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 Chapter 544: Exaggerated Acting Skills!

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The Dao of crafting weapons... If not for the existence of the system, it would be easier for one to ascend the Heavens than to reach this state of weapon crafting.

On the path of crafting weapons, no one could perform this state of creating a dual lifeform weapon spirit. In fact, even if it were Lin Fan, it would have been extremely difficult for him to create something like this if he hadn't managed to find any good weapon spirits.

But, Lady Luck must have been shining on him for him to come across this couple, Long Xuan and the Marquis of Despair. Not only that, he had managed to successfully get the couple within the Heaven and Earth Smelt willingly.

This was all a great fortune on his part.

But honestly, Long Xuan's power was too weak, wasn't it? He was only a desolate celestial upper-level cultivation state.

On the other hand, the Marquis of Despair was a big BOSS. To think that his cultivation state would skyrocket to become a divine celestial level 2 after breaking down.

Seemed like shrinking down in size did increase the concentration level. Even a small being like that would have such capabilities.

Fat people would have short penises while skinny people would last shorter.

Everything in this world was made balanced.

'Ding...Congratulations on smelting.'

Suddenly, the lid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt burst open as a streak of light shot out. Instantly, the Marquis of Despair's Realm of Despair began to crack and fall apart.

'Flying Heavens: Lower graded dao weapon. Dual lifeform weapon spirit. Possesses three BUFFs. Immense and mythical uses.'

"Hahaha! It's finally done!"

Right now, Lin Fan was abnormally happy. To think that it would skip the state of spirit weapon and leap right into a dao weapon state. This was awesome!

"Thank you."

Above the Flying Heavens, two figures floated gently in the sky. These two were none other than the Marquis of Despair and Long Xuan.

A big hand was holding on to the small hand. The Marquis of Despair's face was beaming brightly from ear to ear. He was at the epitome of happiness right now.

"No problem, it's a small issue. Just make sure you guys help me kill my enemies well in the future!" Lin Fan replied casually.


Honestly, Lin Fan felt some slight regret for not being able to kill the Marquis of Despair. Otherwise, with a cultivation state of divine celestial level 2, Lin Fan would definitely receive a crazy burst of experience points.

But oh well, one might as well forget it. Now that Flying Heavens possessed a dual lifeform weapon spirit, it was definitely bound to have limitless potential. He would just have to properly groom it from here on forth. One day, he would definitely use the Flying Heavens to place the ancient race beings in a Realm of Despair, and watch them crumble from within.

The Thunder Trainer King returned with a look of pleasure, evidently pleased with this training partner.


Like a shattered mirror, the Realm of Despair turned into many pieces of shards, as they crystallized and disappeared into the world.

"Just what in the world happened earlier on?"

"Weren't we still stuck within the Realm of Despair?"

"Where are we? Are we dead?"

At this moment, all the beings of the thousands of races and the members of the six major sects were in a daze. Within the Realm of Despair, they experienced an uncontrollable amount of despair and tormenting pain in their hearts.

And just as they were feeling as though they were about to die, a beam of light pierced through the darkness and shone on them, leading them to the way out.

"You guys are not dead. With Yours Truly around, how would any weak and puny beings dare to go overboard?" Lin Fan floated up gently into the sky once more.

With an imposing disposition, he was extremely calm right now. Hands behind his back, he looked down at the beings of the thousands of races.

The moment all these beings caught sight of this Motherf*cking Human King, all of them prostrated in a frenzy.

"AH! The Motherf*cking Human King saved us!"

"Long live the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"Even the invincible Marquis of Despair has been subjugated by the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"Motherf*cking Human King, I love you!"

All the of the beings of the thousands of races were clamoring out in excitement. In fact, some of the female beings even had golden stars shooting out of their eyes as they shivered uncontrollably. It seemed like they were at the peak of physical pleasure, screaming out at Lin Fan at the top of their lungs.

For someone such as Lin Fan who had had much experience with brothels in the past, such sounds of praise and adoration came as no surprise to him.

