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 Chapter 528: The Four Commanders

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Trampling on the bodies of the ancient race beings, Lin Fan stepped forth to the middle of the Despair City. The big ancient demon was devouring everything in his path. All of these ancient race beings were a good tonic for the big ancient demon.

Upon absorbing these many ancient race beings, the aura of Demon City was gradually getting stronger as well.

Lin Fan checked out the experience points he gained, and they were indeed not too bad. Even though the cultivation state of these ancient race beings was low, they made up for it in terms of sheer quantity. After all, each of those average ancient race soldiers only gave a pathetic ten experience points.

The moment Lin Fan entered Despair City, he frowned. This place was exactly as it was named, filled with despair at every single corner.

In fact, the amount of despair was so great that it had already materialized into bean-sized crystals. These were Despair Beads that were formed from the cumulative despair of the beings of the thousands of races out there.

Within the beads, one could witness images of the captive beings being tortured endlessly, extinguishing every single last bit of hope they had, and converting it all into despair.

'Just what sort of torments must they have undergone in order to form such beads?'

Looking at these, Lin Fan could not help but wonder in his heart. He hadn't seen any of these things in the Xuanhuang World before. The ancient race was sick in the head indeed. To think that they could even form things like these.

However, the thing that had Lin Fan puzzled was the fact that the Marquis of Despair had not appeared despite the commotion he was causing.

Could it be that the Marquis of Despair was looking down on Yours Truly? Did he think that Yours Truly was just an ant that wasn't worth his personal attention?

However, none of these mattered to Lin Fan.

Since he didn't want to appear, Lin Fan would just have to tear down the entire Despair City altogether. Surely, he would appear eventually.

Furthermore, he wasn't that far off from leveling right now.

The more Lin Fan battled, the stronger he got. This was the true power of the System.

Suddenly, Lin Fan noticed that there were four towering spires within the Despair City. Each and every one of these spires looked extremely ordinary. However, at that moment, a black mist was gathered around the top of all four of them.

With that, four beams of lights tore through the skies, darting out towards him.

"The four commanders are coming! This human's death is certain now!"

Those ancient race soldiers who were being forced to retreat due to Lin Fan's presence suddenly erupted out in cheers at the sight of the four beams of lights.

These were the true gods within their hearts. Even the Marquis of Despair wasn't comparable to them.

After all, at the end of the day, the Marquis of Despair wasn't of the ancient race. While they were afraid of him, none of them would ever respect him.

But these four commanders? They were purely of ancient race descent. Furthermore, each and every one of their cultivation states was incredibly strong, and they had been guarding Despair City all this while.

"Here come the powerful ones." Sensing the aura of the four beams of lights, Lin Fan frowned slightly.

This wasn't going to be a walk in the park. The four of them from the ancient race weren't any simple beings.


As they landed on the ground, the entire Earth rumbled from their force.

Coming before Lin Fan, the four beams of lights revealed their true forms. Just the looks of them alone was enough for Lin Fan to tell that they were extraordinary. Even the auras being emanated from them were enough to have one's heart skip a beat.

'Desolate celestial full cultivation state.'

Catching sight of their cultivation states, Lin Fan's brows creased. Things were going to get sticky now.

Each of these four ancient race beings towered ten feet tall. All four of them were pitch black, and covered in a black, sinister-looking armor plate, which gave off an unnatural feel.

"Hmm... Big ancient demon." The moment the first commander, Gu Haitian caught sight of the titanic giant behind Lin Fan, his faze froze up a little. However, he burst out into sneer soon after, "A pity that you're already turned into a weapon spirit."

"Human, you've got some guts there to head over to the Despair City in such a brazen manner." The second commander, Gu Zhengtian shouted over. The moment he did so, a sonic boom was formed through his voice. It was sharp as a blade, ripping the void into two almost immediately.

"For you to possess such capabilities after just ascending four months ago... hmm... I've got to say that's pretty shocking. Even though I don't know what sort of a miraculous encounter you must have gone through to grow that much, coming here leaves you with no outcome other than death." The third commander, Gu Batian said.

