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 Chapter 445: A Bunch Of Bewildered Geniuses

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"Just where is this place? Goodness, that passageway was seriously way too messed up! I was spinning so much, I'm totally nauseous right now." Lin Fan's stomach was churning like the seas right now, as though he could vomit out the entire Han River from his mouth at any instant.


"This is the smell of air. And by the smell of it, it's pretty fresh. This must be the so-called Upper World then. Eh...? There's a sound beside my ear. Is there someone else here beside me?" Within that pitch-black passageway, Lin Fan's vision was temporarily blinded. Therefore, he was struggling to regain vision facing this tremendous brightness upon leaving the passageway.

A few figures were moving about before Lin Fan. Even though it was blurry, they looked similar to humans. However, the aura seemed a little off.

Gradually with a bit of time, Lin Fan's vision recovered.

"And you are?" Upon catching sight of the figures before him, Lin Fan was astonished. They were extremely similar to human beings, yet they were somewhat different.

A human with a single horn on his head.

A human with 3 eyes.

A human with wings behind his back.

While all of them looked exactly the same as humans, there was a demonic aura within their auras...

Just what sort of people were these?

Lin Fan's heart was momentarily stunned, as he was bewildered. He surveyed his surroundings. He was in a dense patch of forest right now. Before him were some wild plains with valleys on both sides, leaving only a single path in between.

Within the skies, there were 3 layers of raging flames. However, Lin Fan could not even feel a slight bit of heat from them.

"Fellow brother there, did you just ascend in?" Just then, the single-horned man, who was completely nude, walked beside Lin Fan. Using his firm hands, he patted Lin Fan's shoulders and asked.

"That's right. And you are?" Lin Fan was trying his best to soothe his heart. This was not the moment for him to lose face and act like a country bumpkin. He needed to remain calm.

As for this single horned nude man, his aura was dense. The aura within his body was rumbling as well; he was definitely a strong person. Even though his system of cultivation might be different, if Lin Fan were to gauge him using the cultivation system of Xuanhuang World, this person should probably be a greater celestial full cultivation being.

"I am Jiao Niu from the Horn World. Greater celestial full cultivation state." Jiao Niu clasped his fist together and greeted with an upright stance.

"I am Lin Fan from Xuanhuang World." Lin Fan was wary of his surroundings. In this unknown Upper World, he had not let down his guard for even a single second.

Lin Fan continued the conversation in bits and pieces. At the same time, he was trying to pull out some information from Jiao Niu's words to find out more about this world.

But to Lin Fan's disappointment, Jiao Niu was just like him. He had zero knowledge of this world.

But there was something weird that he garnered from their conversation. The Upper World that Jiao Niu had heard about was totally different from the one that Lin Fan was told of.

Heaven on Earth? The holy grounds of cultivation?

This was the legend that was passed down to Jiao Niu from his world. This was the holy ground that everyone from his world was striving to arrive in.

But the Upper World that the Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the four supreme beings had described was a treacherous place where it was survival of the fittest!

What in the world was going on?

Lin Fan looked around and gauged the number of people around him. There was roughly hundred or so of them. Each and every one of them was a greater celestial full cultivation being. At the same time, they weren't really old. The youngest amongst them should only be 17 or 18 years old while the oldest was only in their 30's.

From what Lin Fan could tell, all of these people were the various geniuses of their very own worlds.

Just then, there was a disturbance within the group of people. Someone was suggesting that they should leave this place.

However, there was only a single path ahead of them, the path in between the valleys.

Lin Fan wanted to stay here for a little while more and wait out things while he figured out just what the situation was like in this world. However, there was a mysterious force from the unknowns that was forcefully pushing him to leave this place.

It was as if every single second they remained in this place would cause them to feel immense suffering and pains gradually.

"Why does it feel like it's getting harder to breathe? No, I've got to get out of here!" The young man with a pair of wings said.

"I'm getting the same feeling!" Another girl, who had a tail behind her, commented. She was extremely gorgeous and alluring. However, the colour was gradually draining from her face.

