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 Chapter 505: Has Yours Truly Grown Handsomer Recently?

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The poison king could not believe the scene right before him! Not only had this man devoured his entire Triple Supreme Poison Mist whole, he was spitting it out right back at him! This was an utter humiliation for the poison king!

He had always considered himself as the king of employing poison. Not only was this man trying to use poison in front of him, this person was using the poison king's VERY OWN poison! The shame of it all!

Looking at the two poison dragons coiling around the poison king, Lin Fan's heart was overwhelmed with joy.

"Small fry, how dare you act so impertinently before me? These two poison dragons shall be my welcome gift to you!" Lin Fan laughed brightly. He was practically just gloating at the plight of the poison king right now.

However, he could not help but acknowledge the strength of the Triple Supreme Poison Mist. To think that it could even rumble and toss around a couple of times back when it was in the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Even though it was smelted eventually, one could not deny the capabilities of this poison mist.

The poison king was slapping out furiously right now. Every single slap brought with it the power like crackling lightning, as the void tore apart continuously.

"Good lad. Seems like I've underestimated you today! It's time for me to let you experience the most horrifying poison I have in my arsenal then!" The poison king yelled out. At the same time, his ugly face only got even more hideous.

'Poison World!'

The poison king hollered into the sky. Those long locks of his which were filled with poison danced in the air, as his robes began to rise gradually as well.

An immense amount of energy surged through the Heaven and Earth, and burst forth from the poison king.

Within the void, all sorts of poisonous beings and bugs were striding densely. Some of them spouted out fiery flames, while others spouted out poisonous fumes. Some of them were even devouring the void the moment they opened their mouths!

Those two poison dragons were consumed by these poisonous bugs in an instant.

"Lad! This is the Poison World that Your Majesty here has created after tireless hard work! TODAY, I SHALL LET YOU KNOW THE TRUE MEANING OF HORROR!" The poison king howled out. Raising both his palms, the poisonous bugs within the Poison World rumbled around furiously.

"Hmph, how dare you get so brazen as a mere azure celestial upper-level being? Yours Truly was only toying with you earlier on! Since that's the case, Yours Truly shall let you experience the meaning of true pain in this world!" Lin Fan laughed icily as the True Skill seed within his body began to rumble.

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

The moment Lin Fan opened his mouth, the True Skill seed within his body began churning as a tremendous amount of energy burst out from within.

The void trembled slightly as Lin Fan stretched out his hand. Instantly, countless number of hands appeared from the Heaven and Earth, and reached out towards the poison king.

"Hmph, lad! Do you think that you can take me down with that sort of strength? Are you dreaming? With just my poison guard, I can definitely take on your move!" Looking at these swarming hands, the poison king wasn't afraid in the least bit. Immediately afterward, a burst of dark green light shot out from above his body. As though this light was indestructible, it caged the poison king within.

Even though this skill might look like it was really formidable on the outside, the poison king couldn't sense much of an aura from it. Therefore, he couldn't care less about it. 'Let it grab wherever it wants then! What can it possibly do?'


As those swarming hands landed on the poison king's poison guard, they gave off a series of crisp sounds. At the same time, they sizzled after being corroded off by the poison guard.

"Lad, don't waste your strength! You're not my match with just those capabilities! Stay there and turn into food for my Poison World obediently!" The poison king howled out. His body jerked for a moment as his eyes focused. With that, he struck out with a palm strike towards Lin Fan.

However, just then, a sharp and clear squishing sound could be heard.

The poison king's face changed immediately. He could not believe that his poison guard would have been destroyed at this moment!


An extreme tragic wail was ejected out of the mouth of the poison king. This wail was extremely sorrowful, as though he had just gone through the worst torture in this entire world.

"I-impossible...!" The poison king glared at Lin Fan in absolute disbelief. What did this guy do to break his poison guard?! And even if his poison guard was broken, why was he enduring such a cruel pain?

Looking at the sight of the poison king, Lin Fan chuckled.

Ever since Twisting Heaven and Earth had been cultivated into a True Skill seed, it's power levels were far from before. In the past, Lin Fan might have required his physical body if he wanted to strike at someone, grab after grab. However, now that it was cultivated into a True Skill seed, he could penetrate through the void and strike out from the netherworld.

In actual fact, Lin Fan was toying around with the poison king by adding in all sorts of normal attacks when he deployed Twisting Heaven and Earth.

Otherwise, how could this Twisting Heaven and Earth with a BUFF of breaking through all defenses be blocked out by a mere poison guard as such?

"Poison king, this is the true gap in our skills. This is the consequences of just striking out at me for no reason at all." Lin Fan stepped forth and pointed out with his finger.

The True Skill seed within Lin Fan's body began to turn and channel once more as the void before him began to break down layer by layer like mirror panes.

The poison king wanted to fight back at Lin Fan with all his strength. However, to his horror, the pain that was on his crotch was so numbing that he was almost going frenzied mentally!

He tried channeling his True Energy to suppress the pain. However, no matter how hard he tried, the pain which was bent on destroying everything just shot itself right up into his head.

"JUST WHAT SORT OF A SKILL IS THIS? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" The poison king howled out in indignance.

However, it was all too late right now. He did not know that Lin Fan had already cultivated True Skill seeds. Every move that he deployed was a skill that the gods would bow down to. Even if he were an azure celestial upper level, there was definitely nothing he could do about this.

If the poison king had tried to run away at the beginning, he might have stood a chance. However, nothing would work at all right now.

"N-NO! YOU CAN'T KILL ME! I'M SOMEONE FROM THE POISON WORLD! AS LONG AS YOU DON'T KILL ME, I'LL LET YOU IN ON A BIG SECRET! IN FACT, I CAN EVEN BE YOUR SLAVE! PLEASE!" The poison king begged. Nothing was more important to him than his life right now.

Back in the Poison world, he had once suffered deep humiliation. Climbing up to the peak one step at a time, he finally gained the strength to ascend into the Ancient Saint World. Upon reaching here, he was actually struggling really hard and cultivated for a long time before he got to where he was right now. How could he bear losing all of it just like this?

"Hmph, you're dead meat for sure. Yours Truly has never needed any slaves nor do I need to know any secrets of yours." Lin Fan did not have the mood to chatter on with someone like the poison king.

He was only an azure celestial lower level being right now while the poison king was at an azure celestial upper level. If he killed this guy, he could definitely get a huge chunk of experience points. Now THAT would definitely make him happy.

"Go to hell...!"


With the swing of his axe, the entire Heaven and Earth froze up, as though the world was about to be split into two. The energy currents of the void flowed out with massive force.

"NOOOOO...!" Looking at the sight before him, the poison king wailed at the top of his lungs. However, in the blink of an eye, there was just silence after the flash of the axe.

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Azure celestial upper-level poison king.'

'Ding...Experience points +30,000.'

'Ding...Congratulations! Poison Sutra has popped out!'

'Ding...Congratulations! Ancient Saint World Secret Records has popped out!'

Lin Fan had initially wanted to leave right after killing the poison king. To think that two things would drop off him! This was pretty surprising for Lin Fan!

Lin Fan knew that he could obtain experience points AND items from killing monsters and beasts. But most of the time, he got nothing out of it. So, he hardly paid any attention.

To think that he could obtain two items from taking down the poison king! Incredible!

Could it be that the appearance of items depended on one's looks?

Could it be that Yours Truly had turned handsomer recently?

Could it be that Yours Truly's impeccable character and moral standards had risen even more these days?

That must be it.