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 Chapter 537: The Chance To Show Off Has Come!

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"Who are you guys?" The beings of the thousands of races who had just been rescued asked in bewilderment. They had long been stunned by the might of that mysterious human. To think that he would overthrow the entire Despair City singlehandedly. They were utterly convinced of his strength by now.

After weathering that scene from before, the appearance of these members from the six major sects no longer brought to them any feeling of surprise at all.

Upon hearing these words, the members of the six major sects did not know what to say, as they froze up there for a moment. If this were at the start, they would definitely proclaim out proudly, 'We're here to save you guys.'

But by the looks of the situation right now, it seemed as though they weren't that much needed anymore.

This was quite an embarrassing and awkward situation for the members of the six major sects to be in right now. In fact, all their minds were in a mess, wondering just what had happened here.

There were supposedly 1,000,000 ancient race beings housed in the Despair City! Where did all of them go to?

In fact, they hadn't even come across a single one! Wasn't this way too surreal?

"Everyone, we're from the six major sects. We were originally here to rescue you guys. However, what's happening right now? Where have all the ancient race beings gone?" Dulong's disposition was extraordinary as he exuded a gaze of imposingness.

"All dead." One of the beings of the thousands of races replied.

"Dead?' The moment the members of the six major sects heard this, their faces changed immediately, evidently in disbelief. To think that 1,000,000 of them would be dead just like that?

But there wasn't even a single corpse on the battlefield! Just what sort of a sect was it that could have possessed capabilities as such?

The thought of this massacre being caused by a single person had never once crossed their minds. To them, the first thought in their minds was that some extremely powerful sect must have activated a number of powerful beings to suppress the entire Despair City.

But who could it be then? Just who in the world was this strong?

A divine celestial cultivation state being?

That was impossible though. If a divine celestial being were to rush head forth into the Despair City, the powerful beings of the ancient race would definitely not sit back and let that happen just like that.

Just then, the words of a single being from the thousands of races out there caused the minds of everyone from the six major sects to be blown away.

"That's right. A single human, a human who was stronger than anything else, overturned the entire Despair City along with the four commanders." The moment the beings of the thousands of races out there heard these words, their faces were filled with a look of reverence.

"Impossible!' Mu Tianlong was the first to step forth in refute. He would definitely not believe that a single human could take down all the ancient race beings, including even the four commanders!

In order to deal with the four commanders, there were thirty elders of desolate celestial cultivation state from the six major sects that were gathered in order to just hold them back.

But what sort of a joke was happening right now?

A single human killing all four commanders? How could that be?

Xiesheng, who had remained silent all this while, was entirely flabbergasted upon hearing these words. An image of a lone figure was forming in his mind. At the same time, that single sentence that they all deemed as a joke was appearing within his head as well.

"I'm headed to Despair City to kill the Marquis of Despair."

"That human you guys speak of, did he have a head of long locks with a casual aura which one could never ever see through?" Xiesheng asked hurriedly.

"Junior Brother Xie, are you hallucinating? How could it be that human?" Mu Longtian chimed in.

Dulong frowned as he recalled the conversation earlier on.

Could it be that human who had spouted such brash words they were referring to earlier on?

"I do not know who you're talking about. However, that human did have a head of long locks and a casual aura as well. At the same time, he was extremely handsome. A single look at him would cast an image into one's memory forever..." The being of the thousands of races out there began to exaggerate.

If Lin Fan were to hear these words for himself, he would definitely raise a big thumbs up and commend, 'Well said!'

With that, all the beings of the thousands of races out there began to clamor in excitement. Their conversation topic never once left Lin Fan.

With so many beings of the thousands of races out there and a single sentence of praise from each and every one of them, Lin Fan's image was practically propped up to the Heavens by now.

The members of the six major sects stood there awkwardly, not knowing what they should do right now.

The disciples of Ju Lingshen Sect gradually returned to their original forms at this moment. Their towering presence from before appeared to be much less intimidating.

The disciples of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect returned to their human forms as well. Just now, they were howling energetically, ready to rip the ancient race apart. However, right now, there wasn't even a single ancient race being around. What sh*t was there to rip?

As for the disciples of the Shenzu Dian Sect, they were singing out their heavenly choruses earlier on while writing divine scriptures in the skies. However, right now, all of them had their heads lowered, as though they had wasted all of their efforts earlier on. The tune of their heavenly music seemed as though it was just to celebrate the presence of that human being.

Awkward. The awkwardness amongst them was beyond words right now.

Even Elder Dulong's face began to change.

Amongst the sects, he was someone who was revered and respected, having an imposing aura. Of course, he didn't mind that sort of praise that was accorded to him.

However, upon hearing the way everyone was lauding Lin Fan, he was beginning to feel somewhat envious as well.

He was filled with jealousy towards that human.

Mu Longtian had wanted to put on a good performance so that he could get his name out there. However, the turn of events pretty much infuriated him.

To think that there wasn't even a single ancient race being left! How was he supposed to become the hero in everyone's heart with the current state of events?

And just then, from the edge of the skies, the clouds darkened as a menacing aura burst forth from that dark mass.

"Everyone, watch out. The ancient race is here." Elder Dulong's gaze was sharp as he pierced them through the oncoming voids.

The members of the six major sects began to get excited. This was their chance, finally!

Initially, all of them were pretty frightened over the thought of going up against the ancient race. In fact, when they first heard that the human had slain all of them, they were secretly relieved within their hearts as well.

However, the more they heard the beings of the thousands of races out there praising the human, the more indignant they felt at the same time.

They were filled with jealousy and envy right now.

How could they let that human take all the glory?

Therefore, at this moment, they were pretty thirsty to meet with anyone from the ancient race. They wanted to crush these beings cruelly, so that these beings of the thousands of races out there could respect and adore them in the same manner.

"All of you, don't worry! The six major sects here would definitely keep you safe!" Mu Tianlong looked over at the beings of the thousands of races out there and assured them imposingly as he swept his hair back.

"That's right! With the six major sects around, we'll definitely ensure that all of you get out safely!"

"All of you, stay behind us! Since the ancient race is here, we'll make sure all of them leave their lives here as well!"

Suddenly, the members of the six major sects were all invigorated with a fresh burst of fighting intent.

The disciples of the Ju Lingshen Sect transformed into that thousand feet tall giants once more. The disciples of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect went into their mighty hundreds and thousands of feet long dragons as well. The horns and songs of the disciples from the Shenzu Dian Sect began to ring out once more, as those heavenly scriptures basked in a golden glow, with divine petals blossoming out across the skies.

With that, the disciples of the Water God Sect brought rain down with them as well, while the disciples of the Heaven Horn Sect drummed out loudly, boosting everyone's morale.


"With the presence of the six major sects, none of those ancient race beings shall dream of harming a single person today!" Mu Longtian stepped forth and glared into the skies without a single strain of fear.

Looking at Mu Longtian, Dulong nodded his head, heartened. With such a fearless and bold disciple, there would be no worries of having no one to stand up against the ancient race in the future.

However, something shocking suddenly happened.