"Foolish human, the only fate awaiting anyone who dares challenge the authority of the ancient race is a tragic one." The fourth commander, Gu Zhantian continued.

"Remember our names."

"First commander, Gu Haitian."

"Second commander, Gu Zhengtian."

"Third commander, Gu Batian."

"Fourth commander, Gu Zhantian."

Suddenly, all four commanders hollered out with a loud war cry, bursting their auras straight into the Heavens like unparalleled gods of war. Just a single gaze from them was enough to send shivers down the hearts of anyone.

Looking at these four fellas, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle in his heart. Even though the battle that would come was definitely going to be fearsome, he had a burning question in his heart.

What the f*ck did the Heaven do to these guys?

Zhengtian and Zhantian? Gosh.

If Yours Truly were the Heavens itself, Yours Truly would surely send down thunderbolts to smite down at these guys!


"The four commanders had not made an appearance for a full hundred years now! To think that they would be mobilized over a mere human! This is incredible!"

"The might of our four commanders is definite! This human is dead for sure now!"

Looking at the towering figures of their four commanders, the ancient race soldiers were filled with endless gloat in their hearts. To them, the outcome of Lin Fan was already fixed. The only thing awaiting him right now was death.

However, to the beings of the thousands of races out there, the only feeling right now was crushing hopelessness.

These were the four great commanders of Despair City. None of them were any weaker than the Marquis of Despair himself. Even though the beings were trapped here in the Despair City as prisoners, they had a certain amount of understanding about these four commanders.

Each and every one of them was a devastating existence that no one could hope to go against!

It was over. Everything was over right now.


A massive aura burst forth between the Heaven and Earth at that moment. It was as though even the firmament was pierced directly through. The moment the beings of the thousands of races out there sensed this aura, they were stunned.

This aura was way too strong! In fact, it wasn't any bit weaker than the aura emanated from the four commanders!

"YOURS TRULY HERE IS LIN FAN! TODAY, I SHALL TAKE DOWN THE DESPAIR CITY!" Taking a step forward, Lin Fan's might burst forth from every single pore of his being.

This upcoming battle might force Lin Fan to employ every single last trick he had up his sleeves. Against these four commanders, Lin Fan was certain that he couldn't make the mistake of being careless, nor would he be merciful in any bit.

He knew that these four were truly powerful beings.


While the four commanders laughed out sinisterly, their hearts were in fact quivering right now.

They had not expected this human being to wield such strength! In fact, the reason why four of them had come out together was because they had sensed the aura of the big ancient demon.

"Such a puny human! I can't be bothered to deal with him. You guys! Which of you is gonna go first?"

"I can't be bothered as well."

"Gu Zhantian! You first, then!"


At this moment, it seemed as though none of these four commanders had any regards for Lin Fan at all. But to Lin Fan, these guys would really be way too dumb if they truly wanted to go against him one by one.

However, at that moment, Lin Fan's face froze for a moment.

To think that these four would suddenly try a sneak attack on him all at the same time!

"Hmph. To think that the ancient race would be so despicable." Lin Fan scoffed coldly before moving his body nimbly.

If news of the four commanders sneaking an attack together on a lone human being were to spread out, they would definitely be the laughing stock of everyone out there!

However, all four commanders had sensed the immense aura that was produced by Lin Fan earlier on. Furthermore, all of them wanted to get their hands on the big ancient demon.

If they could devour the big ancient demon, they might be able to shoot right up into the Divine Celestial cultivation state. THAT would truly put them on the path towards becoming a heaven-defying existence.

"Let's seal the void to prevent him from escaping!"

"Alright! After we kill him and snatch over the big ancient demon, we'll then decide how to split it evenly!"

"He must have had some sort of miracle encounter in order for him to progress so far in just four months post his ascension! However, if the four of us were to combine our forces together, anyone below divine celestial would be no match for us at all!"

Gigantic Destruction!

Heaven and Earth Covering Palm!

Ancient Torrential Skies!


At this moment, the four commanders gave Lin Fan no chance at all as they unleashed their most powerful moves.

Energy gushed in from all directions, charging at Lin Fan. Each and every action they undertook was bent on crushing Lin Fan entirely.