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 Chapter 56: This Danger is Quite Huge

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"By the heavens, by the earths, come forth... let me see just what kind of martial skill it is." Lin Fan prayed in his heart, hoping the skill wouldn't be something worthless.


When Lin Fan saw the description below, his heart started pounding rapidly.

"Stealth"could turn someone invisible. Originally, even turning invisible wouldn't be of much use as people with high cultivation bases could still detect one's energy. Even with their eyes closed, they could still detect an enemy from their energy.

But this was a godly skill for Lin Fan as he had a system which could hide his own energy. So no matter how high the person's cultivation base was, they still wouldn't be able to detect him.

As for others, this would be useless and would only work against normal people. But for masters, whether one was invisible or not, as long as they could detect energy, they would still be able to kill them.

"Haha." Lin Fan began laughing, knowing this would be really useful in the future. The Great Yan Dynasty and four great families would be unable to stop him now.

Initially, Lin Fan had been thinking he still needed a bit more time to prepare his looting of the Great Yan Dynasty. But now, there was no need to wait anymore, he could start immediately.

Lin Fan tested stealth mode and his true energy began decreasing slowly. Since he had 2,200 points of true energy, he could stay in stealth mode for a long time.

While he was in stealth mode, his body could still touch stuff and wouldn't pass through them. So it would seem he still needed to be careful. Lin Fan felt he could now exit his training. He had been in cultivation for three days and had advanced Hidden Arts, so he was ready to test his results.

"Dong...Dong...Dong." Just as Lin Fan was preparing to leave, he heard a ringing sound.

This was Sky Heaven School's way of gathering students and teachers. Every time the bell rang, it was either because something important had happened or someone important had arrived.

Lin Fan had only been at the school for a few days, so he had only heard there was this bell, but never heard it actually ring before. Since the bell rang now, he was actually curious and decided to go check it out.

The Sky Heaven School's entrance was filled with people, all heads looking in the same direction. Rows of black armored soldiers surrounded the entrance of the Sky Heaven School.

The top to bottom of the Sky Heaven School were also gathered at the entrance, with a look of joy on their faces as if they were expecting someone.

"Principal, it's quite a momentous occasion for the Yan Emperor and Queen to visit our school." A middle-aged man standing next to an old man with an extraordinary atmosphere about him said excitedly.

The Yan Emperor was the strongest of the Great Yan Dynasty, his cultivation base immeasurable. Even elders of the Saint Devil sect and the likes would only be equal to him, and wouldn't dare to act arrogantly in front of him.

The queen was a personal disciple of the Devil sect congregate, so she also held quite a high position within the congregate. The two people together would bring the Great Yan Dynasty to a whole new level.

"Of course, we don't need to worry about protecting the Yan Emperor and Queen, but make sure everything inside the school is prepared. Otherwise, if we let the Yan Emperor and Queen see something unsightly, it would be incredibly disrespectful."The Sky Heaven School's principal said.

"Understood, everything has already been prepared. I made it so the D class students don't have to come to school temporarily."

"That is good then."


Lin Fan had quietly blended in with the crowd and listened to the surrounding conversations. His heart jolted when he heard the Yan Emperor and Queen had come to the Sky Heaven School.

This was a tremendous occasion.

Lin Fan also became excited, he wanted to see what the top two of the Great Yan Dynasty looked like. It was quite exciting when he thought about it.

"They're coming," Someone shouted out within the crowds.

Lin Fan was startled, and instantly stood on his tiptoes, stretching out his neck and looking towards the entrance.

Upon seeing them, only one line came to his mind, 'this spectacle is very cool.'

Hundreds of golden armored soldiers riding unfamiliar monsters, guarding a magnificent dragon chariot being pulled by six unicorn-like monsters; the dragon chariot was adorned with numerous precious gemstones and shone dazzlingly under the bright sun.

"Stop." A sharp voice then called out.

The six monsters pulling the dragon chariot slowly stopped and stood motionlessly in a majestic manner, with bursts of hot air shooting from their noses.

Lin Fan was also scared stiff upon seeing all of this.

This was far too grandiose, the monsters pulling the chariot were all level six postcelestials.

"Welcome, Your supreme Yan Emperor and Queen."The Sky Heaven School principal instantly welcomed them and knelt down without any hesitation. Then, everyone behind him followed suit and welcomed the two people.

Lin Fan froze when he saw everyone kneeling. If he didn't also kneel, then he would become the odd one out. So he squat down without any hesitation.

Lin Fan didn't have a habit of kneeling to others. Squatting down and kneeling down was about the same, so just doing either was good enough to him.

Lin Fan then saw a person next to him looking at him disgustingly and gave a look back "What?"

The person shook his head helplessly and continued his own worshipping towards the two.

Lin Fan looked at him in disdain, it seemed they had become accustomed to kneeling.

The surrounding people stood up so Lin Fan also hastily stood up, then gave his undivided attention towards the people in the dragon chariot.

Lin Fan was really curious and wondered just what kind of people the Yan Emperor and Queen were.

Then, a foot stepped out from the chariot as Lin Fan watched closely.

Bright yellow dragon robes, a mighty atmosphere, eyes that contained the world... Just one look was enough to frighten anyone, as if everyone in the world belonged under his feet.

Lin Fan was also in shock when he saw this.

Level seven lesser celestial.

This was the highest cultivation base Lin Fan had seen up to now. Even Mo Yi Xuan and Ni Mantian combined couldn't compare to it.

The different was far too great.

After the Yan Emperor had stepped down from the dragon chariot, he escorted a luxurious and supremely beautiful woman off the chariot.

A female possessing the dignity of the world.

Dazzling and phenomenal.

She appeared like a phoenix among people to Lin Fan.

Level eight pericelestial.

"Yan Emperor and Queen."The Sky Heaven School's principal came in front of the two humbly, to the point where it looked like he was kneeling as if just the praise of the Yan Emperor was enough to make him rise to the heavens.

"Mhm." The Yan Emperor nodded, a dominating atmosphere leaking out. Even if it was Lin Fan up against that kind of atmosphere, he could only kneel.

"It's the lifelong honor of the Sky Heaven School to have the Yan Emperor and Queen visit, please."The principal bowed down and then stepped aside, following behind the two while not daring to walk alongside them.

As the Yan Emperor walked forth, Lin Fan felt an overpowering pressure surge over. The crowd of students and teachers all stepped aside respectfully.

Lin Fan, who was staring at the two then caught sight of the dazzling bright rings of the two people.

'What is that? Those rings are incredibly shiny.' Lin Fan was in awe, they were never before seen enormous storage rings.

When he thought of storage rings, Lin Fan suddenly remembered something. The Great Yan Dynasty and four great families weren't sects. Would they place their treasures within chambers?

The Yan Emperor and Queen both had storage rings on their fingers, so their valuables must also be inside them.

To do or not to do.

Lin Fan hesitated at this moment.

Stealth, brick, loot, twisting heaven and earth, black tiger steals heart...

Lin Fan had already thought of the process but was hesitating on whether he should carry out his plans.

The danger value was quite high after all.