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 Chapter 550: Power of the Heaven and Earth Sutra.

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"HAHA...!" Suddenly, the Sovereign King Wei burst out laughing. Within those terrifying eyes of his, a smoldering look of disdain appeared, as though he was looking at an ant seeking mercy from him.

On the other side, Lin Fan was already cussing by now within his heart. 'Laugh, laugh, laugh! Laugh your mother!' But it didn't matter. He would let this the Sovereign King Wei have the first laugh. Once he fell for Yours Truly's trap, they would then see who would have the final laugh!

"Ant! It's too late for you to be afraid now! Let Your Majesty here send you on your way!" With a cold snort, the Sovereign King Wei raised his hands as the storms and clouds changed colors.

Lin Fan felt his entire body freezing up, without being able to move at all, as he was sealed up by the Sovereign King Wei.

'F*ck! I've got to turn stronger! If I don't die this time around, Yours Truly swears that I will definitely turn into a peerless powerful being. This feeling is way too repressive!' Lin Fan swore in his heart. The feeling of having his life and death being placed in the palms of someone else was way too sh*tty a feeling.

Lin Fan had always understood this: 'There's a risk to acting with bullsh*t. One has to always be grounded in life.'

However, these were words that Lin Fan had always preached to others. He had never expected to be on the receiving end of his own words one day.

Back in the Xuanhuang World, crossing beyond levels to slay his enemies was something that came almost naturally to him. However, upon his ascension to the Ancient Saint World, Lin Fan realized that each time he had to fight with anyone at a higher level than him, it was as though he had to go at it with his entire life.

And, the worst type of situations were things like these, where he couldn't kill the opponent even if he went at it with all he had.

Dis hweeling sukz. He wanted to crie right nao.

But, Lin Fan understood that at this moment, there was no one else he could other than depending on himself. No one else could render him any assistance at all.

He could only rely on the superior intellect and thick skin that he possessed.

History belonged to the victors. The ends justified the means.

'The last man standing shall be the victor.' Which meant, it was impertinent that one had to survive in order to reign.

"Oh, invincible Sovereign King Wei! Could you hold up just for a moment? There's something I'm not sure whether or not I should say." Lin Fan exclaimed out hurriedly.

Sovereign King Wei looked down at Lin Fan in disdain, "Speak up, ant! Once you're done, I shall send you on your way!"

'There's hope.' Looking at how the Sovereign King Wei had not struck down yet, Lin Fan's heart skipped with joy momentarily. Any chance of coming back from a bad situation always relied on the ego of the opponent.

So what if he were the great Sovereign King Wei who had reigned through the ancient times in battle? Naturally, someone like him would not be too wary of someone like Lin Fan, who was only at the desolate celestial full cultivation state.

"Oh mighty Sovereign King Wei, what do you think of my cultivation state?" Lin Fan asked.

"Puny ant." Sovereign King Wei replied honestly.

Lin Fan rolled back his eyes, evidently displeased with the Sovereign King Wei's reply. Ant here, ant there! Every single word that came out of his mouth was about ants! What a cocky fellow!

"Then, would you believe me if I said that I could definitely injure you in two moves?" Lin Fan asked.

"HAHA! Joke. WHAT A JOKE! You foolish ant, even if Your Majesty were to stand here and let you attack for an entire lifetime, you wouldn't be able to break through my defenses!" Sovereign King Wei burst out into tears from laughing, as if he had just heard the most incredulous joke of his entire life.

And with that, Lin Fan already had a rough idea of what the outcome of the Sovereign King Wei would be like.

If their roles were to be switched and he was the BOSS while the Sovereign King Wei was the lead, how obvious would this trick be? If the lead were to have the strength to take down the BOSS and yet, here he was, wasting time talking nonsense, wouldn't he be one hell of a dumb f*ck?

"Sovereign King Wei, I do not think it's that funny at all. After all, I can definitely injure you severely within just two moves." Lin Fan taunted.

