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 Chapter 429: To Think That You Can Still Tell After I've Hidden It This Well

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"Do you doubt my words?" Ye Han's brows creased. She was evidently displeased from Lin Fan's reaction.

This was a grave matter, one that concerned the wellbeing of the entire Xuanhuang World. How could this guy not have any reaction at all? Could there have been an issue with the things she had been investigating?

"It's not that I doubt them. But why do you seek to cooperate with me?" Lin Fan looked at Ye Han in disdain. It might be a little sticky for him to have to work with a woman with persecutory delusions.

Ye Han looked at Lin Fan. Those hurried eyes gradually darkened, as though she was reveling in her memories.

"Based on my investigation, I've found that you're a pretty responsible and accountable man. Not only that, you're someone with a sense of loyalty. Coupled with the fact that you're a top existence within the entire Dongling Continent, there would definitely be a greater chance of success if we were to work together. Does this reason satisfy you?" Ye Han asked.

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back and reared back his head. A gentle breeze blew past as his long locks flew in the air. All of this only served to have Lin Fan look ever more elegant, mysterious, and deep.

"To think that these wonderful qualities of mine that I've tried so hard to hide deep within me have been uncovered by you. I've got to admit, you've got a good eye and sharp senses indeed to discover them. This tells me that you're an extremely meticulous person. Fair enough then! I'll work together with you. This is all for the sake of Xuanhuang World's inhabitants!"

"After all, if I don't enter Hell, who would? Justice shall be served. Evil shall never triumph over the righteous! Of course, I've sensed the changes in the Heaven's Will." Lin Fan swept his robes, showing an air of righteousness.

"Good. I haven't made a wrong judgment of your character. It's really rare these days to have someone as just as you." Upon hearing these words, Ye Han's heart was filled with joy as well. She was secretly glad that she hadn't misjudged Lin Fan.

"Oh, it's nothing. Really nothing. After all, all of this is for the living beings of Xuanhuang World! To think that Level Master Ye could have such a cultivation state at such a young age. THAT is pretty impressive too!" Lin Fan praised Ye Han back without any bit of shame.

"Oh, it's nothing noteworthy. What I have is the power that's passed down from all the different generations of ancestors. It is also a great fortune that I am able to enter the Blood World to communicate through to the source with this coincidental power. How can I compare to someone like you who could break through the Heavenly Barrier with his own abilities?" Upon hearing the praises from the other party, even though Ye Han's face was nonchalant, she was actually blossoming with flowers of happiness within her heart.

Lin Fan already had an idea in his mind. This so-called 12th Level Master of Blood Kill Sect seemed a little retarded. Furthermore, she was a nag! Could it be that she hadn't had anyone to talk to for so many years?

And just like that, the both of them exchanged polite praises, wasting a huge ton of time rambling.

But in actual fact, Lin Fan was pretty on the spot. As the 12th Level Master of Blood Kill Sect, Ye Han was in charge of all the other 11 levels. Usually, she would be hidden under her black robes. Her words would be frosty and cold. Other than spending her time on cultivation, she would be spending her time on MORE cultivation. She basically had no one to converse with at all.

The power of her ancestors was passed down the generations one after another. She spent most of her time channeling these energies to be used as her own. With the right opportunity from the Heaven's Will that sent her into the Blood World, allowing her to communicate with the core, she managed to become an utmost celestial in one fell swoop.

"Based on the meaning of the Heaven's Will actions, he had intended to use me to open up the Blood World. He would then merge the Blood World and Xuanhuang World together as one. However, I do not know the motive behind that." Ye Han continued as she was filled with misgivings.

"Doesn't matter. Things will sort themselves out when it comes to it. At the same time, within these three years, the Beast Spirit World will break through the barrier and invade the Dongling Continent. By then, not only do we have to deal with the Heaven's Will, we'll have to deal with the Beast Spirit World as well." It was only now that Lin Fan knew of Heaven's Will's plan to merge Xuanhuang World with the Blood World. However, since he did not know the complete situation, he did not elaborate further on it.

