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 Chapter 433: Stop Belittling Others!

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"Not too good."

In this short period of time, Lin Fan had already rescued a number of sects and dynasties. However, Dongling Continent was such a huge place. Even these number of rescues was just like using a cup of water to try extinguishing a raging fire.

The Beast Spirit World's invasion was worse than anything Lin Fan could have imagined. Basically, the entire Dongling Continent was shrouded within this darkness.

Countless people had died under the cruel claws of these beasts. Many sects had sent out righteous crusades against these beasts as well. However, against the sheer number of beasts, there was only a limited amount of help they could provide.

"Why is it that the Beast Spirit World is invading Dongling Continent? If we can find the reason behind it all and the source of it, then everything can be solved." Ye Han commented calmly.

"Lin Fan, what's wrong? Could it be that you've thought of something?" Looking at Lin Fan frowning, Ye Han asked, knowing that something must have struck him.

Lin Fan did not reply. He had been pondering about something all this while.

He was around 80% sure that this entire thing had to do with the Ancient One.

The reason why Lin Fan had not smelted the Eternal Donger was because he didn't want to use someone else's dong. However, he realized that the Eternal Donger had been a little restless recently.

The only plausible reason for this must be that its owner had arrived. If that was truly the case, then this must be something extremely troubling for Lin Fan.

Who knew how strong the Ancient One would be.

"I'm asking you a question. Sometimes, there are issues that can't be solved with a single person's strength." Ye Han was displeased at Lin Fan's silence.

There were many good things about this guy. But one bad thing was the fact that he liked to keep things to himself.

"Little Fan, Level Master Ye is right. If you've got anything in your mind, please speak up. We can discuss about it." Grandmaster Yan added on.

Some of the other Senior Elders felt the same way as well. At the same time, they felt that Little Fan was living a really rough life, keeping everything bottled up within himself.

"Little Fan, it can't be that you think that we're too old to help, hence your reluctance to tell us anything, right?" Senior Elder Wuya commented.

"No, it's not that. It's just that I don't know how to say this out." Lin Fan was a little exasperated. If he were to tell them that it was the Ancient One right now, wouldn't they just sh*t their pants?

Just a single Eternal Arm had 100 energy grid line chains to it, not to talk about the other parts all added together.

"It's alright, you can start slowly..." Everyone echoed in unison.

Just then, the mountain base of Glory Sect rumbled. Zong Hentian and the others retreated back with a look of fright. "Grandmaster, Junior Master. The beasts from outside are attacking here!"

"What? There are more?" Grandmaster Yan's brows creased upon hearing this.

Lin Fan on the other hand was a little riled up that some beasts would still dare to charge up here, not knowing their place.

"Boss...!" Suddenly, at the entrance of the peak, a small little rotund kid dashed over.

Hearing this voice and looking at the figure, Lin Fan's face changed, "Don't worry guys. These beasts aren't here to attack us."

"Boss, I've finally found you! That fella has finally invaded Dongling Continent! I've brought all my people of my race over here!" The Flame Overlord reported.

"Little Fan, who's this kid here?" Grandmaster Yan and the others were astonished, as they asked in bewilderment.

"This is the Flame Overlord. He's one of the overlords of the Beast Spirit World." Lin Fan gave them a short summary.

Ignoring the confused looks on their faces, he continued asking, "How many of them are here this time round?"

"Boss, it's really no joke this time round! The entire Beast Spirit World has come altogether! Even though I'm an overlord with my entire Flame race under me, we are still nothing compared to the combined strength of the entire Beast Spirit World!" The Flame Overlord had already been trained up by Lin Fan. Hence, he was more loyal than ever. Even if things were ominous right now, he was filled with no fear.

"Holy f*ck. This is annoying." Lin Fan shrugged his head, not knowing what to do.

Now that the entire Beast Spirit World had come altogether, who could stop them at all? In fact, no one here other than Ye Han could even keep their lives under an onslaught of the beasts!

Grandmaster Yan and the others checked out this kid keenly. The more they looked, the grimmer their faces got. Even though the aura was nothing to be alarmed about, there was a deep power hidden within, that was sending chills down their spines.

How could this kid be a living being of the Beast Spirit World!? That was totally unbelievable!

