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 Chapter 460: I Wont Reject You!

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Night time...

Lin Fan sat there cross-legged, immersed within his inner world.

The Mythical Parasol Tree was rooted firmly, deep within his inner world. Flourishing with green leaves, the lifeforce was gushing rapidly and boundlessly.

'Eh...Seems like yet another branch has grown out, and it is still sprouting out leaves. Seems like this Ancient Saint World is just a treasure trove after all. To think that the Mythical Parasol Tree could even take in the Saint Spirit Qi and germinate on its own through that.'

Lin Fan initially had no idea how he should groom this tree. However, after a period of time in the Ancient Saint World, he realized that the Mythical Parasol Tree was starting to grow by itself. And by the looks of it, its rate of growth isn't slow in the least bit! In less than a few days, quite a number of leaves had grown on it already!

By the order of things, this Mythical Parasol Tree was chopped down from the Ancient Saint World and fell into the Xuanhuang World. Now that it was back in the Ancient Saint World, that could be the reason why it was growing once more.

The boundless and limitless lifeforce produced by this was a vital treasure for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was also hoping for the Mythical Parasol Tree to grow faster as well. Once it finally matured, there would be no place in this world he couldn't go to.

At the same time, he still could not figure out what the Firmament Blood and Heaven and Earth Sutra did. The only thing he could hope for was that it wouldn't be too absurd.

When he received the Eternal Axe, it was already in a damaged state. But, if he were to follow the meaning of the God of War, the shards of the broken Eternal Axe should be somewhere within this Ancient Saint World as well.

If he could retrieve them and piece it all back together, it should be a true legendary weapon at that time.

And based on the hints of the God of War, he should almost definitely hope that he would not bump into any of the eight utmost beings of the Ancient Saint World before the Eternal Axe was repaired. Otherwise, the Eternal Axe would definitely deal no damage to them at all.

But of course, these were issues that were too far off Lin Fan's considerations right now, and he couldn't be too worried about them.


Within another house...

Xuan Er lowered her head, standing before her Grandpa. Those bright eyes were filled with grievances.

"Xuan Er, you need to respect him from now on, do you know that? You can't continue being rude the way you are." The elderly winged village chief was telling her patiently.

"Grandpa, why is that?" She lifted up her head.

"That's because he's a human. He is the same race as those heroes." The village chief replied.

"Hero? But Grandpa...you're the true hero in my eyes! If not for the fact that you've been defending this village tirelessly, all of us would have long died!" Xuan Er knew of her birth circumstances, that she was from the Fox race, as well as how her parents had died.

The village chief shook his head and fondled Xuan Er's head, "Grandpa cannot be considered a hero. Tens of thousands of years ago, when the Ancient race was massacring all other races, none of us dared to voice out nor resist at all. It was because of the five fearless human race heroes who stood up against one of the eight utmost beings of the Ancient race that brought about a fearsome war, which darkened the skies and shook the Heavens..."

This was the first time Xuan Er had heard of this story. Hence, her heart was filled with curiosity as well. At the same time, she was filled with respect towards those five fearless heroes.

"Grandpa, what happened after that?" Xuan Er blinked with her long lashes.

"No one knew of the exact circumstances afterward. All we knew was that the utmost being who fought against them never appeared in the Ancient Saint World ever since. But you must remember that without the five fearless human heroes, this piece of world here would have never been released from their control. Without that, this village would have never existed either. After all, no one could live boldly in the open under the watchful eyes of the Ancient race." The village chief replied.

"Therefore, you must remember once more that he is from the same race as those fearless heroes. Even though it's been a long time since any humans have appeared, we must still carry a heart of gratitude. Do you understand? We must not let the humans be disappointed with us." The village chief explained.

Upon hearing her Grandpa's words, Xuan Er nodded his head eventually, "Yes, Xuan Er understands."

If the Supreme Being were still alive and had heard these words, he would have died of shame. It was the truth that they were heroes indeed. However, they had only drawn the Ancient One into the Xuanhuang World for that last bit of hope. While it was the truth that they did defeat the Ancient One eventually, it was also the undeniable truth that they had sealed up Xuanhuang World due to fear of the Ancient Saint World.

