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 Chapter 432: Let The Battle Begin

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Ever since Lin Fan left, all of the old folks of Glory Sect remaining were a little unhappy. How could he ask a young girl to look after Glory Sect for him? Wasn't that just looking down on them?

Looking at these people, Ye Han's lips pursed into a smile.

She could tell that these people were definitely curious about her. With that, she opened up her arms and began conversing with everyone.

Once the conversation began, there was no end to it...

Everyone from Glory Sect were left stumped.


Ripping through the void, Lin Fan rushed towards Xuanjian Sect. He had felt the feedback of a powerful source of energy. That was the power that was reflected from the bracelet he had given to Xuan Yunxian.

Obviously, this meant that Yunxian must be under attack! Lin Fan wasn't that worried about that cheap son of his and Yunxian though. However, no matter what, Xuanjian Sect was Yunxian's sect. He had to head there to give her a hand.

If the losses were grave, Yunxian would definitely be heartbroken.

It was a good thing that Xuanjian Sect was located in a good place. They were located at the top edge of the 'Heaven Sword'. Therefore, even if the beasts wanted to rush up, they would need some time to do that.

Yunxian and the other Senior Elders were holding the fort against the onslaught of the beasts right now.

When the gap had opened up beside Xuanjian Sect, they were totally stumped. By the time they saw the beasts approaching, fear began to bubble within their hearts quickly.

These beasts bore a significant difference compared to the beasts that resided within Dongling Continent usually.

They were way stronger.

And the most shocking thing was the fact that there were even humanoid beasts within them.

In the records of the sect, humanoid beasts were one of the strongest types of beasts ever. They could cultivate just like any other human being. Also, they had the same intelligence as humans and they could adapt and think.

All the other Xuanjian Sect disciples were hiding at this moment. None of them could offer any help at all. Any one of these beasts could definitely kill them in a single shot.

"Grandmaster, I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer!" After slaying a beast, one of the Senior Elders remarked out in worry.

"This is no small matter right now. If not for the fact that Grandmaster Yan had headed over to inform us about this possibility months prior, Xuanjian Sect may have already been destroyed!" The previous Grandmaster said.

Upon hearing the news that the Beast Spirit World might descend upon them months ago, all of them were shocked silly.

What sort of a place was the Beast Spirit World? To them, it was a place where all the ferocious and deadly beasts resided. Not only that, their population was huge. The sheer number of beasts in that world could even be comparable to the number of humans in Xuanhuang World.


That maddened roar rang through the entire skies. Within the void, the beasts gushed out.

"The Hell race of the Beast Spirit World swears to flatten the entire Xuanhuang World!" Just then, a humanoid beast appeared at the entrance of the gap.

That malevolent and titanic body of his looked down at the world in disdain. There were three separate heads that were howling out wildly, bringing along with them an energy of thunder. It was as though a god of destruction had descended upon Xuanjian Sect itself.

"Not good. Someone strong has arrived." Everyone's faces changed. The powerful aura that was emanated from that humanoid beast caused all of their hearts to skip a beat.

Looking at that towering colossal figure, Liu Linfeng's face changed as well.

"Daddy, grant me strength!" Liu Linfeng screamed into the skies. He wanted to head up to help, but he knew that he was definitely no match for these beasts with his current strength.

"Senior Brother, it's useless..." One of the junior sisters beside him commented in a frightened tone.

"Your a*s! Who says that it's useless?" Liu Linfeng refused to believe that it wouldn't work and screamed out once more.



"Hais, seems like it's really useless." As time passed, Liu Linfeng gradually began to give up as well. He then plopped his bum down onto the ground helplessly.

And just then, something happened.

"Grandmaster, watch out!" Everyone exclaimed in shock as that humanoid beast had sent a fist pummelling down.

Xuan Yunxian's face changed as well. She wanted to dodge, but it was too late. She had just slain a single beast earlier on, but the humanoid beast took this chance to send a fist flying her way.


Xuan Yunxian awaited death. However, at that moment, she found a bright burst of light shielding her from the punch of the beast.