In that instant, everyone began to get out of the place.

The moment Lin Fan stepped out of that patch of forest, that feeling disappeared immediately.

Stepping his foot on the firm mud ground before him, a sense of reality gushed up into Lin Fan's heart. It was as though he had finally completed his transmigration into this world.

But, Lin Fan did not have the luxury to overthink things nor comprehend just what was going on in this world. All he could do was to follow the crowd.

"The Upper World is beautiful indeed! The aura of this world feels much denser than the one back in mine!" A young man remarked excitedly.

"HAHA! This world was definitely prepared for me! Even that bottleneck from my world seems to have been loosened at this moment!" Feeling a released form of energy surge through his body, yet another young youth burst out in happiness.

All of these people here were greater celestial full cultivation beings. Hence, they were extremely sensitive to the energy of their surroundings. As for Lin Fan, he was already an utmost celestial full cultivation being right now. Therefore, he wasn't as sensitive to the surroundings as them. However, he could definitely feel the energy in the air around him being denser than that of the Xuanhuang World.

Just as everyone was walking on the path, a sudden ominous feeling burst out in Lin Fan's mind.

"HAHA...! Not bad! Seems like there's quite a number of people who have ascended up this time around!" Just then, a maniacal laughter boomed out from the void.

By the time everyone could react to this, a gigantic cage that covered the entire sky had descended upon them, trapping everyone within it.

"What's going on?"

"Who's there?!"

All of these geniuses, who had just ascended into the Upper World from all their multiverses and different worlds, were busy celebrating and feeling excited. But, this sudden change of things had them in a panicked state.

However, they had some talent to be able to reach their cultivation states, as their panicked hearts were only disordered for a split second before they managed to calm back down.

Lin Fan's heart was thumping furiously though. Could it truly be the way Heavenly Emperor Yuan and the other supreme beings had mentioned? Was this so-called Upper World truly a Hell where everyone was doomed to suffer tragic trials and fates?

"HAHA...!" Just then, a bunch of figures appeared on the top of the valleys.

Lin Fan focused his gaze over and frowned. These guys were ugly beyond measures. At the same time, they had a berserk aura that seemed to be filling the world around them.

"May I know who you guys are? We have just ascended into this place. If there's any way we've offended you guys, please pardon us." Jiao Niu was the first to step forth, clasping his fists together to apologize.


Those bunch of people atop the valleys leaped down with tremendous force. Those violent eyes of theirs surveyed the masses in the cage as they smirked coldly.

Lin Fan observed this bunch of ugly people. Their attires were the same; there must be someone leading them.

And just then, a figure walked from behind this group of hideous looking people. That figure was towering and pitch-black, just like the Ancient One. However, his body was nowhere as strong as the Ancient One.

"All you bunch of fugly sh*ts! You had better let go of me! Don't you know who I am?!" Just then, a man beside Lin Fan hollered out furiously.

"That's right! I am the genius of the Fire World, the Great Flame Emperor! All of you fugly sh*ts had better let go of us, or I shall have you guys suffer the terrible torment of being scorched!" This red-haired man continued yelling.

Within the Fire World, he was the renowned Great Flame Emperor, who enjoyed the adoration of everyone else. To think that he would be captured by these fugly sh*ts after entering this Upper World! How could he tolerate that?

With that, the masses began to clamor out loudly as well, evidently dissatisfied with this treatment.

Standing at a corner, Lin Fan's heart was filled with shock instead.

The reason for that was because he could see through the cultivation states of these hideous underlings. To think that each and every one of them was at the utmost celestial cultivation state!

As for that leader right there, his cultivation state seemed to be even higher than utmost celestial!

This bunch of fools around him were just courting death with their actions!

Lin Fan could not help but sigh exasperatedly in his heart. What sort of a damned world was this?

Why the hell did something like this happen the moment he came out?

Heavenly Emperor Yuan! Why hadn't you explained things clearly before?!

Lin Fan was thoroughly exasperated...