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 Chapter 492: Heaven-Defying Item.

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The cave returned to its peaceful state. Now that the Earth spirit river was gone, all of those giants were nothing but lifeless rocks.

Lin Fan sat crosslegged. Looking at the materials before him, he contemplated deeply.

Crafting weapons was a skill that required deep knowledge. With even a little bit of tinkering, one could cause the materials to take on an entirely different form.

A single three-headed king's horn... It was razor sharp, and gleamed with a frosty aura, repelling most people from having the courage to even touch it.

Lin Fan had a mist of Earth Spirit Qi as well, something that possessed miraculous uses.

'How should I fuse them?' He went silent for a while before taking out ten Biggra pills.

'Biggra should be usable for this as well. I'll leave it here for now then.'

'F*ck of Poison. This is an extremely cruel and inhumane item. Time to leave it here as well.'

Looking at these items, Lin Fan had already begun conceiving a basic idea of what he wanted to do. He then took out his Eternal Axe.

'While this three-headed king's horn is sleek and sharp on the outside, it does not possess any explosive impact. I've got modify this.'

Taking up his Eternal Axe, Lin Fan began to carve with it. And the object of reference for this modification was an item that was used commonly: the screw. A screw had threads that were formed in a helical shape around it. To Lin Fan, this requirement was a must.

Looking at the pitch-black horn of the three-headed king and his perfectly carved product, Lin Fan was filled with a deep sense of satisfaction. Seemed like Yours Truly was really great at art and craft!

'Hais...' Lin Fan sighed deeply once more. Suddenly, he felt that he had a really tough life.

Back then when he had suddenly awakened in this world, he was appointed to the position of a punching bag immediately. He had to bear all sorts of torments before he could finally enjoy life. But it was as though the world itself bore a grudge against him. Whatever he feared, the world gave it to him.

Following that, he continued on his path till he could finally stand on top of the Xuanhuang World. And once more, just as Lin Fan thought that he was finally able to enjoy life, he was sent up to this Ancient Saint World.

Even though he heard that the Ancient Saint World was pretty dangerous, he was actually kind of skeptical about it at first. How dangerous could it be, right? But upon arriving here, he finally understood that there were only two words for it.

F*cking dangerous.

'Work hard and rise up once more!' Lin Fan consoled himself in his heart before focusing his mind back on the weapon crafting process.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt!'

Lin Fan tossed the carved horn within the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Lifting his finger, the Qi from the Earth spirit spiraled within as well.

All ten Biggras were tossed in afterward, as they exploded within.

Soon after that was the entry of F*ck of Poison, which fused together with the effects of Biggra synergistically.

'Craft weapon!'

Given his current mastery of weapon crafting, he could be considered the Grandmaster of all Grandmasters. The moment he wanted to craft a weapon, many options appeared on his system's panel.

Countless categories of weapons appeared. However, to Lin Fan, none of these fit his demands. He canceled every single option and continued his manual crafting.


The Heaven and Earth Smelt vibrated as though it was undergoing some tremendous change.

Looking at the changes in the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan was stumped momentarily. Given the current circumstances, was the Heaven and Earth Smelt going to produce some earth-shattering type of treasure?

In the past, crafting weapons was always something that happened in the blink of an eye. Why was it so slow this time around?

'Yours Truly's demands aren't too high! All I ask for is a legendary weapon! Let's go!' Lin Fan placed his palms together and began praying.

Back then, he could even craft a legendary weapon out of a single brick. That was evidence that the system's weapon crafting module could produce ANYTHING in this world. Even trash materials would have a percentage of producing a legendary weapon.

However, it was taking a really long time now. It was time for the percentages to do their work!

'Go on forth! Lady luck, please shine on me!' Lin Fan heaved out heavily with anticipation.


The Heaven and Earth Smelt gave a sudden jerk before coming to a still. Lin Fan gulped down his saliva. Looking at the lid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt, he was getting nervous now.

