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 Chapter 524: Hello There, Ancient Race!

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Within a golden palace somewhere, the Fox Emperor, whose consciousness had just been suppressed by Lin Fan, howled in anger. That imposing face was ever so malevolent right now.

To think that this guy would not give him any respect, even after his very own consciousness had appeared! Damn it!

"My dear husband, just what is it that has you so worked up?" From the distance, a lovely woman walked over. Every single one of her motions was so bewitching, as though there was nothing in this world which could resist her charm at all.

"Hmph! To think that a mere human would dare to defy my wishes! Bloody hell!" Looking at who it was who had arrived, the Fox Emperor calmed down quite a fair bit as he pulled her tender waist over to his arms.

The petite body of that woman found itself clinging tightly onto the side of the Fox Emperor as she blinked her eyes alluringly, "Oh? Human? Was it that Namo Saint Emperor or someone?"

"No, it wasn't him. Oh, that's right, that human killed Ling by the way." The Fox Emperor continued.

"Oh! Okay." The woman chuckled, evidently not bothered in the least bit. This was quite the sight indeed, for two people to be this unconcerned about the death of their daughter.

The only reason why the Fox Emperor was so angry was because that damned person did not give him any bit of respect, and that was all.

"Men! Hunt out this fella and slaughter him!" The Fox Emperor gave off the orders sternly.



Lin Fan could sense the power of Demon City rising once more as the bloodline of the big ancient demon began to recover gradually. However, it was still quite a long shot away from its perfect status.

Back then, the big ancient demon was only at one percent of its peak strength. Therefore, it was naturally extremely difficult for it to recover all his strength entirely.

However, to Lin Fan, everything was just about a matter of time.

Lin Fan retrieved all the storage rings of the group of people.

"What a bunch of paupers!" He pursed his lips, evidently displeased.

No matter what, all of them were desolate celestials at the very least! How could they be this poor?

With the flick of his hand, he tossed everything within the Demon City to be used as boosters. No matter how insignificant they were, they still helped nevertheless.

'With my current strength, even that Long Xuan would be crushed instantly. Since that Marquis of Despair reigns over this entire district, if I kill those ancient race folks in his base, my cultivation state is sure to fly.' Lin Fan thought to himself.

Wasn't this the day that Lin Fan had been waiting for after working so hard? The day where he could reign supreme with pure might.

And of course, Lin Fan loved the way his leveling up process came about. Leveling through killing, which meant that as long as there were any living beings within the world, Lin Fan could level up indefinitely.

'So Near, Yet So Far!'

The moment Lin Fan deployed the skill, the distant place that was seemingly far away ahead appeared right before him in an instant.

"Not bad, not bad! This is a pretty sick skill as well! If I could level this up, who else in this world can ever compare with my speed by then?" Lin Fan remarked.

Filled with confidence, Lin Fan decided that it was about time to pay Despair City a visit. After all, even if it were the Marquis of Despair, it wouldn't be a hopeless situation with his current strength.

Lin Fan had already thought this through. Back when he first met the Marquis of Despair, that person was a desolate celestial full cultivation being. If they were to really clash right now, he would stand quite a good shot at victory.

Hence, Lin Fan did not want to delay this anymore. He was a man who did as promised. It was time to overturn that base of the ancient race beings!


Traversing hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan disappeared from the face of the world.


Desolate Dragon Valley...

There was a legend that once upon a time, a powerful being of the Dragon race had fought with an utmost being of the ancient race at this place for 3 full days and nights. Eventually, that Dragon race being was killed by the utmost being of the ancient race. The gigantic bones of the Dragon race being fell in this place, and eventually led to the formation of this Desolate Dragon Valley.

But of course, any outsider would call this a bluff.

After all, the bones of a powerful being of the Dragon race were as good as a priceless treasure. How could they be left here just to form this place? Anyone could tell that this was a well-fabricated tale, not to be believed.

"All of you! Hurry up! Stop dilly-dallying! Otherwise, I'll eat you up!" Wielding a long whip in his hand, an ancient race being lashed out on a being from the thousands of races out there.

At this moment, beings of the thousands of races were shackled down by chains one by one. These chains revealed a ghastly glow. Made of Thunder Steel, the chains could be considered a treasure as well.

This was something used by the ancient race to lock down the beings of other races. If anyone were to try resisting, the power of thunder from this Thunder Steel would immediately electrocute them, rendering them numb and compliant immediately.

"He's just a child! You can't do that!" Basically, this group of beings was from the Dragon race. The bunch of them might have been from a small tribe, and by the looks of it, there were only a hundred or so of them.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman from the Dragon race stood before the kid who was lashed, pleading out. However, what she received in return was a flurry of whips of her own.

The tragic cries were endless.

"Hmph! To think that a bunch of ants would dare to act so insolently!" The ancient race beings laughed coldly. To think that they would manage to find a small tribe in hiding!

Presently, the Despair City was running short of living beings. As such, the Marquis of Despair had been in an enraged frenzy. These ancient race beings were extremely troubled because of that as well. However, they had thankfully managed to find this small tribe. They could hand these guys over to complete their mission now.

The moment these ancient race soldiers thought of the methods that the Marquis of Despair used to torture those beings of the thousands of races, their hearts shuddered as well. Cruel, it was way crueller than the ancient race beings could ever be.

"If not for the fact that we're short of living beings right now, I would have devoured you guys outright!" Looking at this feeble bunch of Dragon race beings, a chiliarch of the ancient race snorted coldly.

This group of Dragon race beings was born here naturally. Some of them had no cultivation base at all. Even those who did were extremely weak.

A long time ago, they had gone into hiding due to repression from the ancient race. As time passed, they eventually shrunk into the small tribe they were.

"Actually, I'm feeling a little hungry somewhat." Just then, the ancient race chiliarch rubbed his tummy as he eyed the little kid and smirked sinisterly.

"Sir! He's just a child!" Looking at the heinous grin of the chiliarch, the boy's mother broke out in cold sweat and pulled her son behind her immediately.

"Scram!" Kicking the woman away, the ancient race chiliarch grabbed the little kid in his arm.

"Hehe. What use could a little kid be of? I'm sure there wouldn't be any issue even if I devour him." The ancient race chiliarch revealed his long, sharp teeth. Steam was puffing out from the tip of that grotesquely red tongue of his, as though he was about to taste a piece of delicacy.



The men of the tribe howled out in anger. However, to these ancient race beings, they were nothing but worthless ants.

"SIR! PLEASE SPARE MY KID! PLEASE EAT ME UP IF YOU WANT TO!" The middle-aged woman grabbed at the thighs of the ancient race chiliarch while begging.

The kid who was being hooked up by the claws of that chiliarch began to bawl out in fear as well.

"Fresh, tender and delicious! Not bad, not bad!" The chiliarch's eyes shone with excitement. Opening his mouth, he was ready to swallow this kid into his tummy whole.


Suddenly, a figure appeared in the distance. Strangely, even though the figure seemed to be traveling really slowly, he had suddenly appeared before their eyes in an instant.

Lin Fan walked over relaxedly, and his hands were beginning to itch as well...