"Hmph, big words! Your Majesty here does not have the time to waste talking to an ant." the Sovereign King Wei hollered out as he was about to slap out with his palm.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this, he retaliated immediately, "You're a coward, Sovereign King Wei! This is an act of fear!"

"You're afraid of being injured by an ant of a desolate celestial cultivation state! HAHA! Sovereign King Wei of the ancient race? More like a self-jerking coward!" Lin Fan laughed out frantically with an imposing look. However, his heart was thumping more furiously than ever.

'Oh, lordy lords of the Heavens! Please bless me and lower the intelligence of this Sovereign King Wei please!'

Lin Fan had already prepared himself for the fact that if the Sovereign King Wei were to strike down, he would definitely die without a doubt. Even though he possessed the ability of Rebirth through Blood, he did not know if someone as powerful as the Sovereign King Wei would or would not be able to sense that he wasn't truly dead, and was just trying to revive through his blood.

And, if he COULD sense it, then there was nothing more to be said about that. Lin Fan would definitely be dead meat.

Lin Fan was praying in his heart right now.

This guy's intelligence must definitely be lowered! Even if it were only for the shortest period of time, that would do!

'Oh, Buddhas and Gods! If you could lower the IQ of this Sovereign King Wei for just that bit of time, I'm willing to give up ten years of my lifespan! Please, please!'

Lin Fan knew that prayers were all lies. However, these were the only things he could depend on right now.


Just then, the Heaven and Earth Sutra that was imprinted on Lin Fan's back but had never ever caused any reactions suddenly activated. It emitted out a slight glow. This glow was really mysterious, as if it were filled with some godly authority.

Yet to sense the appearance of the glow, Lin Fan looked at the Sovereign King Wei nervously.

Sovereign King Wei looked back at Lin Fan in contempt. He couldn't even be bothered with the words of this ant-like human being in the least bit.

After all, he had trodden through all the ancient times for such a long time now. How could he possibly be provoked by the words of a mere ant? Sovereign King Wei truly did not wish to waste any more time with this ant at all.

"Hmph, human! Your little tricks will not work on Your Majesty! Your Majesty has never ever been bothered by stuff like that! Go to hell!" Sovereign King Wei snorted coldly. However, that imposing malevolent face of his changed suddenly.

From the unknowns, a mysterious form of energy seeped its way into the Sovereign King Wei's body.

"Alright! Since that's the case, Your Majesty shall grant your wish, ant! It's time to let you know how puny you truly are, ant!" As though his character had changed 180 degrees, Sovereign King Wei's tone was filled with mockery and derision right now.

"EHHHHH...?" All prepared to die, Lin Fan was suddenly caught unaware by the sudden change in Sovereign King Wei's attitude.

Earlier on, the Sovereign King Wei had evidently already thrust out his power, and was ready to strike, when he suddenly retracted his blow and agreed to Lin Fan's request wholeheartedly.


Right now, Lin Fan was resisting the impulse to just cry out. He had suddenly realized that there were still ancient beings with an impaired IQ within this world.

"Really?" Lin Fan asked with some disbelief in his tone.

"Hmph! Cut your crap. Your Majesty here shall only give you three breaths worth of time. Once the three breaths are up, Your Majesty shall surely take your life!" Standing upright, the Sovereign King Wei hollered out confidently.

'Three breaths?'

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. Suddenly, his face changed as he hurried right up ahead. That single bit of hesitation earlier on had already cost him one breath's time. How would he still dare to waste any more time at all?

"You're truly...not moving?" Standing right in front of the Sovereign King Wei, Lin Fan was pretty nervous right now. This was the repression that he was feeling from the difference in power.

"Hmph! Two breaths." A nasty gleam shone by Sovereign King Wei's eyes. It was as if he were trying to prove that he was a man of his words.

"F*ck...!" This was the only word that Lin Fan could exclaim out in his heart right now. How could he still hesitate? Wasn't this the chance that he had wanted so badly?

'Oh lordy lords, Buddhas and Gods! Yours Truly thanks your entire families of deities!'