If a trash item were to come out, he would have really lived for nothing now.

'Based on Yours Truly's capabilities, this should work...' Lin Fan had faith in himself as he used a finger to open the lid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


A piercing burst of light shot out immediately.

"Ouch! That stings...!" Lin Fan covered his eyes with one hand, blinded by this ray of light.

'What's happening? Could it be as Yours Truly has predicted, that a legendary weapon has been produced?' Lin Fan was filled with anticipation. This light was simply too bedazzling blinding!

'Ding...Congratulations on crafting success.'

'Ding...Congratulations on crafting a cruel and inhumane sharp weapon. Grade: Undetermined.'

"Huh...?" Upon hearing the notifications of the system, Lin Fan was both surprised and startled. This was the first time something like this had happened.

By the time the light diminished, and Lin Fan caught sight of his treasure, his heart jerked tremendously. An extremely sharp item floated gently in the Heaven and Earth Smelt. It was bronze colored, with the threads of a screw.

This unknown object was around the thickness of a screw, and measured 1 chi long. It emitted a calm, ghastly glow.

'Please name it.'

Lin Fan gulped his saliva. He could not help but feel that there was something strange about this item. If he had to give this item a name, he felt that he should definitely give it something big.

In terms of its shape, it looked similar to a drill. But calling it a drill would sound too gaudy.

Finally, Lin Fan thought up of a really suitable name for this.

'Flying Heavens.'

'Ding...Naming succeeded. Binding.'


Any weapon that was personally crafted by Lin Fan was automatically bound to him. No matter who it was, they could never steal the ownership of the weapon. Hence, he was always very causal towards his weapons.

Lin Fan stretched out his hand, 'Flying Heavens! Come to Daddy!'

Lin Fan wanted to know about the characteristics of this Flying Heaven. And that could only be determined after he had touched it for himself.

'Ding...Congratulations on discovering Flying Heavens.'

'Flying Heavens: Fused from the three-headed king's horn, Earth Spirit Qi, Biggra, and F*ck of Poison.'

'Effects: Able to fuse together as one with the great Earth. Spiralling with a high revolution per minute, it can pierce through anything. Anyone struck by it would suffer pain beyond any descriptions in this world. Possesses two innate BUFFS within.'

Upon reading the description, Lin Fan broke out into a chuckle and tossed Flying Heavens into the ground.

Immediately, as though it was melded into a single body with the Earth, Flying Heavens fused into the ground.

However, Lin Fan could still sense Flying Heavens rotating at an insanely furious speed beneath the ground.

'Fly for me!'

Lin Fan called out. Suddenly, that Flying Heavens which was hidden under the ground burst out. It was so fast that it was almost like a laser beam. This was definitely unpredictable!

"HAHA!" Lin Fan nodded his head in satisfaction. Not bad! This was some sick sh*t!

If he were to get into a fight with anyone from now on, he could just hide Flying Heavens beneath the ground. Catching the other party unaware, he could then summon it out with its crazy revolving speed, and pierce through the other person's anus!

By then, no matter what sort of a powerful being they were, they would definitely have to cower under the might of Yours Truly!

'Hais! Seems like I've misnamed it! Should have named it the Godly Anus Needle. But oh well, forget it, Flying Heavens is pretty decent too.' Lin Fan was really satisfied right now. He felt as though he was floating in the Heavens himself.

Yours Truly was a true genius indeed!

To think that he could even think of such a treasure to craft out. What sort of a sick genius was this?


The entire cave was filled with a roaring maniacal laughter.

Lin Fan tossed his robes back and returned from where he came from. Now that he had the Earth spirit under him, leaving was naturally not an issue any longer.

Now that this was the case, he definitely had to see what was going on with the ancient race tribunus and the three-headed king.

Now that so much time had passed, he didn't know if they would still be there.

However, no matter how slim the chances might be, Lin Fan would still definitely feel regret if he didn't take a look for himself either way.