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 Chapter 556: An Ultimate Move As Such? Let Me Keep It Hidden!

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Initially, Lin Fan was prepared to make his way forward to check out the Sovereign King Wei's territory. To think that he would meet with such a thing along the way!

In the distance...

Two groups of people were engaged in a fight right now.

Well, they couldn't really be considered as two groups of people. After all, one of the parties involved consisted of only a single person. Furthermore, it was a lone woman.

While Lin Fan could not make out the features of this woman, he could tell that every single move by her was earthshattering and surged with power. In fact, she was even holding her ground well against the gang attack of six people.

'Divine celestial level 1, True state.'

Even though this wasn't a high cultivation state, the thing that shocked Lin Fan the most was that out of those people who were attacking the woman, one of them was even in the Realm state!

But, she didn't show any signs of being pushed back at all! This was pretty incredible!

Seemed like there were truly many geniuses in the Ancient Saint World.

Out of the innumerable beings of the thousands of races out there, many of them were ascended up from their Lower Worlds. All of these people who could ascend up here could only do so based on their own strength, and were considered geniuses back in their worlds. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that there could even be a few of them who were even more heaven-defying than others.

However, to Lin Fan, of course, the humans of Xuanhuang World were the geniuses amongst geniuses.

Xuanhuang World's Heaven Will was split cleanly into two, causing a fluctuation in the natural laws of the world. Because of that, cultivating was extremely difficult. Anyone who could even cultivate up to a greater celestial full cultivation state could already be considered as a genius amongst all geniuses.

Compared to all the thousands of worlds out there, it was undoubtedly way more difficult to obtain a greater celestial full cultivation state in Xuanhuang World.

'Just who in the world is this woman? And who are those six as well?' Lin Fan hid himself in the void. Seeing stuff like this, he would always have to hesitate.

Heroes saving damsels in distress?

This was a thought that had never ever crossed Lin Fan's mind. Most men who lusted after women would often court trouble and die without even knowing how they died.

Also, both parties were not ancient race beings. They were all of the thousands of races. So, even if he were to kill them, he wouldn't attract any trouble at all.

However, Lin Fan knew that there were good people amongst the beings of the thousands of races as well. If he were to kill them indiscriminately, he wouldn't be able to escape his conscience.

"Fairy Hongyun! Hand over the stuff!" The man who was the only divine celestial level 2, Realm state being, hollered out.

"How can you guys strike out at me like this? We're all beings of the thousands of races! We should be standing firm against the ancient race together!" Fairy Hongyun was draped in a red skirt with wide sleeves. Her luscious long hair laid down on her shoulders, as she wore a jade belt on her arm. She gave off the fragrance of flowers while she stood firmly with her slender waist and pearl-like eyes. At this moment, her gaze was somewhat angered over the fact that she was surrounded by these six people.

"Hmph! I'll say it one last time. Hand over the stuff. Otherwise, I'll make sure to rip off all of your clothes and let you have a taste of how overbearing we six can be!" The man in the Realm state had brows that were snow white. His imposing aura rumbled, and with his hawk-like gaze, he reeked of a sinister feeling.

"Despicable thief!" Fairy Hongyun yelled out. Her jade belt danced up into the air and expanded out.

'This bloody bitch is only at the True state! To think that she could be this vicious!' Wan Wujun cursed in his mind as his hand moved continuously.

The six of them were from a notorious sect in the Ancient Saint World. Their actions were way more vicious and crueler than that of the ancient race beings. They would snatch every single thing they came across. As long as it would benefit them, nothing would escape their grasp.

This time around, the six of them were traveling around the Ancient Saint World when they caught sight of a brilliant red flash in the distance. Chasing after it hurriedly, they caught sight of a talisman paper in the hands of this woman. After flashing with that brilliant red flash once more, the talisman paper dimmed down.

With that, they garnered that this talisman paper must be something good. Furthermore, given the fact that this woman was a divine celestial level 1, True state being, their hearts of greed were stirred even more.

Not only was she pretty, she had a unique treasure at her side. This was an amazing bargain!

However, even after chasing for an entire day and night, they had discovered that even though this b*tch's cultivation state wasn't that high, she had many tricks up her sleeves. Even with a Realm state being amongst their midst, they couldn't even take her down!


