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 Chapter 525: Heading To Despair City To Kill The Marquis Of Despair.

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"Hehe... To think that someone would send themselves right to us, eh?" The chiliarch looked at Lin Fan with an overwhelming might. His gaze was filled with disdain, as though Lin Fan was nothing but a puny lifeform in his eyes.

At the appearance of Lin Fan, hope began to bubble in the hearts of this Dragon race tribe.

"Sir! Please save us, please!" The beings from the Dragon race begged to Lin Fan. Even though they did not know who he was, anyone who appeared right now could only be hope for them.

"Save you guys? HAHA! This guy can't even save himself right now, and you guys are hoping for him to save you? Dream on!" The ancient race chiliarch laughed maniacally.

Lin Fan looked at these ancient race beings casually. He was no longer as excited as he would have been in the past.

After all, these guys were way too weak right now. They were comparable to chickens, and that was it.

For Lin Fan right now, any ancient race being beneath the desolate celestial state were as good as ants. In fact, even desolate celestial ancient race beings were nothing but stronger ants.

The hope within their Dragon race beings bubbled consistently at the sight of Lin Fan. They knew how dreadful and horrifying the outcome of being dragged back by the ancient race beings was.

In their eyes, the ancient race was way more cruel and inhumane than they could ever imagine.

"All of you guys are way too weak that I can hardly get excited at all." Lin Fan shook his head. When he had first caught sight of a group of ancient race beings, his heart stirred a little. However, he realized upon heading over that these were just a bunch of weak chickens. Weak chickens! Weak, weak, weak!

"HAHA...!" The ancient race chiliarch began to howl out in laughter.

Lin Fan did not want to waste his breath on these ancient race beings any longer. Rescuing these beings from the Dragon race was just happenstance.

He extended out his palm slowly.

"What are you trying to do? Do you really think that you can go against us from the ancient race with just you alone?" Looking at this random hand extension by Lin Fan, the chiliarch laughed out contemptuously.

However, his face changed suddenly.

"Destroy." Lin Fan raised that outstretched palm gently.

Suddenly, the void was filled with an immense amount of Sword Will. The Sword Will tore through the blue sky, piercing everything in its way. In the blink of an eye, all of these ancient race beings were slaughtered.

The beings of the Dragon race were dumbfounded at this sight before them. They had not expected these horrifying beings from the ancient race to die just like that! They couldn't even resist at all!

'Ding...Congratulations on killing...'

Lin Fan shut off the notifications from the system. There was nothing excitable about killing ants like these.

Suddenly, Lin Fan moved as he continued heading forth into the distance.

Looking at this man whose long locks swayed in the hair with a mighty disposition, all the beings of the Dragon tribe were filled with awe and respect in their hearts.

To think that he had taken down these ancient beings who were seemingly invincible in their eyes with the sweep of a single palm. How shocking was that?

"Big Brother, t-thank you!" The kid who was nearly eaten up wiped off a tear at the side of his eye as he shouted over to Lin Fan in the distance.

Lin Fan stopped in his tracks and turned around, grinning, "Don't worry about it."

"Benefactor! Thank you for saving our tribe! Please leave us your name so that we may remember you forever on!" An elderly figure from the Dragon race stepped forth.

"Lin Fan."

Everyone from the tribe remembered this name. They would never forget the face of this man either. After all, he was the one who had saved all of them.

Suddenly, a few figures appeared in the voids above them.

"Grandpa, are you alright?" Amongst them, a young man hurried over to the elderly man and asked anxiously.

"Little Sheng, you're back."

This man was the grandson of that elderly figure. The reason for the tribe's discovery was due to this young man. He had killed two beings from the ancient race on his way back. However, because he did not keep his tracks clean, they were trailed by the beings of the ancient race, leading to the discovery of the tribe.

In that desperate moment, this young man left the tribe and hurried over to seek help from the senior brothers of his sect, so that they could retaliate against these ancient race beings.