"The Beast Spirit World will invade Dongling Continent?!" Upon hearing this, those exquisite features of Ye Han let out a look of disbelief.

"That's right." Lin Fan nodded his head.

"So, that's the case. Seems like danger awaits us from all directions." Ye Han could not help but sigh.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head. He then looked straight at Ye Han. There was a burning question in his mind, "Is there anything else?"

At the same time, Ye Han looked at Lin Fan blankly.

At that instant, the entire place was silent and quiet.

Awkwardness ensued.

Ye Han coughed gently, wanting to say something. Evidently, it had been a long time since she even had the chance to chat with someone. However, now that she wanted to gossip a little, she found herself not knowing what to say anymore.

This caused her to feel really awkward.

"Level Master Ye, would you want to return first?" Lin Fan asked.

"Then, our cooperation..."

"We'll discuss that later." Lin Fan replied calmly.

"Later. Right, later." Ye Han understood Lin Fan's meaning. He did not want to waste time talking to her any longer. Even though she could not help but feel a little sad about this, she opened up a gap in the void and entered the Blood World. Through the Blood World, she returned to Dongling Continent.

After Ye Han's departure, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

Better not to get too close with girls like these who had persecutory delusions. What if she went bonkers and stabbed him in the back one day instead? That'd be a total tragedy!



Lin Fan's students twerked their bottoms and scurried over. They were thoroughly filled with respect towards their teacher's domineering acts. He was so damn bloody cool!

"Teacher, you're simply too strong!" Han Mengmeng looked at Lin Fan with admiration.

Lin Fan smiled gently, "Remain humble..."

"Not only is our teacher so strong, he's also so humble! There's really so much that we ought to learn from him!" Cao Tianjiao knew that the only way to life was to a*slick one's superiors. Hence, he was licking up Lin Fan's a*s with utmost fervor.

"Tianjiao, some things should just be kept in the heart. Once you say them out, it will become embarrassing." Lin Fan's lips pursed into a smile.

Seemed like Cao Tianjiao truly understood Lin Fan.

"Teacher, are you going to take us away from here?" Xiaoze asked.

After Xiaoze's question came out, everyone looked at Lin Fan in anticipation. All of them wanted to be able to follow their teacher day and night, listening to his teachings, walking onto the path towards the peak of their lives.

Looking at these eager looks of his students, Lin Fan went into deep thoughts for a moment before shaking his head.

"Not right now. A terrible calamity is about to befall Dongling Continent. There's no point in me bringing you guys over. You guys just stay right here. Once your teacher is done with the affairs over there, I'll relocate the sect over here."

These students of his did not have a terribly high cultivation state.

Even if they went over with him to Dongling Continent, they would be nothing but cannon fodder.

Lin Fan knew that the path forward wouldn't be so straightforward.

In fact, chances were that things might even end in a bloodbath.

Cao Tianjiao and the others could not hide their looks of disappointment. But, they knew in their hearts that their cultivation states were too low. Even if they were to head over now, they'd be nothing but burdens. With that, they didn't say anything anymore. All they could hope for was for themselves to continue working hard and improving their cultivation states, so that they might be able to share a little of their teacher's burdens one day.

"All of you, head to the Saint Devil Sect first. Hide beneath the foot of the mountain. Once everything is settled over there, I'll return here for you guys. It's time for me to return to Dongling Continent."


Under the reluctant gazes of his students, Lin Fan tore through the voids and headed towards the Heavenly Barrier. Leaving these students had Lin Fan heaving a sigh of relief as well. At times, it must be really sinful to be this popular.

Remembering those unwilling looks on his student's faces, Lin Fan truly knew how much he was adored by them.

If one could ever live with the popularity of Lin Fan, they should most definitely be satisfied with life.

But for Lin Fan, this wasn't enough just yet. Seemed like he had to work harder!