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 Chapter 416: How Dare You Seduce Me!

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

'One Whip To Rule The World.'

As Lin Fan muttered out these words softly, he couldn't help but remember another similar phrase. While it might be coarser than this, the meaning should be similar.

Lin Fan stopped whatever he was doing.

Heaven's Will, who was wailing and struggling, came to a startled stop as well, as though this change in intensity was causing him to feel uncomfortable. He glanced at Lin Fan blankly, wondering why the other party had stopped.

Was it because he was finally fearful of the Heavens? Had this man finally realized that his actions were sinful in the eyes of the world?

But along with that thought, Heaven's Will felt as though something was missing from his heart.

There was an unspeakable void in his heart...

"You..." Heaven's Will wanted to speak up when his expression changed. He had just realized that the aura around Lin Fan was changing.

A feeling of subjugation burst out from Lin Fan.

Under this repressive aura, it was as though the entire world was dark, without a single spark of light.

"What are you doing?" Heaven's Will stared at Lin Fan with immense focus while his heart skipped a beat. This aura was causing him to feel fearful once more.

It was as though the being standing before him wasn't a giant, but a colossal titan instead.

Those eyes, which were shut just now, opened up once more, as a bright flash of light emitted from those pupils. It seemed as though they could see through everything in this world.

"Dao...This is the Dao...!" Heaven's Will was stunned, with a look of disbelief, apparently unable to take in everything right now.

This world had given birth to him, and hence he was the only Dao in this world.

A living, breathing Dao.

And when one reached the ultimate state of cultivation and broke through every single layer of barrier there was, one would break free from everything and become the Dao.

But, it had been forever since anyone had ever achieved it. To think that the man before him would be enlightened!

This was a marvelous feeling. He was thoroughly anticipating this final ultimate skill of training!

Lin Fan raised his hand gently. That hand which was raised tore the void apart immediately, with a long whip stood upright, as though it was nurturing something.

Heaven's Will looked at the whip in shock. He could feel a really repressive aura.

'Final Ultimate Technique of Training: One Whip To Rule The World.'


The moment Lin Fan spoke up, the Heavens and Earth trembled. As though it was unable to withstand the might of the whip, the void began to rip apart continuously.

"N-NO...!" Looking at the whip descending from the sky, Heaven's Will's heart sank deeply as he screamed at the top of his lungs.



Breaking through layers of void, the whip had finally landed on the body of the Heaven's Will. While there wasn't much destructive power with the whip itself, there was a mysterious sensation that shot right into the heart of the Heaven's Will.

'Ahhhhhh...!!!' The elderly face of Heaven's Will moaned. In that instant, that pale white face of his was flushed red.

The final defense of his heart had toppled over entirely under the crushing tsunami. That ultimate feeling of shame was running amok within the heart of Heaven's Will.


"Huff..." Lin Fan heaved out a deep breath. He had finally caught hold of that magnificent feeling.

The final ultimate technique of training... He had mastered it entirely.

Strong... Too strong! That was a direct whip to the heart itself, with no room for resistance at all!

Lin Fan looked over at Heaven's Will who was tied up on the Heavenly pillars. But, he was startled at what he saw.

The initially infuriated Heaven's Will now had an extremely satisfied look on his face, as he reminisced that pleasurable sensation.

'HOLY F*CK...!' Lin Fan lowered his head, unable to bear this sight directly. To think that this blood old faggot would give off such a lewd face! That was really disgusting!

"Heaven's Will, do you pledge your allegiance?" Lin Fan asked.

"I do." Heaven's Will's face was calm, without any hesitation. It was as though he had submitted to Lin Fan thoroughly. Upon hearing these words of the Heaven's Will, Namo Saint Emperor, who had already f*cked up the ground badly, gave off a completely stumped look.

How could this be...?!

To think that the Heaven's Will had submitted to this guy?! Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Just what sort of trickery had this kid used?!


Now that he had subjugated the Heaven's Will, Lin Fan chuckled. He would definitely have much use for this Heaven's Will in the future. There was no way he could let him die. After all, most people in Cangling Continent were innocent. They shouldn't die for no reason just because of him.

Now that he had conquered over the Heaven's Will, that was his biggest aim.

Lin Fan let the Heaven's Will loose. The moment the Heaven's Will landed on the ground, he laid there crippled. Leaning there on the pillar, he was busy reminiscing the sensations from before.

Lin Fan came before Heaven Queen, who was absolutely rooted with fear. Laughing coldly, he asked, "Heaven Queen, have you ever considered what your outcome would be like?"

"You can't do something as humiliating as that to me!" Heaven Queen gritted her teeth. No matter what, she would never accept a humiliation as such.

She had thought that a single strain of consciousness was enough. But now, she discovered that it was far from enough. What a tragedy this was.

"Don't worry, I won't shame you as such. You're not even worthy of me humiliating you." Stepping behind the Heaven Queen, Lin Fan commented out imposingly.

This was the mighty Heaven Queen! Since when had she been trampled by others as such?

With just her looks, even enemies who caught sight of her would definitely be captivated. In fact, they would even soften their tone and actions so as to please her. But to think that this man would dare to treat her as such. Was he even still a man?!

Heaven Queen remained silent for a moment. She raised her head, "Let me off. I'll be your servant or slave."

"Oh, Heaven Queen. I know that you're just a strain of consciousness of some powerful being in the upper world. Just what is it that would have you lower your dignity as such? Oh, but then again, with just your looks alone, it would be pretty formidable looking if I were to bring you around as a slave, wouldn't it?" Lin Fan chuckled.

Upon hearing these words, Heaven Queen's heart leaped with joy. Perhaps there's a chance of this playing through? She then continued, "I can give you everything... including THAT."

"THAT?" Lin Fan chuckled.

"Yes, THAT." Heaven Queen said pitifully. That humongous chest of hers that was bouncing up and down was even more horrifying.

"What exactly is THAT?" Lin Fan asked once more.

"Lay down and serve...you can do whatever you want to me."


"PUI...!" Lin Fan looked at Heaven Queen condescendingly, "You bloody b*tch! Yours Truly is a man with a wife! How dare you brazenly flirt with innocent young men under broad daylight?! To think that you've even got the audacity to try break up a perfectly blissful family! Oh, you thoroughly deserve death! Even if my wife does not come and kill you, Yours Truly will peel you alive first!"

Thinking that she had a shot at life, Heaven Queen's face changed entirely as she looked at Lin Fan in disbelief. Even though it was just a strain of consciousness, her skills at seduction were still second to none. How could this man resist it?

"You're not a man...!" Heaven Queen's eyes were seething with rage. This wasn't anger over Lin Fan's decision to kill her, but the fact that he was completely ignorant to her charms.

"Chey! Even if Yours Truly isn't a man, Yours Truly can turn into a man with a single skill! Thinking back at how Senior Brother Meng was burnt to ashes by you has me burning with rage. Alright, Yours Truly shall let you experience that today!"

In that instant, a flame appeared on Lin Fan's palm. With a gentle flick, he tossed that flame over at the Heaven Queen.


"B*stard, we'll meet again..." With that, Heaven Queen's body vanished from the world.

"Hmph, I know we'll meet again. But don't worry. Each time I see you, I'll f*ck you up real good." Lin Fan twitched his lips in disdain.