"He's the one who saved me." Xuan Yunxian reacted back immediately. Looking at the glowing beam on her bracelet right now that had deflected the blow, her face was filled with reminiscence.

"Human, let's see how long more you can hold on!" Upon seeing this scene, the humanoid beast of the Hell race reared his head up and howled into the sky. He then sent another fist with tremendous force pummelling down, determined to kill this human.


"INSOLENT...!" Just then, Lin Fan, who was tearing through the void, was thoroughly incensed seeing this scene.

"DADDY'S HERE...!" Listening to this voice, Liu Linfeng jumped up immediately and hopped in joy.

Upon hearing this voice, Xuan Yunxian's face was filled with excitement as well, as she looked into the distance.

Lin Fan's cultivation state was already beyond the world. As such, the speed at which he tore through the void was also horrifying as well. The difference between the speed of an utmost celestial and a greater celestial was like Heaven and Earth.

Even though the distance from Glory Sect to Xuanjian Sect was pretty far, it was practically just a short travel time for Lin Fan.


Lin Fan had appeared right in front of Xuan Yunxian. Stopping the punch of the Hell race's humanoid beast with his single hand, Lin Fan turned around and grinned, "Don't worry. I'm here."

Just that simple assurance was enough to set Xuan Yunxian completely at ease.

'Nirvana Finger.'

A massive amount of energy surged out from within Lin Fan's body.

"How could that be...?!" The Hell's race humanoid beast tilted his head up and yelled. He could feel the destructive power of that skill. He refused to believe that a human could possess such formidable strength!

The energy surged through the body of the humanoid beast all over, wreaking havoc and tearing him apart bit by bit.

"NO...!" The humanoid beast of the Hell's race let out a final howl of indignance.

'Ding...congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation beast.'

'Ding...experience points +...'

Sweeping his robes, Lin Fan tossed the body of the entire humanoid beast into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

'Ding...congratulations on smelting.'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining 30 energy grid line chains.'


The beasts who had appeared out of the void were horrified to see their leader being taken down by this human being. With that, all of them scurried off in all directions, trying to make a break for it.

"Hmph, want to run? Dream on."

'Firmament...!' Lifting up his Eternal Axe and slamming down, the entire Earth split apart. That axe, which wielded enough force to destroy everything, cut through the entire place, killing all the beasts at once.

"DADDY...!" Looking at Lin Fan's heroic actions, Liu Linfeng was captivated, and started running towards him.

"Time is tight. All of you follow me back to Glory Sect." Lin Fan sent Liu Linfeng flying with a single kick. Given the current circumstances, he couldn't waste any time in letting this cheap son hug his leg anymore.

Looking at how his Daddy had treated him, Liu Linfeng plopped his bum down onto the ground once more, looking at Lin Fan with a sorrowful look, evidently dejected.

"Nothing must happen to you." Xuan Yunxian gripped Lin Fan's wrist tightly, revealing a look of deep concern.

Lin Fan looked at Xuan Yunxian and nodded his head, "Don't worry, I'll be fine. Everything shall pass."

"Yes, I believe in you."

With that, Lin Fan swept his robes and brought everyone tearing through the void with him, towards Glory Sect.

The world was a huge place. Lin Fan was not a god. There was no way he could save everyone.

Furthermore, given the current situation, he was sure that there must be a big BOSS hidden somewhere in the depths, waiting for him.


Within a mysterious place of the Dongling Continent was the hometown of the girl whom Lin Fan had once mistaken as the Heaven Queen.

Four Elders were seated with their eyes closed.

Suddenly, they opened their eyes.

"Eventually, it has still returned."

"That's right. I'm here to retrieve my body." Above the coffin in the middle of the tribute altar, a black robed person floated.

Looking at the black-robed figure, all four elders shuddered in fear. They then yelled out, "Feixue, run!"

Ni Feixue, who looked exactly like the Heaven Queen, walked out slowly. She glared at the black robed person, "You shouldn't continue to create karma of killing."

"Hmph." The black robed person snorted coldly. With a massive surge of energy erupting out from the person, the entire islet was caged within.