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 Chapter 449: A Mythical Pill Which Would Anger Both Humans and Gods.

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In the guise of the darkness of the night, a pair of shimmering bright eyes darted around the forest.

The nights in the Ancient Saint World were way scarier than those back in Dongling Continent, with the howling of beasts running rampant throughout the night.

Lin Fan did not know where he was or the type of powerful forces that he was being surrounded by.

However, with the way his power level was right now, Lin Fan felt that he still better be careful about things. After all, his cultivation state was practically the lowest in the Ancient Saint World right now. Even if anyone else could tolerate this, this was absolutely intolerable for Lin Fan.

The next level up after utmost celestial was earth celestial. No matter what, he had to hurry and make his way up there to be an earth celestial!

Lin Fan was standing on top of an ancient tree at this moment, preparing to take a short break. However, a sudden rumble from the distance managed to catch his attention.

That was the sound of an Ancient beast. Furthermore, by the sounds of it, it seems like there was a fight going on right now!

Lin Fan's heart was suddenly filled with hope! As the saying went, ' The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.' Lin Fan wanted to be that oriole!

To the current Lin Fan, any small fish in this world right now was like a gigantic whale of experience points for him to boost his power level! The Lin Fan who had gradually gotten lazier over time was finally starting to regain his initial diligence.

Entering Stealth mode, Lin Fan shiftily made his way over to the commotion.

The beasts in this world were exceptionally sensitive towards one's aura. Since Lin Fan's aura was hidden by the system, he couldn't be sensed by these creatures.

However, one still had to take extra precautions nevertheless.

The closer Lin Fan approached, the louder the commotion got.

But this only served to make Lin Fan ever happier. By the sounds of it, both sides seemed to be pretty formidable! Could it be two high leveled beasts duking it out?

That thought alone had Lin Fan's heart blossoming with flowers like Spring. This was indeed the sort of reaping that Lin Fan loved to come across the most.

Hiding on a big old tree, Lin Fan looked down at the scene below. But instead, what he saw nearly had him puking out blood.

A beast was riding on top of another beast, humping down rapidly.

And that commotion from earlier? Naturally, it was caused by these two.

To think that these two beasts would be conducting such indecent acts under the brilliant night skies!

'Hais...' Lin Fan gave off a long, exasperated sigh.

'Ancient Beast: Vixen Beast. Utmost celestial full cultivation.'

'Ancient Beast: Blue Eyed White Wolf. Utmost celestial full cultivation.'


"Forget it, two utmost celestial full cultivation beasts are better than nothing. Time to reap them up." Even though Lin Fan was a little disappointed, he took it in his stride. Even if this weren't the perfect scenario he had visualized, so what?

Just as Lin Fan was about to take action, he stopped and let down his hands.

'Hais, no matter what, I feel a little guilty for killing you two while you're experiencing such great pleasure. Guess I'll just wait for you guys to have your fill of pleasure before I chop you guys down." Lin Fan thought in his head and just waited.

After all, he was a compassionate man.

At that moment, the Blue Eye White Wolf was grabbing the butt cheeks of the Vixen Beast with his claws. He gave off a wild howl as his entire body shivered, like he was firing off billions of bullets into the enemy fortress.

'RAWR...!!!' The Vixen Beast howled. Within those eyes was an evident look of displeasure, as she used her hind legs to kick the Blue Eye White Wolf away.

The Blue Eye White Wolf didn't get worked up over this kick. In fact, he was closing his eyes blissfully, as though he was reminiscing over that wonderful sensation. After that, he got up and left slowly.

Lin Fan did not know what was happening. But just as he was about to take action, his face changed once more. He could sense another Ancient beast approaching from the distance.


The stomping of the ground with the wild run was getting closer, as yet another fou- legged Ancient beast made its way over.

'Ancient Beast: Azure Ghoul Tiger. Earth celestial lower level.'

"Eh? To think that it's an earth celestial beast!" Looking at this tiger whose entirely body was gleaming with an eerie glow, Lin Fan grinned.

He had walked through the entire area during the daytime, but he had yet to bump into an earth celestial beast! To think that he would meet one here. Now, this was worth waiting for!

Could it be that he had selected the wrong location to camp at, and thus he did not meet with any earth celestial beasts during the day?

Seemed like after he was done reaping these things, he would need to test things out further.

Just then, yet another shocking scene happened.

This Azure Ghoul Tiger wasn't the same type of beast as the Vixen Beast. However, just like the Blue Eye White Wolf, it leaped up and began humping that same portion of the Vixen Beast's body.

Lin Fan's jaws fell as he gaped at the scene below with a look of disbelief.

'Just what in the world is going on right now! Could there be the idea of bestiality even amongst beasts themselves?!' Lin Fan felt his own perception of life being refreshed entirely.

This scene of discovery was filling Lin Fan with curiosity.

Under the clear night skies, Lin Fan was like a peeping tom. Silently hiding in the trees, he engaged in voyeurism the entire night.

As time passed, Lin Fan finally understood what in the world was happening. At the same time, the feeling of elation within his heart only grew deeper.

He had found a new method to slay these beasts!

Even though he did not know what sort of a beast this Vixen Beast was, he knew that she had a special skill that could attract all the surrounding male beasts in the vicinity to head forth and bang her.

Even while these Ancient beasts came and left happily, Lin Fan could tell the difference in the auras of these male beasts. It was as though some of their aura had been infused within the body of the Vixen Beast.

Seemed like this Vixen Beast was using their Yang to replenish her Yin!

Each time a male beast left, the Vixen Beast would stand there and howl once more. That single howl seemed to be the call of attraction for the nearby male beasts.

Entering Stealth mode, Lin Fan made his way slowly towards the Vixen Beast. The Nine Five Legendary Brick was ready in his hands.

He must definitely get his hands on this Vixen Beast! The rise of Yours Truly depended on this beast right here!

The moment Lin Fan revealed himself, he was discovered by the Vixen Beast as she gave off a furious roar.



With a single knock of the Nine Five Legendary Brick, she laid down obediently. But just at that moment, Lin Fan heard some noises from the nearby forest. Keeping the Vixen Beast in his storage, he snuck up the big tree once more.

Just as Lin Fan hid himself in the tree, a stimulated male beast was rushing over here happily. However, upon the sight of the empty clearing, the beast was filled with a deep look of disappointment.

The beast surveyed his surroundings and growled out a few times. However, upon receiving zero replies, it left this place dejected as ever.

'Whew! That was close! I was nearly discovered!' Lin Fan patted his chest as he heaved in relief, beaming brilliantly. He had only one thought on his mind right now. He had to start utilizing the special traits of this Vixen Beast!

Lin Fan rubbed his chin and lowered his head, deep in thought. Suddenly, his face blushed.

'No, no! I can't do that...! That's really too evil!'

'But this is the only chance to do so! Besides, no one else will know! It's definitely going to work out!'

'Aiyo! I am the mighty sixth Grandmaster of Saint Devil Sect! How can I do such a beastly thing!'

'Forget it! If I'm a beast, so be it! No one will know anyways!'


At that moment, Lin Fan opened his storage and started searching for some suitable medicinal herbs.

He was ready to create it.

The most devious and evil pill in this world.

A pill which would cause the gods to feel wrath.

A pill which would cause all humans to feel ashamed.

A mythical pill.