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 Chapter 549: Not Running... Can't Run Anymore!

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This boundless aura affected the entire sky as the black clouds lined the place while rumbling ominously. That initially sunny scene had dimmed down entirely at this moment, as though doomsday was arriving.

Pitch black thunderbolts tore through the entire void as these bolts of devastating energies filled up the whole atmosphere.

'Such immense power!'

Upon sensing the impending power that was arriving, Lin Fan was stupefied. To think that the Sovereign King Wei would be such a petty person! Yours Truly had only killed a single trace of essence spirit of his, and that was enough to have him sending himself down personally? Did he really have to go to that extent?

And, the thing that left Lin Fan the most speechless was that every single novel that he had ever read was a bag of lies!

Based on the plotlines of all those novels, after he had disposed of that trace of essence spirit, the Sovereign King Wei would definitely just hate him. At the very most, he would cuss out in fury and swear that he would get rid of this human one fine day.

But, why the hell did he send himself right over in a huff without a single bit of hesitation, just because a single trace of essence spirit of his was destroyed?

Based on this fact alone, every single thing out there was pure lies!


Instantly, this was the only thought that appeared in Lin Fan's mind. As far as he could, he would run without stopping for even a single moment. Otherwise, he would definitely die without even knowing how.

'So Far, Yet So Near!'

'Earth Spirit river!'

Using the force he had once used to suck on titties as a baby, Lin Fan sprinted off into the distance.

'So Far, Yet So Near' was a godly technique. With the boost of the Earth Spirit river, his speed was faster than anything else.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan disappeared from his original spot.


A sudden explosion boomed out as the entire firmament was torn open by an enormous pair of hands. A line ripped through the Heaven and Earth. Within this gap that was torn apart, the stars and the moons flew by. This was an entrance more domineering than anything anyone had ever seen.

Suddenly, a gigantic and horrifying head stretched out from the gap. The features of this head were impossible to describe with any other word than horrific. That sinister gaze swept through the entire world. As he opened his monstrous mouth, it was as though that single opening could devour the entire Ancient Saint World.

"Ant-like human! If you think that you can escape from the reaches of Your Majesty, you must be dreaming really hard!" The sinister voice of the Sovereign King Wei permeated through the sky.

'Explode, explode!' Lin Fan churned his Mythical Parasol Tree and ran with all his might. That horrifying aura was coming right up to his ears.

'He shouldn't be able to catch up, I hope!' Lin Fan did not know where in the world he had arrived or whether the Sovereign King Wei had managed to catch up with him.

However, the moment he turned his head and looked up at the void, he nearly felt his soul shocked out of his body.

This gigantic head that was stuck in the middle of that tear in the voids had been following him above in the sky.

"Holy f*ck! This guy's not leaving me with any way out!" Lin Fan exclaimed out in shock and instantly felt exasperated.

The moment he caught sight of the Sovereign King Wei's true powers, he almost exploded out in fright.

Divine celestial level 7, All to One state.

All in all, there were 10 cultivation states in the divine celestial realm.

Level 1, True state.

Level 2, Realm state.

Level 3, Paradise state.

Level 4, Undying state.

Level 5, Essence Spirit state.

Level 6, Law state.

Level 7, All to One state.

Level 8, Universal Elixir state.

Level 9, Eight Desolates United state.

Level 10, Eternal God state.

Lin Fan had some knowledge about these cultivation states. However, they were still quite foreign to him. After all, he was still just a desolate celestial full cultivation being right now.

And other than that, the only powerful beings of the human race he had met were the Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the others. However, Lin Fan did not know what their cultivation states were. Though, he garnered that they should be stronger than this Sovereign King Wei.

But all in all, these were all just guesses on Lin Fan's part.

Right now, the Sovereign King Wei was at Level 7, the All to One state. When one attained this state, they would fuse together all their beings into one. Their cultivation state, spirit, and soul, everything would be fused together, without any distinction. The same went for the True Skill seeds. Every single True Skill seed would be combined into a culmination of everything. With that, a single raise of his hand would possess an incredible amount of power.

