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 Chapter 503: Poison World's Poison King

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Suddenly, a cyclone formed within Lin Fan's body. This cyclone was extremely violent, as it reeled in every single last bit of energy from Eternal Immortality, fusing it all together.


'Suppress frantically!'

Feeling the massive amount of energy within his body, Lin Fan's heart could not help but skip a beat. This amount of energy was way too volatile! If it were to explode within his body, that would definitely be a calamity!

These so-called True Skills were the true powers of the Heaven and Earth. As long as one could cultivate out True Skill seeds, they could use them as tribute to comprehend the Dao of the skills themselves. But, that could only be done after they had attained a divine celestial state.

However, this was a long road ahead for Lin Fan. The pressing issue at hand was to hurry up and cultivate these True Skill seeds first.


Just as the energy from Eternal Immortality was being cultivated to a certain state, it suddenly erupted, as though the entire world was being split apart! A massive, titanic figure suddenly appeared within Lin Fan's body.

Immortality. Indestructibility.

This giant repeatedly howled as he emanated a supremely peerless aura and shrunk rapidly at the same time. The more he shrunk, the more concentrated the essence got. Eventually, a single golden seed laid floating peacefully within Lin Fan's body.

This was the True Skill seed of Eternal Immortality. Containing everything about the skill within this seed, it all would only get stronger and tougher from here on forth.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality leveled up. Level 17.'

'Ding...Physical Body State: Azure celestial lower level state.'

Upon hearing the notifications of the system, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. To think that it would be so easy!

Day and night exchanged places as the process continued for two entire days and nights.

The True Energy within his body was once again completely depleted. Seemed like it wasn't going to be a fast process cultivating the entire True Skill seed.

Lin Fan could sense the horrifying powers that were hidden within that golden colored seed. It was way more fearsome than before.

With a single thought, the indestructible aura of Eternal Immortality flowed through Lin Fan's entire body. The sensation was so pleasurable that he almost moaned out from it.

Lin Fan was popping in pills currently to replenish the lost energy within his body. Since this was a really safe place to be in, he might as well make use of the opportunity to convert all of his skills into True Skill seeds.

The most important task for Lin Fan right now was to raise his power level. It was the worst type of situation he could be in where he couldn't kill anything beyond his cultivation state. Back in the Xuanhuang World, the difference between a full cultivation was pretty big due to the Heaven's Will. However, Lin Fan could still kill monsters and things beyond his level.

However, the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World was extremely overbearing. Every single leap in cultivation state was like a difference between Heaven and Earth. There was no way to bridge that gap at all.

But Lin Fan possessed a system. As long as his system would back him up, none of these would be an issue to him.

He couldn't help but acknowledge that this was still an improvement for him to perform a task meant only for desolate celestials as an azure celestial right now.


Twisting Heaven and Earth was a skill that defied the heavens itself. At the same time, this was Lin Fan's favorite skill. After all, switching Yin and Yang was a flip of his hand with this. Even though the switch might be pretty disastrous to the harmonic balance of the world, Lin Fan firmly believed that this skill would definitely produce a mythical usage if he would persevere and train it up to the end.


Lin Fan's body shivered uncontrollably as the True Skill seed of Twisting Heaven and Earth began to gather continuously. Black and White Qi were revolving around him, representing the powers of Yin and Yang.

This black and white dual colored seed floated silently beside the seed of Eternal Immortality.

Days passed by swiftly.

Beneath the ground, Lin Fan was working tirelessly to turn all of his skills into True Skill seeds. He swore that he wouldn't stop until he was done.

Blood Sea was turned into a blood red seed as well. The amount of Blood Qi that was rumbling inside was boundless like the vast skies. If it were released, it could probably flood and take down all the living beings around him.

In reality, Blood Sea was supposed to be a dark and sinister skill. However, Lin Fan had never tried using it to suppress any enemies so far. That was because Blood Sea had a far more heaven-defying effect when it was used for the physical body state.

Especially now that he had reached level 9, Rebirth through Blood, the usage was beyond godly. Now that he turned it into a True Skill seed, Lin Fan was certain that the powers of Blood Sea had definitely risen to yet another level.

True Origins Crushing Kick!

Black Tiger Steals Heart!

Roc's Breath!

Nirvana Finger!



At the start, all of these skills were far from mainstream techniques. However, under the fruitful cultivation of Lin Fan, all of them had turned into skills that could devastate even the Heaven itself.

In fact, most of their peculiarities could only be employed by Lin Fan himself. Even if anyone wished to emulate them, they could definitely not do so.

One day...

Lin Fan opened his eyes and emerged from the underground. The moment his eyes opened, it was as though yet another true god had descended upon this world.

Lin Fan's aura was really haywire and messed up right now as he retracted it all back into his body, returning to the state of a normal being.

At this point, Lin Fan finally understood why he could never take down a desolate celestial powerful being. That was because they had all their powers concentrated within these True Skill seeds.

Even though he was only an azure celestial lower level right now, Lin Fan had the confidence of taking down any azure celestial upper level being with ease.

Perhaps, he could even reign over any cultivation state below desolate celestial right now.


Suddenly, a sinister snigger rang out from the skies above. Lin Fan, who was doused with excitement, frowned. To think that he would be noticed by someone the moment he came out!

Raising his head, he caught sight of an extremely hideous looking man floating gently in the sky.

There was a greenish mist that was clouding the man's entire body from head to toe. This mist was extremely putrid, as though it possessed every single vilest thing in the world.

Just a single look was enough to have Lin Fan's face cringe up. This man was simply way too ugly!

However, this man was far from weak. He was an azure celestial upper-level being. The aura that was being emanated from him was especially nefarious, and reeked of ill intent. Evidently, sometimes the difference between a good and bad person COULD indeed be told from just their facial features alone.

Not only was this man devastatingly ugly, his sinister tone had Lin Fan certain that he was definitely not a good person.

"Who are you?" Lin Fan asked warily, not knowing the background of this person.

"Hehe. Seems like my luck is pretty decent today. I'll capture you in order to create my Infinite Poison Puppet." The poison king glared at Lin Fan as his lips curled into a smirk. Without a second word, he darted out at Lin Fan immediately with a claw grab.

The putrid mist was overflowing within that single claw-like grab, with many poisonous bugs howling out wickedly within.

If Lin Fan had been more accustomed to the Ancient Saint World, he would know that this man was someone who had ascended from the Poison world.

Within the Poison world, there were all sorts of evildoers. All of those ascended beings were fugitives and serial killers. They would massacre any of the thousands of races they met with. The same went for the ancient race beings they met with.

As long as anything could increase their personal strength, they would definitely do it. Just like now, the Poison king was flying around in the sky when he caught sight of Lin Fan. Thinking that he still lacked a single Infinite Poison Puppet, he struck at Lin Fan without any hesitation.

'Holy f*ck! To think that this guy would strike out over a few mere words! Does he take Yours Truly for a pushover? Alright, since he wants to die, then I'll let him have a taste of the power of Yours Truly's True Skill seeds!' Lin Fan thought with a mild anger.

To think that this guy would strike for no reason at all.

No one should take Yours Truly as a pushover!