Back in the Xuanhuang World, each time he committed a perfect act, he would always meet with the reverence of the masses. All those pretty young chicks couldn't even wait to tear off their clothes and crush Yours Truly under their loving lumps.

However, upon ascending to the Ancient Saint World, Lin Fan felt that the burden on his shoulders had increased by quite a bit. Because of that, he would have to be more mature and steady.

After that, he waved his hands slightly. That should suffice as a reciprocation for the mass adoration received.

After all, it was a crime for one to be as loved as him.

Mu Tianlong of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect was having really mixed feelings right now. He glared at Lin Fan with both envy and hatred.

To him, he should have been the recipient of such adoration!

But to think that it would all fall onto the shoulders of that human.

Even that junior sister of his who once had respect him had left him right now for Xiesheng, who was in no way stronger than him. Because of this, Mu Longtian nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Looking at Lin Fan, who was floating in the air, all the elders of the six major sects could not help but admit it in their hearts.

This was the pride of the human race.

They acknowledged that they themselves weren't even comparable to this human being. In fact, there might be no one in their sects who could truly match with this human being here.

Was the Human race that had dimmed away from the limelight for the past tens of thousands of years going to shine with brilliance once more?

"Human...!" Suddenly, a roar burst forth from the void.

The moment the beings of the thousands of races heard this voice, their hearts skipped a beat. At this, they could only think of a single ancient race being.

That man who claimed that he was the son of the Sovereign King Wei, Gu Xiao.

That powerful semi-divine celestial being whose powers knew no bounds.

"You're not dead yet, eh?" Lin Fan tossed his robes and looked at Gu Xiao in the distance imposingly.

"Die? How could I die! Today, I, Gu Xiao, shall have all of you lay here with your corpses!" Gu Xiao blared out in anger. However, there was a strange look in his eyes, as though he was being controlled by somebody or something.


Gu Xiao let himself loose as a devastating aura erupted forth. This aura was so strong that even the Heaven and Earth rattled.

The mountains shook, and the sky turned grey. Even the stars and sun were being shrouded by the ferocity of this force, dimming without any light at all.

Under this formidable aura, all the beings of the thousands of races started to tremble. They were like little boats in the midst of a raging sea, where they could be overwhelmed by a gigantic wave at any moment.

The elders of the six major sects stood where they were, glaring at Gu Xiao.

This aura was way too strong!

It surpassed them entirely.

In the eyes of a semi-divine celestial being, they were comparable to just mere ants.

Lin Fan took in the expressions of everyone present deep into his heart before chuckling out. Tossing his hair back, he strode through the air and hollered out.

"Hmph! How dare you act so impertinently before the Motherf*cking Human King! Kneel down!"

This voice exploded out through the void. All those beings of the thousands of races who were in a state of fright felt their hearts tremble, as they burst out in cheers after hearing this voice.

That was right! They still had the Motherf*cking Human King! He would definitely kill this ancient race being!

Looking at Lin Fan, Mu Longtian gloated in his heart. Saying this was as good as saying nothing!

Every single one of the ancient race beings was vicious and cruel. Even if they were to die, they would never ever bow down to someone from the thousands of races out there!

However, the next scene had everyone's jaws agape.

An impressive aura shot out from Lin Fan's body. This aura was tough, crazy tough!

That originally menacing Gu Xiao suddenly frowned and stumbled backward rapidly, crying out shrilly.

"H-how could this be! This aura...How can it be this strong...?"


Before the eyes of everyone present, Gu Xiao knelt down.


"A mere semi-divine celestial and you dare to act so brazenly before me? Know your place!" Lin Fan snorted coldly. With the flick of his robes, a razor-sharp Sword Will shot forth and sliced Gu Xiao's body cleanly.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded.

At this moment, Lin Fan floated gently in the sky. That mighty and noble disposition of his was carved into the minds of everyone else once more.

Raising a single hand, he had killed that semi-divine celestial ancient race being!

This sort of power...!

However, Lin Fan was somewhat displeased.

Gu Xiao's acting sucked man! It was a little exaggerated. But overall, the performance still worked out pretty well.