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 Chapter 437: Ancient One's Attempt At Regrowing His Donger

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Lin Fan had not expected Yao Wuxie to be THIS strong! There was nothing else he could use to compliment about that special body type, 'One fart to stink up the entire world.'

And by the looks of it, it seemed that he was able to control it right now! Even though that heaven-destroying fart encompassed the entire place, the only one who suffered due to it was the Ancient One. That could be considered pretty much a tragedy for the Ancient One.

"B*STARD! FIRST YOU TRIBUTE AWAY MY DONGER, AND NEXT, YOU HUMILIATE ME! I SWEAR THAT IF I DON'T EXTERMINATE ALL OF YOU TODAY, I'LL NOT BE A..." The Ancient One was howling madly by now. He was close to the brink of imploding because of these ants. This was humiliation beyond words for the Ancient One.

"Swear that you'll not be a...what?" Lin Fan's mood was no longer as repressed as previously.

"Human, don't you dare go overboard!" The Ancient One did not want to answer this question. This was because, actually, he himself didn't know what he was.

This was a question that he had pondered on for a long time himself.

What was he? He was neither a demon nor a human. By the time the Ancient One had opened his eyes, he already existed as he did.

"Come on then! With just your d*ckface? Yours Truly can easily wallop ten of you at once!" Lin Fan mocked the Ancient One.

Seeing this Ancient One, Lin Fan could not help but recognize and acknowledge his strength. If this Ancient One were to fully recover, there would probably be no fight for sure.

But with the situation as it was, Lin Fan wasn't afraid in the least bit.

What was the worst that could happen? Being forced to endure some whacking?

Thinking back at how Yours Truly started back then, he had actually made a name for himself out of being whacked!


With a single punch, the Ancient One's aura shook the Heaven and Earth, as a tremendous force surged over. Lin Fan confronted this fist that was even larger than a punching bag without a single bit of fear.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +500,000,000'


"Ancient One, you want to kill Yours Truly with these feeble punches? Your bullsh*t is really getting out of hand, isn't it?" Lin Fan was starting to get the picture.

Even if Yours Truly couldn't take him down, he would wear him down. Lin Fan refused to believe that 300 rounds of fights couldn't bring down this fella.

"INSOLENT FOOL!" The Ancient One was thoroughly riled. To think that this man could be so resilient!

"I'm proud of my insolence! Kill Yours Truly if you've got the guts to! This is what I absolutely love, the look on your face YEARNING to kill me yet you CANT... That HELPLESSNESS." Lin Fan swung his hips left and right while pointing a middle finger at the Ancient One.

How could someone as powerful as the Ancient One bear to allow a human to provoke him like this?!

"DIE!" The Ancient One had gone mad as he lunged out towards Lin Fan once more. This time around, the strength behind this punch was even greater than before.


The Earth cracked as Lin Fan was buried deep within by that single punch.

"HAHA! Human! Your pride has only served to enrage me. For that, your only path forward is death!" Looking at the situation below, the Ancient One's lips curled into a smile.

That puny being should be proud of holding onto the battle till this point.

The Ancient One then turned his head into the distance. To think that those ants on the other end were actually managing to fend against the great army of the Beast Spirit World. How daring of them indeed!

But just then, a figure appeared right in the vision of the Ancient One once more.

"Ancient One, I take back my words from earlier. Your punch DOES pack a little strength." Floating gently before the Ancient One, Lin Fan curled his lips and grinned.

In reality, Lin Fan was thoroughly feigning through this right now. That punch from the Ancient One had nearly cost him his life. If not for the fact that he had the Mythical Parasol Tree and the Blood Sea's boost from within him, he wouldn't have been able to get back up again for sure.


On the other end of the battlefield, the masses who were fending against the massive army of the Beast Spirit World were having an easier time right now with the assistance of Yao Wuxie.

For Yao Wuxie, this was the most unbridled day of his entire life. The farts he had released in this day alone were already more than all those years combined.

Mie Qiongqi looked at this perverted looking fella. To think that he could kill this many with a single lift of his bottoms! There was a pressing question in Mie Qiongqi's heart.

'Doesn't your anus hurt from all the farts?!'


Looking at all these beasts which disintegrated under a single fart of his, Yao Wuxie was filled with pride. At the same time, he looked over the distance and could only give it a good thumbs up.

'Brother Lin is a true man indeed.'

In his eyes, Lin Fan was like a ball right now. Sent flying with every punch, he came flying back again once more. Repeating that feat over and over again, he was like an unkillable pesty cockroach.


"B*stard, how are you not dead?!" The anger within the Ancient One was burning so fierily that the flames were almost solidified. To think that this man would appear right before him after being sent flying time and again!

Even if the Ancient One was someone who was really patient, he was already on the brink of breaking apart from Lin Fan's actions.

"Oh, I really want to die too, y'know? But, I wonder why I can't do so. Perhaps if you would just add in THAT BIT more strength into your punches, I might REALLY get close to death?" Lin Fan replied with an apologetic look on his face.

"YOU...!" The Ancient One's chest huffed up and down rapidly in rage. "Human, you have truly successfully riled me. Even if I were to regret this in the future, I'm going to make sure I will kill you!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned. He could sense the aura of the Ancient One changing rapidly.

"ETERNAL BODY...!" The Ancient One howled as a tremendous amount of energy burst out.

A horrifying sight happened right before Lin Fan's eyes.

The Ancient One's Eternal Donger had already been tributed, hence that portion was in a castrated state.

"REGROWTH...!" The Ancient One howled. All the other parts of his bodies shared the burden together and began channeling a portion of their powers towards the groin area, trying to regrow that portion of his body.

The loss of that body part had caused the Ancient One to be in a shackled state for the entire duration previously.

"Human, you ought to feel proud of yourself." The Ancient One glared at Lin Fan coldly. Those malicious eyes shone with boundless brilliance.

By doing this, the Ancient One would never be able to regain his initial strength ever again. However, in order to take down this detestable human right before him, the Ancient One couldn't care less at this moment.

To think that his big donger would have been tributed away by this human! There was no way he could find a new donger to replace the original one.

"HOLY SH*T...!" Lin Fan was stunned. This Ancient One was growing out a new donger!



Lin Fan's heart could not help but skip a beat at this scene before him. He could sense that something really bad was about to happen.

But at that moment, Lin Fan realized something else.

After losing the Eternal Donger, the Ancient One lost a myriad of skills that he could employ. However, for the sake of those skills, he had given up the potential of regaining his future strength in return to regrow this donger. This might be a blessing in disguise!

Lin Fan took in a deep breath.

Looking at that bare naked Ancient One, he was struggling within his heart.

So...disgusting! How could he bear to do it!

But as the wise ones would say, 'It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.'

On doing this for the sake of Dongling Continent, he was sure that the future generations would not look down on him just because of this.

At that moment, Lin Fan made his move as he darted out towards the Ancient One.

"HAHA! Human, you wish to strike at me while I'm regenerating? That's where you're wrong! This is, in fact, the strongest state that I could be in right now! Your attacks at me would be nothing more than just tickles without any impact!" The Ancient One burst out laughing at Lin Fan's naivety.

Even though he could not move at this moment, his defensive powers were at its definite peak. With energy coursing through his entire body, he was definitely way tougher than before.

Lin Fan looked at the Ancient One squarely. Blinking his eyes, he let out an exasperated look.

"Ancient One, don't hold it against me. I didn't wish to do this either."


"Huh?" The Ancient One was bewildered, not knowing what the other party meant.

But of course, it didn't take him too long to understand...