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 Chapter 430: Crafting Success, But Here Comes Trouble

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Ever since Lin Fan returned from Cangling Continent, he had not done anything at all. Even though the issue of the Beast Spirit World was on his mind, he didn't know when they would actually strike.

If he were to live life daily with such pressure on his mind, wouldn't that be a tormented life? He might as well just live life normally.

Regarding this issue, Lin Fan had already raised it up with Grandmaster Yan and the others. Even though the descent of the Beast Spirit World would definitely be a calamity for all the living beings of Dongling Continent, there was nothing much they could do about it right now.

After all, Dongling Continent was such a huge place! Just the population alone could be comparable to the number of stars in the sky. If the Beast Spirit World were to invade from all directions, there was no way Lin Fan could save everyone.

Therefore, for something so headache inducing, Lin Fan would rather hand it over to Grandmaster Yan and the others.

Hence, Lin Fan's personal life was relaxed daily, focused on educating his two young disciples.

One month later...

Lin Fan wanted to craft a treasure.

This idea had already been planted within Lin Fan's mind for a long time now. Now that a month had passed, Lin Fan had gathered a number of materials. Even though there was no guarantee for him to create it completely, he could definitely create a prototype at least.

Sweeping his robes, all sorts of treasures appeared before him.

Heavenly Supporting Mythical Wood, Deep Abyss Water, Dark Gold Dragon's Stone et cetera...

The sorts of treasures that appeared before Lin Fan were things people would definitely duel to their deaths just to get their hands on any one of them.

'Activate Weapon Crafting.'

Initially, the system's weapon crafting skill required Lin Fan to select the ingredients he wanted. However, right now, he had invented a new way to craft weapons.

Using Lin Fan as a center, all the treasure arrays circled around him.

Beckoning with his finger, the Heavenly Supporting Mythical Wood floated over. The first task was to sculpt the general shape.

The Heavenly Supporting Mythical Wood was an extremely rare treasure. In fact, even Glory Sect did not possess it at all. This was something that Lin Fan had painstakingly found after making a personal trip to a forbidden ground.

Within a weapon crafting flame, the shape of the Heavenly Supporting Mythical Wood repeatedly changed before melting slowly.


Lin Fan rinsed it with some Deep Abyss Water before adding in the Dark Gold Dragon's Stone and dozens of other precious treasures. Lin Fan's idea was to create a country of his own. The source of his inspiration was from that skill, Demon City in a Palm.

Under the smelting heat of the weapon crafting flame, the shape of a city began to form gradually.

Looking at this city that was floating before him, Lin Fan's lips curled into a smile. This was the first small step to success. But, he was still a long way from completion.

The Heaven and Earth possessed the five elements. A city could be a world of its own. However, it could not be considered as completed unless it possessed all five elements.

'Pseudo Five Spirits.'

Ever since Lin Fan had obtained these Pseudo Five Spirits, they had been in his storage doing nothing. It was time to give it a shot.

Upon adding the Pseudo Five Spirits into the mix, a strange phenomenon happened. The semi-finished object began to crack repeatedly, looking as though it could crumble into dust at any moment.

"Holy shit! Don't tell me that it's going to fail this easily?!" Lin Fan was stunned.

"Wait, that's right. The five elements complement and repel one another. Perhaps it's got something to do with my arrangement of them." With this thought crossing his mind, Lin Fan hurriedly rearranged them.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Under the command of Lin Fan's fingers, the Pseudo Five Spirits began to change positions repeatedly. Eventually, upon being seated in their respective suitable positions, that cracked treasure began to recover. Interlinking and coiling with one another, the five sources of energy began to complement and boost one another.

"Now's the time for the final step. If this works, then this semi-completed treasure can finally be finished."

Even though the big ancient demon had already perished, the massive power that resided within its body still existed.

If not for that legendary weapon, Seven Realms, Lin Fan would truly not have been able to take down this big ancient demon. In fact, even the current him might not be able to guarantee victory against that demon.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt, smelt!'

With that, Lin Fan tossed the colossal titanic body of the big ancient demon within the smelt.

'Ding...congratulations on smelting.'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining Soul of the Big Ancient Demon.'

A soul of a sinister demonic aura floated gently before Lin Fan. This soul seemed to be in a daze. It was yet to awaken, and seemed as though it was within a state of chaos.


Lin Fan was going to use the soul of the big ancient demon as the treasure spirit of the treasure.

No matter how high level the precious treasures of Xuanhuang World were, all of them were like dead objects. However, once a treasure possessed a treasure spirit, it would generate limitless potential.

The moment the soul of the big ancient demon fused into the treasure, the treasure seemed to have come alive completely. Lin Fan could feel a sense of life rumbling within the treasure.

Perhaps, the semi-finished treasure was truly going to be completed!

Looking at the treasure repeatedly swirling before his very eyes while giving off a series of demonic aura, Lin Fan was filled with glee. Communicating with the Mythical Parasol Tree, Lin Fan abstracted a strain of lifeforce and tossed it within the Demon City.


A bright light emitted out in all directions as a massive aura encompassed the Demon City.

'Ding...congratulations on creating a semi-finished pseudo-Legendary Weapon.'


Everyone from Glory Sect were startled by this massive aura.

"What's that lad up to again?" Grandmaster Yan had long sensed that the aura around that area was a little strange. At the same time, he was curious towards the object that Lin Fan was creating.

As for the other Senior Elders, they were equally astonished. However, they broke off into chuckles not long after. They were already used to this lad's magical ways of things.

Recently, all of them had been busy trying to communicate with the other sects. Some of the sects agreed to cooperate once they considered the greater picture. However, while some other sects agreed verbally, Glory Sect knew that they did not really put the matter in their minds.


Lin Fan was exhilarated. From the system's notifications, he knew that his hard work had paid off!

Semi-finished pseudo-legendary weapon?!

What the hell was up with this though?!

Not only was it pseudo, it was semi-finished! This...!

Lin Fan was speechless.

Thinking back to the Nine Five Legendary Brick and Seven Realms, both of them were made up of all sorts of motley materials! None of them could be compared to this Demon City.

But to think that this Demon City would still be considered a semi-finished pseudo-legendary weapon! Lin Fan was exasperated right now. Seemed like luck was a significant component of one's performance as well.

But no matter what, this was just an experiment. And the experiment paid off.

One had to use their own creative juices to craft weapons.

Lin Fan would not allow his precious Demon City to just remain as such. He then started thinking of ways to improve on the strength and power of his Demon City.

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'



Lin Fan had an idea to fuse all of these things within the Demon City as well. However, that couldn't be achieved. Hence, he could only sigh helplessly.

Seemed like he had to take this the slow way.

Yet, another month later...

"HAHA...finally, I've done it!"

This day, Lin Fan pushed open the doors from his house and stepped forth. After multiple trials and errors, he had finally boosted the capabilities of his Demon City!

If he wanted to continue improving on the strength of this legendary weapon, the only way was to look for even more precious treasures. At the same time, he would need to search for the true five spirits and fuse them with it. With that, Lin Fan had the utmost confidence that he could turn this Demon City into the best pseudo-legendary weapon there was.

Suddenly, Grandmaster Yan and the Senior Elders rushed over from all directions.

"Everyone, I've done it!" Lin Fan beamed at them brightly.

However, upon looking at their expressions, his heart skipped a beat. Had something happened?

"They're here..." Grandmaster Yan's face was grim. To think that it had happened this quickly without any signs of warnings at all.

"So quickly?" Lin Fan pushed down the excitement in his heart, and his face turned solemn as well.


This so-called 'They're here' could only refer to one thing.

The Beast Spirit World invasion had begun.