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 Chapter 481: This Is An Insult To Yours Truly's Style!

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Those rescuers that had appeared did not have weak cultivation states. In fact, a white-robed man, who was wielding a longsword, had a cultivation state that was way higher than the leader of those ancient race tribesmen.

By the looks of it, this operation should go pretty smoothly.

However, Lin Fan was wary about one thing. If the ancient race tribesmen were killed each time some people ascended, wouldn't that be too fake?

"But something's off. No matter how dumb the ancient race tribesmen may be, they couldn't possibly allow the thousands of races out there to succeed each and every time, right?" Lin Fan surveyed from the dark, observing the scene carefully.

"Eh? The ancient race tribesmen seem to be really calm." Lin Fan observed the expressions on their faces. It was starkly different from the shock they had shown when he himself was rescued back then. They seemed extremely relaxed, as though everything was under their control.

"I know that man! He's Bai Yichen of the Sword World! He is really strong! He's an azure celestial full cultivation being!" Xia Zehua commented on the scene before him.

Lin Fan opened up the fugitive list and looked through it. And indeed, he was startled for a moment by this guy's ranking.

Even though it wasn't that far ahead, it was still amongst the 600,000+. Comparing his own ranking, that was in the tens of millions, he was unable to beat this guy.

"Seems like we don't have a hand in this any longer. That Bai Yichen has unparalleled sword skills. In fact, he's even famous amongst those of the Sword race. Big Brother Lin, should we retreat now or continue watching?" Mu Liang asked.

"Watch..." Lin Fan was a little unhappy with that comment.

Famous? Hmph! When Yours Truly gets stronger, his name will surely ring out across this entire world! By then, he would be way more famous than this person here!

Even though those people who had ascended did not know what was going on, they were naturally excited on looking at how help had arrived for them.

Sensing the auras emitted by these people, even their very hearts skipped a beat.

They were the sovereigns of their own Lower Worlds. Therefore, they were naturally haughty. However, sensing how much more powerful everyone who had come to rescue them was, they did feel a little dejected as well.


"They're fighting...they're fighting...!" Mu Liang gasped out.

The sharp blade in Bai Yichen's hand glimmered with a bright glow as his unparalleled sword will sliced through the Heaven and Earth. In fact, it was on a whole new level even compared to Lin Fan's sword will.

"That doesn't make sense..." Looking at how the other races were having such an easy time taking down the ancient race tribesmen, Lin Fan was even more bewildered.

Of course, it wasn't because Lin Fan didn't want the ancient race tribesmen to be eliminated. But, wasn't everything going way too smoothly? Could he be overthinking things? Were those ancient race tribesmen really just plain dumb instead of just acting out?


Suddenly, the entire sky reverberated for a moment. Even Lin Fan and the others had felt this aura.

"It's here..." Lin Fan frowned. Indeed, it was as he had suspected. The ancient race had definitely prepared something this time around.

The skies in the distance began to darken gradually as grey clouds covered the entire stratosphere. Within those pitch-black clouds, a crack began to appear.

This was a relentless and desolate aura that surged out from within those darkened clouds. A loud clang of a bell rang through the entire skies.

"HAHAHA! You guys are finally here! I've been waiting for a long time now."

A pitch-black figure appeared from within those cracks. This ancient race tribesman who had appeared was indefinitely stronger than the others present.

His single holler caused every single captured ascended being to bleed from their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, while shattering their spirits.

"S-so strong...!" Even from a distance, Lin Fan could feel his blood starting to pump.

"This is really a tragedy." Lin Fan sighed. Seemed like those guys were going to have to lay their lives here right now.

'Desolate celestial lower level cultivation state.'

This was a cultivation state whereby Lin Fan did not find the guts to even give it a shot. The difference was so great that there could possibly be no chance at all.

The Xuanhuang World could not be taken as a good gauge of how things worked in the Ancient Saint World.

In the Xuanhuang World, no matter how strong the powers of the Heaven and Earth were, they were barely even 1% of that in the Ancient Saint World.

It was already practically an earth-shattering miracle that Lin Fan could take down beasts above his cultivation state. But to challenge someone three cultivation states above his? That was a fool's dream.


Seeing the live scene, Bai Yichen's face changed. He had not expected a Tribunus from the ancient race to come this time around!

In fact, the power of this tribunus was a tier higher than his own!

"Everyone, please retreat first." Bai Yichen's resolute face revealed a look of worry. Sword will emanated out from that seven-chi green sword in his hand, sealing the entire area behind him.

"Bai Yichen of the Sword race, you have sinned gravely for massacring countless ancient race tribesmen! To think that you would dare to appear so brazenly once more! You're just courting death!" The ancient race tribunus stepped forth. However, that single step caused an immense amount of energy to burst out, "We've already surrounded this entire place. None of you shall even dream of leaving!"

Suddenly, a loud explosion burst out within the valleys. A large number of ancient race tribesmen surrounded the valley, forming a nestled formation.

Those initially excited ascended beings were now falling into despair on seeing how the situation was unfolding.

While their hearts were far from weak, this final ray of hope that had appeared was seemingly extinguished at this moment. They knew that nothing good would definitely come out of it if they fell into the hands of this pitch-black and hideous fella.


"Big Brother Lin, let's hurry up and leave! There's no way we can salvage this situation anymore!" The presence of these ancient race tribesmen had entirely dampened Mu Liang's initially excited mood. The difference in strength was simply way too great! If anyone were to head up right now, they wouldn't be called a hero. They would be called a retard instead!

"Brother Lin, there's truly no longer hope for them." Xia Zehua added on.

Lin Fan took the words of the righteous party members to his heart indeed. However, there was an indescribable sensation that was forming in his heart towards the scene that was unfolding.

But despite this sensation, there was practically no hope given his current strength. Heading forth would just be as good as throwing himself towards death.


This damned word. Why the hell was it so strange? Lin Fan wondered which b*stard came up with this word.

In the Xuanhuang World, Yours Truly was a kind-hearted youth who would lend his assistance to any form of grievances he encountered. The moment he met with situations where someone was bullying others, he would definitely step in and overwhelm everyone's conviction with his imposingness.

But, if he were to just ignore the current situation right now, that would truly be quite the insult to his style.

But even so, how should he save them?

This was the question that was troubling Lin Fan right now.

On the battlefield, Bai Yichen was only struggling while defending continuously.

While most people would agree that masters of the sword possessed an air of superiority of their own, it was quite a pitiful sight for this Bai Yichen to receive such a tight slap in his face like this right after he had appeared.

"Brother Lin, let us retreat. A gentleman bides his time in wait for vengeance. One of these days, we'll definitely get these ancient race tribesmen. But right now, our strength is indeed below theirs. It isn't an act of cowardice to retreat, but a strategic move to preserve our strength." Looking at how Lin Fan was still wavering at the spot, Xia Zehua said consolingly, thinking that Lin Fan's dilemma was due to pride.

"That's right, Big Brother Lin! The leader is right! We all know that you aren't afraid of death, but the difference in power is really way too great! Even if we head up right now, we'll just be sending ourselves to our deaths!" Mu Liang continued along.

"Hush..." Lin Fan waved his hands dismissively.

This was a precious opportunity right before his eyes.

As the great saying went, 'Fortune favors the bold.'

If he missed this, there might not be another chance for it.

"That's right...!" Suddenly, Lin Fan's eyes sparkled. He had thought of a good strategy!

In fact, he could even kill two birds with one stone!