"Hmph, want to run?" Following Lin Fan closely, the Sovereign King Wei hollered out.

Just this single holler was enough to cause a reaction between the Heaven and Earth. A beam of light that was as sharp as a blade, pierced through everything as it bolted straight at Lin Fan.

"Holy f*ck! What the f*ck is that?" Lin Fan was so scared right now that he had goosebumps all over his body. Without hesitating at all, he started running in a zigzag manner.


The light pierced the ground and penetrated through it instantly.


"THAT STINGS!" Lin Fan bit down on his lips as he broke out in cold sweat.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +100,000.'

'Ding...Physical Body State leveled up.'

'Ding...Physical Body State: Desolate celestial lower level.'

Even with that azure celestial full cultivation physical body state, Lin Fan's body was still sliced cleanly like a piece of paper against these razor sharp beams of light.

If not for the fact that he was running in a flirtatious style, he would have long been turned into a beehive.

Also, there was no way he was going to pay attention to the amount of experience points that were being received by the system right now. The only way he would use this to level would be if he really had a death wish.

"Any ants who dare to rile Your Majesty would only have a single path awaiting them, death!" The arm of the Sovereign King Wei ripped through that tear in the void and stretched out. With a single grab, all the ground in a radius of a hundred miles vibrated immensely.

A devastating amount of power turned into a current that surged right into the ground. This current was berserk, as it pushed in from all directions.


Looking at the incoming force, Lin Fan leaped right up from the ground without any thoughts at all.

'HOLY F*CK! How does one even fight against this sh*t? ' Lin Fan was at a thorough loss right now. He had thought that he might be able to get out with that flirtatious way of running. However, coming to think of it, he might only have been trying to deceive himself.

The difference in power had completely disregarded everything else.

No matter how flirtatious his way of running was, or how mythical the Earth Spirit river was, none of it mattered.

Could it be that Yours Truly was going to fall right here not long after he had termed himself the Motherf*cking Human King?

How tragic would that be? How sorrowful would that be?!

"Ant, what's wrong? Why aren't you running anymore?" Looking at this ant that was struggling to get out of his grasp, Sovereign King Wei sneered coldly.

"No more running... I can't run anymore." Lin Fan admitted his loss. Right now, if he were to go head on, he would only die even faster. He might as well act weak and feeble to gain some time for himself instead. Who knew if he might be able to think up of some brilliant plan in that time.

In fact, Lin Fan had even considered the fact that if the other party were of a low intellect, his act of cowardice might even cause the other party to show signs of weaknesses as well. If he could seize those chances, he might be able to even slam his brick right at the other party's head.

With that thought, Lin Fan's heart was reignited with an immense hope.

"Hoho? Motherf*cking Human King, Your Majesty here has already descended personally. Right now, Your Majesty is really curious to know how you're going to let me have a hard time against you, you know? Your Majesty is dying to find out." Gradually, the Sovereign King Wei shrunk down in size as he descended from that tear in the void. That imposing figure of his stood between the Heaven and Earth as he looked at Lin Fan with absolute mockery.

Those mocking eyes seemed as though they were looking at a mere ant.

Lin Fan looked at the Sovereign King Wei awkwardly. At the same time, he was speechless in his heart. To think that this guy would bear a grudge over those words of his.

However, in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan's brows twitched. He did have an idea. While he wasn't certain of its success, he had to give it a shot no matter what.

With that, Lin Fan's face suddenly changed as he grinned slyly, "How could that be? Sovereign King Wei, your powers surpass the world itself, and you possess a disposition of pure superiority. Given an additional hundred years, even the seat as one of the utmost beings of the ancient race would belong to you, that's for sure. I'm just a mere puny human being! How would I dare to act insolently before you?"

Right now, Lin Fan's tempo had changed entirely. If the beings of the thousands of races were to see their revered Motherf*cking Human King bow down in weakness in front of the Sovereign King Wei, they would definitely be heartbroken.

But right now, there was only Lin Fan and the Sovereign King Wei present. If he were to continue acting with his bullsh*t, the Sovereign King Wei would definitely be the one schooling him properly.

By then, there would indeed be no hope left.