In the end, the Heavenly Emperor Yuan was the one who had an unwavering intent to return to the Ancient Saint World and continue their resistance against the Ancient race.


Within the house, Lin Fan was hard at work in cultivating pills. Under his extravagant usage, he was almost out of Biggras. Thankfully, he still had tons of herbs left.

Before he ascended to the Ancient Saint World, he had already prepared a lot of medicinal herbs to be used in times of need.

In fact, Lin Fan had swept the entire medicinal herbs storage within the Glory Sect entirely clean.

'Pills Through Thought.'

A flame rose in Lin Fan's palms. Even though the flame did not have any heat of its own, it was said that the inner temperature was something beyond anyone's absolute horrors.

'Biggra is already a miracle pill that I'm so used to right now. However, perhaps I should give it a makeover when I've got the time. After all, the cultivation states in Ancient Saint World are simply way too high. Our old pills may not have the capabilities to catch up with the prowess of the beings here soon.'

These were the thoughts in Lin Fan's mind as he took a look at the Pills Through Thought.

However, nothing had yet to come into his mind, as to how he could complement the effects of Biggra with other medicinal herbs.

Just then, Lin Fan flipped his palm over and extinguished the flame. He could feel the presence of someone approaching.

Knock Knock.

"Please enter." Lin Fan replied casually.


Outside the door, the petite little cute Xuan Er stood under the gleam of the moonlight. Her little fox tail was swirling around behind her. Xuan Er's head was lowered with her fingers playing with one another, as though she was really nervous.

"What's wrong?" Lin Fan sympathized with the background of this little brat as well. He wondered how many other kids in the Ancient Saint World suffered the same fate as her.

Upon ascending into the Ancient Saint World, life and death were almost no longer in the control of anyone's hands. After all, no one knew what would happen in this place.

"I...I..." Xuan Er was nervous and embarrassed at the same time. It was as though she was finding it difficult to say the words out of her mouth. However, upon seeing Lin Fan's benevolent smile, she gathered her courage and said boldly.


It was as though she had used up all her strength into saying this single word. At the same time, her entire face was flushed red.

Hearing this word, Lin Fan smiled. Just as he was about to reply her, Xuan Er sprinted off out of the house.

"What a cute little kid!" Looking at the small little figure that was running off, Lin Fan grinned. From the beginning, this little kid hadn't been friendly to him in the least bit. But, Lin Fan had never placed it in his heart at all.

After all, she was just a kid.

As he flicked his robes, that wooden door closed by itself once more.

In the depth of the night, the winged elderly village chief smiled to himself, heartened while witnessing the entire scene.

A few days later...

Lin Fan headed out into the woods daily to hunt down those beasts. As for their corpses, he brought them back to gift to the villagers. The villagers no longer carried the same wariness they had towards him. At the same time, they had a newfound respect towards Lin Fan.

From time to time, Xuan Er would appear before Lin Fan as well, as though she was waiting for something.

This day, as Lin Fan headed back to the village from the woods and handed the corpses over to the villagers, he spotted Xuan Er in the distance once more, as he was ready to head back to cultivate himself.

Xuan Er lowered her head. However, her eyes would dart towards Lin Fan from time to time.

Seeing this, Lin Fan smiled.

Was this little brat trying to make friends with him but was kept from doing so due to the embarrassment of it all? Perhaps, she was trying to catch his attention by appearing near him from time to time.

For the first two days when Xuan Er did so, Lin Fan had no idea what that little kid was trying to do. However, now that he thought back carefully about it, that did seem like a plausible reason indeed.

Xuan Er was lurking around Lin Fan like a little ghost. At the same time, she was a little unhappy in her heart. Had he not noticed her?

"Xuan Er...!" This time, Lin Fan was the one who took the initiative to call out to her.

"Yes...!" Upon hearing someone calling for her, Xuan Er was elated with joy. She then skipped to Lin Fan's face.

"Did you call for me? Are you trying to be friends with me? If you truly want to be friends with me, I guess I wouldn't reject you!" She said with a look of anticipation.

Lin Fan looked at this one-meter tall brat and smiled to himself.

What an interesting and cute kid indeed!