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 Chapter 520: Come Over And Take It

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To think that these fellas would dare to entertain the thoughts of massacring for treasures in front of Yours Truly! What a bunch of amateurs!

Back when Yours Truly was robbing the sh*t out of everyone else in Xuanhuang World, who knew where these kiddos were!

'How dare they act so impertinently before the ancestor of the art of robbery? What a bunch of fools!'

Furthermore, these guys were only getting more brazen by the moment!

One of them wanted to poke Yours Truly to death with his sword will. One of them wanted to search his soul, while one of them even wanted to loot his treasure by killing him!

Looking at this bunch of fellas, Lin Fan chuckled frostily in his heart.

"A-are you guys really going kill me to snatch away my treasure?" Lin Fan pretended to stumble a few steps back while exclaiming in shock.


"To think that this fella here could be SO silly! It took you so long to figure out something so simple?"

"What's our purpose for heading over to the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm this time around? Of course, we're here to camp for those people exiting the secret ground while slaughtering them for their treasures!"


"Y-you guys...! How could you harbor such thoughts? We're all beings of the thousands of races out there! We should stand together against the ancient race! How could you kill me?" Lin Fan's heart was already in deep turmoil over the loss of all those treasures he could have gotten from the secret ground.

How could he not make use of this golden opportunity here to troll these guys and soothe the pain in his heart along the way?

"HAHA...! Take a look! We had this guy so afraid that he's stuttering right now!"

"Thousands of races? F*ck that! This world is the survival of the fittest, where only the strongest shall reign as the king! For ants like you, even if WE don't kill you, the ancient race would kill you for sure. We might as well make the fullest use of you by taking all of your items for ourselves then!"

The group of people was jeering cheerily as they taunted Lin Fan. Judging from their relaxed demeanor, apparently, this wasn't the first time they had done something like this.

"Little brother there! Hurry up and hand over your stuff. Also, tell your big sister here where the others are as well! If you don't, a grab by this big sister here is going to pierce through your skull!" Bailing pursed her gentle lips as she giggled. Her seductive gaze was extremely captivating.


"AH! N-no! You guys can't do this! I haven't gotten anything much either! Just a little something!" Lin Fan acted as though he was extremely nervous, as he tried to rummage through his storage ring.

"Look here! All I found inside was this supreme grade spirit weapon!"

Lin Fan took out his Demon City from his storage. The moment he took it out, Yan Jingtian and the others shuddered for a moment as their eyes shone with endless lust and greed.

To think that the first item to come out of this guy's hands was a supreme grade spirit weapon straight up!

"Oh, and this too! I managed to obtain this within!" Lin Fan took out the Eternal Axe.

The moment the Eternal Axe was revealed, the crowd bustled with excitement once more. A single supreme grade spirit weapon was more than enough to rouse them up. To think that there would even be a supreme grade dao weapon within the mix!

"A supreme grade dao weapon! Just what else did this fella manage to obtain within?"

"This is my first time seeing a supreme grade dao weapon! That thing could be considered priceless!"

"Just how brightly is Lady Luck shining on this fella? How could anyone obtain a supreme grade dao weapon within the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm?"

"What else is there?" Yan Jingtian's throat was dry right now as his heart thumped furiously. These two treasures alone were more than dazzling and attractive enough!

Even he himself did not possess a single dao weapon, let alone a supreme grade dao weapon!

Over the years, they had massacred a number of people. Amongst them, the highest weapon they had ever obtained was a middle-grade spirit weapon! To think that this guy would have a supreme grade spirit weapon AND a supreme grade dao weapon!

If anyone else were to discover this, they would surely wage wars over these items!

"Oh! That's about it, along with some of these pills which could increase one's cultivation states."

The attention of Yan Jingtian and everyone else was on the supreme grade dao weapon. They did not place much emphasis on Lin Fan's mention of pills. After all, pills were something that they could cultivate themselves.

But suddenly, something jaw-dropping happened.


Like a waterfall, countless pills were being poured out of Lin Fan's storage before them.

