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 Chapter 559: Fire Water Secret Grounds

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'My ultimate technique...Bare Nudeness...!'

Looking at Wan Wujun following the Thunder Trainer King into the academy, Lin Fan suddenly recalled this issue of unparalleled importance!

Why the hell had he bothered leaving Wan Wujun alive till the end?

It was all for that ultimate move, Bare Nudeness!

But now that Wan Wujun had been converted by this Thunder Trainer King, Lin Fan would definitely fight it out with the Thunder Trainer King if he couldn't get a hold of that ultimate move later on.

Just as Lin Fan was busy contemplating about all this stuff, Fairy Hongyun's face was completely petrified. Even though she had a wide knowledge about things, this was truly the first time she had encountered a realm like this!

A realm which possessed a consciousness of its own! How could this be possible? And, to think that there would be such a bizarre spirit residing within the realm!

But, little did Fairy Hongyun know that the Thunder Trainer King wasn't the only spirit that was residing within the realm. There was also the spirit of Biggra, and all sorts of other nonsensical spirits.

This was a bloody strong realm, way too bloody strong!

At this moment, Lin Fan was trying to communicate telepathically with the Thunder Trainer King secretly, for him to hand over that ultimate move, Bare Nudeness.

This time around, the Thunder Trainer King had taken nearly every single benefit there was to it! Even though Lin Fan had killed 5 divine celestial level 1, True state beings, the experience points received were not much.

The thing that Lin Fan was coveting the most was that ultimate move of Wan Wujun.

But right now, Lin Fan was pretty upset. The damned Thunder Trainer King wasn't replying to him at all! However, when Lin Fan looked over, he realized that the Thunder Trainer King was in the secret chamber, happily training up Wan Wujun!

His methods of training were extremely cruel. It was as though the Thunder Trainer King was utterly relishing this precious moment after not conducting training for a long period of time.

"My sincerest gratitude for your lifesaving act, dear gentleman! Could I inquire for your great name, gentleman?" Breaking out of her stupor, Fairy Hongyun asked Lin Fan thankfully.

For the moment, Lin Fan decided to let the Thunder Trainer King be. He would wait till the Thunder Trainer King was done with training the other fella before asking for that skill. Right now, he should settle the matter at hand.

This woman had a big treasure with her! Lin Fan wondered how incredible that treasure must be.

"I am Lin Fan. It is in my blood to render my assistance towards any injustice I come across in this world. Lady, we can make do with the formalities and thanks." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively. However, he was busy thinking about how he should put his words across so that he could find out just what that treasure was.

Curiosity would kill the cat indeed.'

'Forget it, it's better to cut to the chase and ask her straight up.'

"Lady, I've noticed that these people were hunting you. It seemed as though the reason was due to this strange treasure that you were holding. Don't take this the wrong way now, but I'm just a naturally curious person. Hence, I'm really interested to find out more about it. I don't mean anything else." Lin Fan explained hurriedly, just in case the other party would think that he was a bad person as well.

After all, how could someone as righteous as Yours Truly be categorized together with those greedy lowlifes?

Not expecting Lin Fan to be this direct, Fairy Hongyun chuckled out as well.

"Gentleman Lin, you've overthought things. Hongyun here has never once thought of you as someone as greedy as them." Fairy Hongyun laughed out.

"This is the treasure they were trying to snatch away from me." With that, Fairy Hongyun held out a talisman paper. Immediately afterward, she began to explain without any bit of wariness towards Lin Fan at all.

"This talisman paper isn't any treasure of sorts. It is merely a Directional Talisman used to detect secret grounds."

"Secret grounds Directional Talisman?" Lin Fan was puzzled right now. Weren't all the secret grounds in the Ancient Saint World controlled by the ancient race? How was there something like this out there?

At the same time, Lin Fan was thoroughly impressed with the trusting nature of Fairy Hongyun. She must possess some form of impossible luck for her to be able to survive this long in this world without a single bit of cautiousness.

"Dear gentleman, you're laughing at how Hongyun does not have a single shred of cautiousness in her heart, right?" Just as Lin Fan was thinking about everything, Fairy Hongyun spoke up.

"Ah, no! Of course not! How could that be?" Lin Fan's face changed immediately as he replied in an upright manner, as though he was someone of immaculate morals.

"It's alright, kind gentleman. Hongyun has had this special sense since she was young. Even though Hongyun can sense that you've got a ferocious aura around you, I know that you would only employ that aura to kill off the ancient race beings. As such, Hongyun knows that you're a good person." Hongyun replied.

Lin Fan was stunned. To think that there could be someone in this world who could sense out good and bad people!

However, to Lin Fan, the difference between good and bad people lied in their ideals and beliefs. Because of that, their motives were naturally different as well.

Coming from another angle, be it good or bad people, everyone was just trying to craft out a better life for themselves.

"Alright then. But, you don't have to continue referring to me as a gentleman. It's fine to just call me Lin Fan." Lin Fan continued.

"Alright, then please just refer to me as Hongyun, gentleman." Fairy Hongyun smiled.


"Lin Fan."


Looking at one another in the eye, the both of them burst out into laughter.

"There are a total of eight of these talisman papers. I'm only holding on to one of them. The others are with my sect members. I wonder if they've discovered the Fire Water Secret Ground yet." Fairy Hongyun pondered.

"Fire Water Secret Ground?"

"That's right. That's the burial ground for the Fire Water Emperor. A long time ago, the Fire Water Emperor was a heaven-defying powerful being. He was an unparalleled fighter who was able to wield the true two great powers of Fire and Water. He eventually died within the Heaven and Earth in a seated position, leaving this burial ground behind. Even the ancient race themselves don't know about this place." Fairy Hongyun explained.

The moment Lin Fan heard the four words, 'heaven-defying powerful being', his interest was piqued immediately. Stuff like secret grounds and whatnot was what Lin Fan enjoyed the most. Especially when they were the burial grounds of a heaven-defying powerful being.

However, he did not know what cultivation state this Fire Water Emperor was at, nor did he know of the sort of treasures that were hidden within this secret ground.

Having once been f*cked over in the a*s by that dog, Seven Saint, Lin Fan did not hold much expectation towards powerful beings and their burial grounds. However, for someone like him who had an invincible system, it would not be easy for these fellas to f*ck him ever entirely as well.

"Let's head there together, shall we? If we've got one more person entering the Fire Water Secret Ground with us, we'll have one more pair of hands to help out everyone." Fairy Hongyun invited.

"That doesn't sound like it'll be really appropriate, does it?" Of course, Lin Fan was raring to go right now. However, if he were to just follow them in just like this, wouldn't her sect members be filled with objections?

"It's alright. The secret ground is immensely huge, with countless treasures. Everything depends on one's affinity and encounters. Some people could search the entire secret grounds and meet zero encounters, only to return empty-handed. On the other side, those who could meet with encounters would find treasures even if they were standing still on a spot. Therefore, personally, I do not subscribe to such biases. It's just that..." Fairy Hongyun smiled. However, her sect members might not think in the same manner as her.

Looking at Fairy Hongyun, Lin Fan was elated as well. This was a really sensible way of thinking. Without further formalities, Lin Fan headed into the distance with Fairy Hongyun.

Fire Water Secret Grounds, Fire Water Emperor... Just the names alone were enough for Lin Fan to tell of their grandiose. He could only hope that anything awaiting him within wouldn't be a disappointment.

At the same time, he wondered about the number of people from Fairy Hongyun's sect that would arrive. If there were too many of them, there could be some trouble.

After all, being the lone outsider, he would definitely be ostracized no matter what.