'Bloody hell! Aren't these guys just trying to snatch over her treasure and kill her? Not only that, they want to rape her as well? These guys are way too vile!' After observing the situation for a while, Lin Fan finally understood.

To think that these six guys could be this evil. This was truly unexpected.

Lin Fan was pondering right now. This woman had a treasure with her. Not only that, the treasure seemed pretty extraordinary as well.

Well, of course, Lin Fan himself wasn't all innocent about stuff like killing others and snatching their treasures. However, all of those people he had killed were baddies! This woman wasn't a bad person. If he were to kill her and snatch her treasure, that would be pretty immoral.

However, if he were to rescue her and let a plan follow through, who knew she might return the favor with herself as the reward or the treasure? This wasn't entirely impossible either.

This was a deal that he could accept.

And just as Lin Fan was contemplating about this stuff, the situation at the battlefield changed.

The man in the Realm state suddenly went berserk and opened up his realm. Indeed, this man's realm was pretty unique. Within it, there were many children from the thousands of races. They looked entirely innocent, but Lin Fan knew that all of these children were just putting on a pure façade.

However, the shocking thing was that this woman was beginning to hesitate as she changed her tactics into just dodging and shunning everything, without striking out at the children. What in the world was going on right now? She couldn't be some sort of a Mother Teresa figure, could she?

"Savage! To think that you would use these children to cultivate your realm! Are you even a being of the thousands of races? How can you be crueler than the ancient race beings?" The reason why Fairy Hongyun could not bear to strike at these children that she was encountering in the realm was because all of these children were physical existences.

Just as Fairy Hongyun was in her moment of anguish, a child appeared behind her and slapped out.

Instantly, this child transformed into Wan Wujun.

"Hehe... To think that it would be this easy! Had I known that this would be the case, I would have long taken you down, b*tch!" Wan Wujun had not expected this b*tch to go easy on these kids as he burst out into laughter at the thought of it.

Back when he had broken into divine celestial level 2, Realm state, he had felt some regrets over the state of his realm, feeling that it wasn't as grandiose and splendid as some others.

However, right now, he was realizing the true strength of his realm.

A stream of blood flowed down from Fairy Hongyun's lips. Evidently, the injury was serious, as her aura began to wither gradually.

"Boss! Don't cripple this b*tch! Otherwise, it wouldn't feel as pleasurable later on!" A bald man remarked in jeer.


A sinister laugh broke out from all six of them.

"You guys are merciless! To think that you would slay these innocent children!" Fairy Hongyun glared at Wan Wujun with hatred. Feeling pained over these children, her eyes were reddening as well.

By now, Lin Fan was starting to understand everything. But what he could not understand was how this benevolent and kind chick could remain alive up till now!

But, by the looks of the situation, this was about the time for Yours Truly to show up.

"Hehe... Little b*tch, we're about to get more merciless from here on." With that, Wan Wujun grabbed out with his hand at Fairy Hongyun.

As though it possessed some form of demonic power, this hand of his spun in circles like a cocoon being spun out of silk, as it was about to peel everything off Fairy Hongyun.

"HAHA! Our boss's ultimate move is here! This b*tch is going to present herself in her bare nudeness before us soon!"


'Holy f*ck! The ultimate move of Bare Nudeness...?' The moment Lin Fan heard about this ultimate move, he almost exploded.

Strike! He must definitely strike now!

He must definitely not let a savage move such as this exist and show its face in the world! He had to keep it hidden in his arsenal, lest the masses are harmed by it!

Instantly, Lin Fan moved his body nimbly, as an imposing aura appeared between the Heaven and Earth.

Looking at that demonic arm, Fairy Hongyun could feel her heart thumping faster. She had suddenly felt her body being sealed and freezing up, without being able to move a single inch.


Right now, Fairy Hongyun was beginning to feel despair.

Death wasn't scary. However, if she were to let these guys ravish her, that would be a fate even worse than death.

"Under broad daylights and the watchful eyes of the Heavens, how dare the six of you spout out such dirty speeches? This is really a disgrace to the morals of the world!"

Suddenly, a voice boomed out.

As though it couldn't resist the force of this voice, that demonic arm of Wan Wujun began to rip apart and disintegrate.

A formidable power rattled through the entire field.