"Grandpa, why are all these ancient race beings dead?" Looking at the corpses of the ancient beings around, Xiesheng's face was startled. He could tell that these ancient race beings were killed by an extraordinarily strong Sword Will.

"Little Sheng, that was the great man who had saved us. Otherwise, the outcome would have been unimaginable." The elderly man replied in a heartened tone.

Xiesheng turned his gaze towards Lin Fan once more. That gaze was filled with bewilderment. He had discovered that even though this man seemed ordinary at first glance, every single move he made seemed to possess an incredible amount of mysteriousness.

"I am Xiesheng, a disciple of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect. Thank you for saving my relatives." Xiesheng cusped his fist together.

Lin Fan nodded his head in acknowledgment. He looked around at the group of three men and one woman. All of them exuded the same aura. Evidently, they were all trained in the same set of arts.

He garnered that this Desolate Ancient Dragon sect should have been created by some powerful being from the Dragon race.

But, the thing that displeased Lin Fan was that other than Xiesheng, the other three of them looked extremely cocky, as though they couldn't be bothered about him in the least bit.

If he had met them in the past, he would have made sure those three knelt under the might of Yours Truly.

However, right now, he wasn't interested in the least bit. After all, they were far, far too weak. So weak that he couldn't be bothered to put on an act for them at all.

"Lin Fan." Lin Fan replied.

"Brother Lin, up ahead is the territory of Despair City. Is that where you're headed?" Looking at the direction Lin Fan was headed towards, Xiesheng reminded him with good intentions, having assumed that Lin Fan did not know where he was heading.

After all, the Ancient Saint World was a huge place, and the ancient race territories were distributed really closely together. One could easily bump into the ancient race beings wherever they went.

However, Xiesheng was absolutely stumped by Lin Fan's reply.

"I'm headed to Despair City to kill the Marquis of Despair." Lin Fan's facial expression was casual, as though he was speaking about something of casual importance.

"What?" Xiesheng exclaimed in shock, thinking that he had misheard the other party. Heading to Despair City to kill the Marquis of Despair? This was the first time he had heard anyone speak these words with such ease!

In fact, he could even sense an air of superiority emanating from Lin Fan, as though he was looking down at the rest of the world!

"Hmph. Courting death!" Suddenly, an arrogant man who was standing beside Xiesheng scoffed out in contempt, as he looked at Lin Fan with equal disdain.

"Brother Lin. This is my senior brother. He means no harm. It's just that...the Marquis of Despair is extremely powerful! Coupled with the fact that there are countless powerful ancient race beings within that place. If you were to head there alone, I'm afraid..." Xiesheng replied worriedly.

"Doesn't matter. Other than the Marquis of Despair, there is no worthy opponent in the entire Despair City. All of them are easily handled with a single slap. Alright, we'll meet again if we've got affinity." Tossing his robes, Lin Fan disappearing into the distance.

"Brother Lin..." Xiesheng had wanted to continue with something. However, Lin Fan had disappeared from the spot in the blink of an eye as he stood there blankly, with his head in a mess.

This was the most shocking thing he had ever heard in his entire life.

"Hmph. What an egomaniacal fella! Junior brother, there's nothing much to be spoken of with someone like that. If they want to court death, let them be." Mu Longtian commented.

"That's right. The Marquis of Despair is strong beyond measure. Someone that's as cocky as him could definitely not deal with the Marquis of Despair. Junior brother, have your relatives from the tribe settle down and let's head back to the sect." Long Yue'er continued.

"This time around, all of the major sects have received a confirmed news that the Marquis of Despair isn't within the Despair City right now. This makes for the perfect opportunity to overthrow that place and rescue the beings of the thousands of races trapped within!"

"Who is the source of that news?"

"I heard that it came from a small party. What's that called? That's right! The Righteous Party or something like that. I heard that the Party Leader, Xia Zehua, had obtained this information through meticulous means. There should be no mistake about it."