and cultivating all sorts of skills.

Just like the Water Spirits, these Fire Spirits were connate beings who were born from the Fire Element itself.

Their cultivation speed was insanely horrific as well.

'Treasure trove! This place is just a treasure trove!' Looking at the sea of flames, Lin Fan was excited beyond words!

If anyone were to cultivate a fire-based skill, they could probably master it right up to its peak status in the blink of an eye within this connate Fire Element.

After all, this connate Fire Element was a priceless treasure! Born from the world itself, something like this was only available to those with affinity!

"How dare yet another living being arrive to disturb the rest of our great Fire Water Emperor! This is a crime punishable by death!" All of a sudden, the eyes of the flaming giant burst wide open as it howled out into the sky in rage. As though they had a consciousness of their own, the flames on its body began to rumble furiously, forming all sorts of strange shapes.

Out of nowhere, a massive burst of energy struck down from the void, disintegrating that flaming giant into dust instantly.

A strain of pure Fire Element fused within Lin Fan's body instantly.

Big! Lin Fan had really struck it right big time right now!

There were indeed treasures lying around every single corner in this undiscovered secret ground!

If not for the fact that he had met with Fairy Hongyun, Lin Fan might have never ever known about this place at all! Not only that, it would probably take him forever to gather up the Five Elements!

"There's a living being trying to kill us all! Comrades, let us band together to fight against the invader!" The moment Lin Fan killed that flaming giant, all the Fire Spirits were enraged together.

Within that sea of flames, all of the Fire Spirits gathered together in a dense patch and howled furiously. A myriad of fire-based skills burst forth into the void.

"What the hell is wrong with you? We could have passed through this place safely, but why did you have to kill that Fire Spirit because of your itchy fingers? Now that there are so many Fire Spirits, how are we supposed to get through this place?" Looking at how the Fire Spirits were retaliating against Lin Fan's indiscriminate killing of their comrade, Tianyun was secretly gloating in his heart.

His junior sister would definitely dislike someone like this who was totally oblivious to the bigger picture!

However, something unbelievable was slowly unfolding right before his very eyes.