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 Chapter 426: I Know What I Must Do

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Looking at the Heart Demon Emperor, who was being skinned by him like a piece of roast pork, Lin Fan did feel a little guilty, and could barely do it anymore. But oh well, one might as well forget it. Since the Heart Demon Emperor would still continue to deem him as an enemy no matter what from this day forth, what harm would it do to just chop off yet a few more parts. No problemo!

After all, the Heart Demon Emperor was an overlord of the Blood World, and his sustenance depended on demons of the heart.

That made him practically immortal. As long as there were demons in the hearts of living beings, the Heart Demon Emperor would never cease to exist.

The Blood World was a place filled with sinister and devious beings. As such, the heart demons had already been laid out all across the entire Blood World. This was the Heart Demon Emperor's first visit to the Xuanhuang World. Hence, he had yet to plant any heart demons within the souls of the humans here.

Therefore, if Lin Fan were to kill the Heart Demon Emperor right now, the Heart Demon Emperor could not revive within the Xuanhuang World, but he would reappear within the Blood World instead

By now, the portions that Lin Fan had chopped off were shrouded by a black mist, slowly regenerating.

In fact, this ability was similar to Lin Fan's Rebirth through Appendages right now. Both of them made use of one's innate energy source to regenerate the defects of one's body.

Lin Fan wondered if the Heart Demon Emperor still had any essence blood left. At the same time, he wondered how much essence blood these regenerated limbs would provide.

At this moment, the body of the Heart Demon Emperor was perfect as new once more.

Lifting the Eternal Axe, the brilliance of the axe gleamed through the skies. The poor Heart Demon Emperor had his limbs completely severed once more.

'Heaven and Earth Smelt, smelt!'

'Ding...congratulations on smelting.'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining Heart Demon Emperor's Essence Blood. 5 drops.'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining Heart Demon Emperor's Essence Blood. 4 drops.'


"Holy sh*t! Seems like I truly shouldn't bear too much hope! This Heart Demon Emperor has really been squeezed dry!""

The collection this time round only amounted to a bit more than twenty drops of essence blood. Was this enough to break through that bottleneck barrier?

Lin Fan was silent for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled. 'That's it...!'

It had been an entire year.

The Blood Demon Emperor must have healed up quite a bit by now! If he were to pull that guy out for a good chopping this time round, perhaps that might stand a greater chance!

At the thought of this, Lin Fan chuckled.

Seemed like it was almost a crime for one's brains to be this smart.

Patting his storage, the Blood Gates came out. Floating in the air, those doors scrawled with blood symbols gave off a frightening feeling.

The students who were standing at a distance were shocked by the appearance of this thing. The Blood Gates gave them a chilling sensation.

"What's that stone door! That aura that's emanated is extremely creepy!"

"No idea, but teacher brought it out so I suppose he's going to do something with it?"

"Aiyo! Teacher is teacher indeed! Even the things he takes out are things that we can never understand!"

If these students had not met with their teacher once more, they might be feeling pretty proud of themselves. After all, they had made quite a substantial improvement within these two years. Some of them obtained opportunities, while others had experienced things that most would not have seen in their lifetime.

However, every single last bit of pride they had right now was totally smashed. Compared to their teacher, they were still like frogs in a well.


'Come on out, Blood Demon Emperor!'

Instantly, the energy grid line chains flew out of Lin Fan's storage one by one. They coiled around in the skies before swimming into that abyssal underworld like a dragon.

At times, Lin Fan wondered who it was that was actually receiving these tributes. But he knew that it was not the Heaven's Will for sure.


In that instant, those gigantic doors slammed open. Within that blood red Blood World, a bone-chilling aura was emitting outwards.

"Who is it that summons me, the Emperor?"

Before the Blood Demon Emperor had even appeared, that mighty and imposing voice was ringing out through Cangling Continent. From those Blood Gates, a gigantic scaly leg stepped out from within. The size of this leg was comparable to that of the Heart Demon Emperor.

Lin Fan's students could only watch everything with a stunned look.

They had realized that yet another frightening existence was about to emerge from within those Blood Gates.

They wondered about the motives behind their teacher's summoning of this terrifying existence from within the Blood World. Could it be that the Heart Demon Emperor was too strong, that teacher needed to summon this being to suppress the Heart Demon Emperor?!

This was the only reason they could think up of.

"It's me, the Heart Demon Emperor! Long time no see, come on out!" Looking at the Blood Gates, Lin Fan sniggered.


The Blood Demon Emperor had been living an easy life these days. Ever since he was tortured by that horrifying fella one year ago, he had understood the meaning of life.

One had better be a good and humble demon, keeping a low profile.

Therefore, each time someone summoned him through tribute, the Blood Demon Emperor would only just casually send out a single arm to take down everything, without putting on too much of a show.

Just as he was about to relax, he felt someone summoning him once more.

Of course, this had the Blood Demon Emperor pretty elated. After all, this was the type of life that he wanted.

Furthermore, this fella seemed to have provided a large amount of tribute this time around just to summon him. That made the Blood Demon Emperor especially excited.

There was finally another chance for him to experience the glory of the outside world once more. At the same time, he could finally show his glorious demeanor to the rest of the world.

He wanted the masses to revere and respect him!

Each time someone summoned him, those items would always be forcefully absorbed by the mysterious unknowns. However, this didn't dampen the mood of the Blood Demon Emperor at all. Each time he exited the Blood World, he would enter a brand new world of experiences.

"Your majesty is here. Puny ant, where is your enemy?" The Blood Demon Emperor's body had appeared out of into the Cangling Continent entirely. That towering colossal figure looked down upon the entire world. That mighty imposing look on his face revealed an intoxicated smile.

Indeed...the air outside here was fresh indeed.

The Blood Demon Emperor was extremely excited. He wondered what sort of enemy he would encounter this time round.

At the same time, how should he take down the enemy to show his true prowess? What should he do so that these puny beings would remember him deep within their hearts?

But at that moment, the Blood Demon Emperor heard a familiar voice. His heart skipped a beat. This voice was familiar yet foreign. It had been a long time since he had heard this voice.

"Hey, why aren't you speaking, Blood Demon Emperor?"

That familiar and foreign voice rang out once more.

That resolute heart of the Blood Demon Emperor slowly recalled who this voice's owner was. He began to break down...

"I-it can't be, right...?" There was a void of ominous feeling within his heart right now.

In order to confirm the suspicions in his heart, the Blood Demon Emperor looked up into the skies. Taking in a deep breath, those contemptuous eyes slowly looked down.

And that single look was all it took.

That single ant-sized figure was waving to him.

"Heya! Blood Demon Emperor...!" Lin Fan was shouting and beaming brightly.

The Blood Demon Emperor raised his head once more. That imposing aura was no longer there anymore.

His expression was dazed.

Blood began to well up at the corner of his eyes.

A cold breeze blew by...

Two drops of blood tears dropped down onto the ground.

The Blood Demon Emperor knew what he had to do at this moment.

After all, he had already seen the tortured state of the Heart Demon Emperor lying at the side...