"This is the Yuanling Pill. After consuming it, one's wisdom would increase, leading to a spike in their innate potential!"

"This is the Shengyang Pill, a pill commonly used in the Ancient Saint World. I found a mere 3,000,000 of them inside!"

All of these fellas were completely stupefied by the items right now.

This feeling of flaunting one's wealth was simply way too awesome!

"3,000,000 Shengyang Pills?! That's horrifyingly incredible! Even if we were to devour the Saint Spirit Qi and cultivate pills with it, we would only be able to cultivate tens of thousands per day! Just what sort of a treasure trove did this guy bump into for him to obtain this much?" Yan Jingtian's heart was pumping furiously. This wasn't fear he was feeling, it was excitement.

If he could obtain all these, he would have truly made it!

Shengyang Pills could be considered as the currency within the Ancient Saint World. This was a pill that could only be cultivated through taking in Saint Spirit Qi. The higher one's cultivation state was, the more Saint Spirit Qi they could take in and breathe out.

However, no matter who it was, they would have to make use of the Saint Spirit Qi to train. Who would have the spare time to cultivate out stuff like these? But now that this abundant amount of wealth had descended right before their faces, everyone was totally stumped.

Lin Fan had only ascended to the Ancient Saint World recently, and did not know how to cultivate these Shengyang Pills. He only knew about these pills after he obtained the Ancient Saint World Secret Records.

The usages of Shengyang Pill were plenty. Not only could it replenish the True Energy within one's body, it could also cause treasures to go berserk, unleashing their strength and potential.

If he had known of this marvelous pill from the start, Lin Fan would have started creating it a long time ago. But, better late than never. After all, he had the Mythical Parasol Tree. The amount of Saint Spirit Qi he took in every day was comparable to the boundless seas.

"Rich! We've struck gold!"

"HAHA! Seems like this wasn't a wasted trip after all!"

"Brother Yan! We've really got lucky this time around! To think that all of these treasures would be found by some dumb greenhorn! This came way too easily for us, didn't it? God bless! GOD BLESS!"

Right now, the group of people were extremely excited. After all, they had just struck it rich.

Within the Ancient Saint World, resources were scarce. If they wanted resources, they would have to snatch it over from the jaws of the ancient race. However, the risk associated with doing that was immense. Therefore, unless they were really desperate for it, most people would choose not to clash with the ancient race.

Yan Jingtian took in a cold breath before he steadied his mind, "Hand over everything you've got, and we can spare your life."

Upon seeing these treasures, Yan Jingtian was bent on obtaining them at all costs. However, there were so many people right now. It'd be a real pity to share it with all of them, wouldn't it?

But, the most important task was getting those items in his hands first. He would decide what to do with the rest of the group later on.

"A-as long as you don't kill me, you can come over and take them all!" Lin Fan looked at Yan Jingtian.

"You...!" Looking at Lin Fan, Yan Jingtian suddenly hesitated for a moment.

"Big Brother Yan, I'll go and retrieve them!" A young man of the Wings race volunteered earnestly. The young man from the Wings race was viewing these treasures with a look of lust as well.

"Hold on..." Yan Jingtian stopped him.

How could Yan Jingtian allow anyone else to take those treasures? Furthermore, this was someone from the Wings race! Everyone knew that beings of the Wings race had an extremely strong innate potential. With a single flap of their wings, they could rip through the void and disappear in an instant.

Even for, him whose cultivation state was higher than the young man of the Wings race, chasing up to that speed might not be possible.

Yan Jingtian could feel something cryptic about this. He was afraid that this man before him might be laying a trap for him. Hence, he began to ponder.

"Big Brother Yan, I've been with you for such a long time now. Don't you trust me?" The young man from the Wings race was smiling. However, he could not conceal the strange look in his eyes.

"It's not that. I'll take it." Yan Jingtian replied before striding out towards Lin Fan step by step. Lin Fan stood before the mountain of treasures while laughing coldly in his heart.

He was waiting patiently for the arrival of Yan Jingtian before him.