"Everyone, given the current circumstances, I guess we can only fight to our deaths. Also, unless anything unexpected happens, the leader who had brought the Beast Spirit World's invasion should possess at least 500 energy grid line chains." Disregarding whether or not everyone could take the news, Lin Fan laid bare his guess.

"WHAT? 500?!" With that speech, everyone's jaws dropped to the ground in disbelief.

Even the thought of 500 energy grid line chains was just crushing their spirits entirely!

At this moment, they finally understood why Little Fan had been withholding the information at the start. After all, an enemy like this wasn't someone they could deal with.

But the main point was, did Little Fan have the confidence?

Ye Han could feel her blood running cold as well. Even though she was an utmost celestial being right now, she did not have that many energy grid line chains either.

"If the opponent only has 500 energy grid line chains, I have the confidence to duke it out with him. However, if there's more than that, I'm afraid I can't guarantee anything." Lin Fan commented with a worried look.

Furthermore, he knew that the Ancient One wasn't the final enemy. His greatest concern right now was the Heaven's Will. He was worried that even if he manged to take down the Ancient One, the Heaven's Will might appear to clean him up when he's weakened. That would be real trouble.

The moment Lin Fan's words came out, the blood drained from everyone's faces.

500 energy grid line chains and Little Fan could stand a chance still?!

"Little Fan, just how strong are you right now?" Grandmaster Yan asked while everyone else stared at Lin Fan blankly. To think that the lad they had saved back then had progressed to this state by now.

"Grandmaster, at this juncture, how strong I am is no longer the concern. What we should be bothered about is that the entire Beast Spirit World has descended upon us. Will we be able to hold them back?"

"This..." Everyone was speechless. That was a major question mark indeed.

Just as they were pondering, the void rippled once more and two figures walked out of it.

"Leave the Beast Spirit World to us."

"It's you guys!" Lin Fan's face changed.

'To think that things would escalate as such. This was definitely out of my calculations."

The two people who had arrived were He Yuhan and Xia Youtian.

A year ago, Xia Youtian's strength was not that great. To think that he had improved so drastically in just a single year's time.

Greater celestial full cultivation state, with 135 energy grid line chains.

"Now that the Beast Spirit World has descended upon us, I can hold off the fort with him." He Yuhan replied with confidence.

Xia Youtian looked at He Yuhan. His face was unsettled. He felt like he wanted to say something, but he couldn't get the words out. In this period of time, he had a feeling that his Sister He would just leave him silently somehow.

Lin Fan glared at He Yuhan warily.

She did the same, "Trust me. This is my home after all."

"Alright..." Lin Fan nodded his head eventually. Now that things had come to this, what else could he do?

Just with his strength alone, he didn't have the confidence to settle the entire Beast Spirit World completely.


"Little Fan, what about us?" Grandmaster Yan and the others looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan looked at Grandmaster Yan and the others. He wanted to say, 'You guys go and find a good place and take a breather first.' But eventually, he couldn't bring himself to say such words.

"Complement the two of them and hold off against the Beast Spirit World. Leave the leader of the Beast Spirit World to me." Lin Fan replied.

"Lin Fan, I can fight together with you." Upon hearing Lin Fan's words that he was going to face the leader alone, Ye Han was a little disgruntled.

No matter what, she was an utmost celestial as well.

"Forget it. Just hold off the Beast Spirit World together with them. That leader isn't someone you can handle. With just a single skill, he should be able to slay you." Lin Fan did not say these words to scare Ye Han. He was speaking the truth.

If the Ancient One truly had 500 energy grid line chains, even Ye Han, who had broken through to an utmost celestial, would be finger food for him.

"Can you stop belittling others!" Ye Han was riled. Wasn't he just being condescending?!

"Level Master Ye, let's just listen to Little Fan. Now's not the time to act tough." Grandmaster Yan intervened.

"Hmph..." Ye Han snorted coldly and turned around, not wanting to have anything more to say to them.

"Then that's settled. Everyone, go and make your preparations. Three days later, our reward for victory shall be staying alive. But if we lose, we all die.' Lin Fan wanted to lighten up the mood.

But now that things were like this, that was really quite the wish to wish for.