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 Chapter 534: Promote!

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"W-what are you looking at me for?" The moment Gu Zhengtian caught sight of Gu Haitian's gaze at him, his heart stopped for a moment, as though some part of him was being eyed on.

"What are you trying to do?" Suddenly, before he had even realized, Gu Haitian had appeared beside him on his right side. With a deep voice and heavy breathing, he huffed out a steaming puff of hot air onto Gu Zhengtian's cheeks, causing him to break out in cold sweat.


"What's up with our commanders...?"

"Why are they just standing there without moving at all?"

Looking at the scene in the distance, all the ancient race soldiers were extremely puzzled, wondering what was going on with their mighty commanders who were now motionless.

However, they suddenly realized that the second commander was sandwiched in between the first and third commander! Their hearts skipped a beat.

They were especially frightened of the image of those towering pillars at the crotch areas of their commanders.

It shouldn't be that case...right?

The beings of the thousands of races out there were equally stumped.

Even though they did not know what had happened to cause the three commanders to behave like this, they knew that there must definitely be some sort of correlation with that mighty and noble human being over there.

That human being must have employed some sort of move to bewitch their souls, in order to cause them to commit such savage acts of disharmony!

"Commanders! You guys can't do that! The dignity of our ancient race...!" One of the ancient race soldiers who was witnessing history in the making spat out a mouthful of black blood from his mouth.

The three commanders were the highest ranking officers in the entire Despair City! To think that they would commit such sinful acts before their fellow ancient race soldiers!

Lin Fan's eyes were prickling right now as well. To think that these three shameless fellas would indulge in such an eyesore before their very eyes! How...outrageous!

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

Instantly, the void vibrated as multiple pairs of hands stretched out, grabbing at that ultimate location.

The three commanders were entirely mesmerized by Biggra right now. If Lin Fan were to head up there personally and end up activating their innate carnal instincts, that would be disastrous.

If anyone were to be foolish enough to try and stop any living beings who were under the effects of Biggra from venting out their pent-up frustrations, it would be akin to trying to snatch meat away from the jaws of a hungry tiger.

The moment Twisting Heaven and Earth was unleashed, all three commanders lost every single last bit of fighting strength they had.


A flash of axe glow appeared as the second stance of the Eternal Axe cleaved the void open, slicing the three commanders into pieces.

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Desolate celestial full cultivation being Gu Haitian.'

'Ding...Experience points +100,000'

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Desolate celestial full cultivation being Gu Batian.'

'Ding...Experience points +100,000'


The three commanders were snuffed out in an instant, as Lin Fan's experience points gushed up like a rising dragon.

'Ding...Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding...Cultivation State: Desolate celestial lower level.'

Suddenly, the barrier that was in place from azure celestial to desolate celestial was shattered into pieces immediately. As his power level spiked, his True Skill seeds churned rapidly as well, strengthening and becoming ever stronger than before.


There was a world of a difference between azure celestial and desolate celestial cultivation state!

Furthermore, the four commanders were all old timers in the desolate celestial cultivation state realm, who had been trying their best to attain the sought after divine celestial cultivation state. However, perhaps their cultivation and training weren't enough to bring them through that barrier between cultivation states.

That was the reason why they could not enter that cultivation state which was even more godly than the gods themselves.

Lin Fan began to ponder and wonder just what sort of a realm one would be in upon attaining the divine celestial cultivation state.

There were notes within the Poison King's Ancient Saint World Secret Records. However, the records about that cultivation state were all incomplete.

Divine celestial cultivation state would open one up to an entirely brand new world. That was the true path for one to head up towards the Nine Heavens.

'Oh well, let's leave it for now first. After all, there's still some way to go from the current desolate celestial lower level to attain a divine celestial cultivation state. Thinking will only rack my brains for nothing.' Lin Fan thought to himself.

By now, the True Skill seeds within his body had finally stopped revolving. Their power level was now multiple times stronger than before.

If he were to meet these four so-called commanders right now, he had the confidence of slaying them all right on the spot, without the similar hassle from before.

Lin Fan took out his Demon City.

Grabbing the three corpses, the big ancient demon devoured them into its tummy and took them in instantly.

With an extremely high cultivation state, their spirits were extremely refined as well. This was a true nourishment for the big ancient demon.


A spiritual light burst forth from the big ancient demon, piercing through the skies before dissipating gradually.

"Eh...?" Lin Fan looked up at the big ancient demon, noticing that its power level had risen by a fair bit as well. To think that the supreme grade spirit weapon, Demon City, would show signs of a pending breakthrough!

But, perhaps the power level was barely sufficient right now, or maybe that the number of ancient race beings devoured was not enough.

Suddenly, Lin Fan turned his gaze to the entire Despair City.

One by one, the ancient race soldiers fell on the ground, crippled in fear. They had been thoroughly frightened to their bones by this human being.

To think that those four almighty commanders in their hearts would be slain by the human before them! If they had not witnessed it with their very eyes, they might not have believed the truth!

"DAMNED HUMAN! TO THINK THAT HE WOULD KILL OUR COMMANDERS! LET'S DUKE IT OUT WITH HIM!" The ancient race soldiers of the Despair City howled. Even though they were filled with fear, they went completely berserk right now.

"About time." Lin Fan smiled.

"Big ancient demon! Devour them!"

Even though he had not gathered the five elements yet, Demon City was already showing signs of a breakthrough upon the consumption of the four commanders. However, due to the lack of energy right now, it was stuck at a bottleneck. As long as he could devour all of the ancient race beings right here, Lin Fan could definitely bring Demon City up to become a Dao weapon instantly!

'Devouring Heavens and Earth!'

The big ancient demon hollered as his eyes shone with fury. Opening his wide mouth, he was bent on devouring the entire world altogether.

A typhoon formed, sucking all of the ancient race beings into the core of the vortex.

Tribuni, Centurions, and Decani et cetera...Every single last one of them were nothing but puny ants in the face of the big ancient demon. Even if they wanted to struggle and escape, they were instantly caught by Lin Fan nevertheless.

The power level was rising.

The skin of the big ancient demon glowed brightly as it grew even more dazzling, outshining the sun itself.

"Eat up, eat up! The more you eat, the better!" Lin Fan floated in the air, elated with the actions of the big ancient demon.

Looking at this figure floating in the skies, the beings of the thousands of races out there were entirely dumbfounded.

This was a demon god himself who was massacring the ancient race for free!

However, none of these captives were afraid of Lin Fan. On the contrary, they were filled with intense awe and admiration towards this man. The tragic wails of the ancient race soldiers who had once tortured and trampled upon them were nothing but music to their ears.

This was their radiant hope that was floating up in the sky, piercing through the shrouds of despair of the Despair City! Under the aura of the spreading hope, the Despair Beads that were floating around in Despair City began to disintegrate into dust one by one.

Just like that, a million ancient race soldiers were devoured by the big ancient demon.

However, even if it were a million of them, the energy provided by them was only merely comparable to that of the four commanders.

'Promote! Spirit weapon comprehension of the Dao! Formation of the Dao weapon!'


A light beam pierced straight up into the sky as the big ancient demon howled out in anger, exerting out a power that was formidable beyond words.