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 Chapter 532: Retaliating Casually

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In reality, Lin Fan's azure celestial full cultivation had quite the gap to cross against the desolate celestial cultivation state. However, the presence of the System turned every impossibility into a possibility.

Cultivating True Skill seeds to raise his power level along with all sorts of devious methods, even a desolate celestial was nothing to him.

A boundless amount of Heaven's Will shone down from the Heavens onto the three commanders. At the same time, the True Skill seeds within all of their bodies were rampaging berserk right now, producing a limitless amount of power.

This immense power pierced through the Heaven and Earth, heading straight for Lin Fan.

"Human, remember this! The ancient race shall not tolerate you trampling on us! To us, all of you beings of the thousands of races out there are nothing but ants!" The three commanders yelled out as the Blood Qi within their bodies rumbled furiously.

"Damn. Aren't you shameless, Heaven's Will? To think that you would assist them so blatantly!" Lin Fan could not help but scoff contemptuously as he sensed the protection the Heaven's Will was falling onto them. But even so, Lin Fan wasn't afraid.

All they wanted was a fight, wasn't it? Who was afraid of whom?

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

With a war cry, Lin Fan's fingers grasped out into the void like a claw. A tuft of black and white smoke fused together in the claw-like shape of his hands as it swiveled continuously.

Ever since he had cultivated the True Skill seeds, his Twisting Heaven and Earth had turned even stronger. Grabbing out, his hand could reach any part of this world.

Lin Fan set his sights on the crotches of the three commanders, readying himself for the deadliest attack in the world.

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

'Nirvana Finger!'

Combining all his other special moves, Lin Fan struck out with everything he had, causing the void to tear apart rapidly as he clashed against the powers of the three commanders.

"Just where in the world did this human come from! To think that we're not able to take him down even with the blessings of the Heaven's Will!"


'Ancient Demon Suppression Fist!'

The vast sky was covered by the fists of the three commanders. Each of these fists was mighty and gigantic, just like meteorites. Carrying a devastating power with every single fist, they crashed down towards Lin Fan.

"Hmph! You guys fell for it again!" Suddenly, Lin Fan smirked coldly. Shifting his body nimbly, he grabbed out with his claw-like hands as he cried out.


All the Twisting Heavens and Earths that were hidden within the void appeared suddenly, grabbing out at the crotches of the three commanders at lightspeed.

Sensing the vibrations of the void near them, the faces of the three commanders changed, "Watch out!"


"Huh...?" Lin Fan frowned, somewhat in disbelief. To think that they would have this trick up their sleeves to be able to shrink the object in their groin into their bodies!

"Despicable and cheap human! Your skill shall do nothing to us!" The three of them yelled together at Lin Fan, killing intent shining in their eyes.

They were thoroughly irked by this human before them.

'Ancient Battle Body!'

Glancing at one another, a black burst of light shone out from their bodies. This black beam of light caused the entire Despair City to be shrouded in a mist of darkness.

"Human! You've successfully riled us! Today, we shall let you know the true meaning of horror!"

Within those black beams of light, three towering giants stood and howled, glaring at Lin Fan with bloodshot eyes.

"What's this new trick now?" Lin Fan was bewildered. However, he wasn't too bothered by it as he wielded his Eternal Axe and cleaved at the three commanders instantly.


A flash of axe light pierced through the layers of the void, slamming straight at one of the giants. As the Eternal Axe clashed with the sturdy body of the giant, a metallic clanging sound rang through the void.

'To think that it would be so tough.' Lin Fan frowned in disbelief. Just what sort of a secret technique did these three employ for the physical body state of that giant to become so sturdy?


Seizing Lin Fan's moment of freezing up, a gigantic pair of fists appeared on his left before exploding in his face.


The sheer power of those fists was way too frightening.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality Experience Points +10,000'

"So much?" Upon hearing the notifications from the system, Lin Fan was startled once more. To think that this thing would give off such a huge amount of experience points! This was unexpected!

However, the rumbling of his blood within his body had Lin Fan understanding the true power of that blow. If not for the Mythical Parasol Tree and Blood Sea, he might not have been able to withstand that at all.

Lin Fan's head started tinkering. He had thought up of a plan. This was an opportunity that he could not miss.

"All three of you trashes! Wanna kill me? Naïve! Come forth at me with all your strength!" Lin Fan moved about nimbly as his gaze sharpened. He was searching for the right amount of strength.

The three commanders were ferocious beyond words. Some of their attacks were blows that even Lin Fan dared not to receive directly with his bare body.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality Experience Points +10,000'


The situation had undergone a 180-degree change right now. As the ancient race soldiers caught sight of their three great commanders raining blow after blow on that human, they erupted out in cheers.

That was right! Their three commanders were invincible existences! How could a darned human compete against their might?

However, for the beings of the thousands of races, this was a tragic sight to behold. All of the hope that had lit up within their hearts earlier on was now dimming down gradually.

That human did not even have the strength to fight back against the blows of the three commanders.



The beings of the thousands of races out there screamed at the top of their lungs. Even though they knew that the human wouldn't be able to hear their cheers in the midst of all the chaos, this was the only way for them to allow the flame of hope in their heart to continue burning on.

'Ding...Congratulations. Eternal Immortality has leveled up.'

'Ding...Physical Body State: Azure Celestial Middle Level.'

After being whacked for just a few rounds, Lin Fan's physical body state had gone up. What a bargain this was to him!

Yours Truly might be the only being in this world who could resist the blows of desolate celestial beings with just an azure celestial physical body state.

"Human! Are you cowering under our might so badly that you have given up on resisting?" The first commander, Gu Haitian, laughed out wildly. Every single punch of his met its mark. Against this absolute power, the only outcome that awaited the human was death.

How could a lone human think that he could go against the ancient race?

The reign of the ancient race was a rule of life that was unchangeable since the ancient times!

"Hmph..." Lin Fan snorted coldly in a casual retaliation.

The moment he found out that every single strike brought for him these many experience points, he had decided to let them have their way wilfully. Nothing else mattered other than him raising his physical body state right now.

However, in order to give the three commanders some sense of hope, he would casually fight back for a little every once in a while.

But of course, the retaliation was just a weak and feeble attempt.

How could he afford to scare off the three of them with any of his strikes?

He had to continue giving them hope!

Boundless, endless hope!