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 Chapter 415: Activating The Final Skill

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"KID! IF YOU LET ME GO NOW, I CAN FORGIVE EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE. OTHERWISE, YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR ACTIONS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!" Heaven's Will, who was being leashed up to the Heavenly pillar, yelled out.

The Heavens were supposed to be emotionless and impartial. However, as time passed, feelings, emotions, and desires began to blossom within the Heaven's Will. With that, the notion of all living beings being equal ceased to exist. In its place, emphasis was to be placed on the bigger picture of things instead.

Lin Fan ignored the Heaven's Will entirely while twisting the whip in his hand. His lips twisted into a bone-chilling smile.

"This whip is called the Training Whip. 9 feet and 2 inches long, this was crafted from the tendons of a greater celestial beast. It can lengthen and shrink. It can go in and come out. It can be gentle, and it can be rough..." Lin Fan started muttering softly.

The elderly Heaven's Will could not help but gulp down his saliva; his heart was thumping furiously right now. It was as though he knew that the scene that awaited him was going to be the scariest the world had ever seen.

"Heaven's Will, you ought to rejoice. When this whip was crafted, the sky changed colors and thunder rumbled. This whip has never been used before because no one would be able to endure it. But you? You're going to be the first." Lin Fan glared at Heaven's Will and said slowly.

"Y-you...! What are you trying to do?" Heaven's Will glared back at Lin Fan with frightful eyes.

Ever since he had come into existence, he had never come across a man so devious. Even that fella, that Supreme Being, all he did was to split the world into half, and that was it.

But this man here? He was practically a devil! He was a devil who specialized in torture!

To think that he was the mighty Heaven's Will. How could he be enduring such humiliation right now?

"No...I'm the Heaven's Will! You'll suffer divine retribution for this!" The Heaven's Will yelled out with threats. Suddenly, lightning crackled as though they were about to crack the entire sky open.

The force in the sky that was gathering was gradually getting violent. Those purple thunderbolts looked as though they were about to destroy the world.

"Oho oho! Seems like you like to play it rough, eh?" Looking at the purple thunderbolts, Lin Fan was startled. Seemed like whether or not one was a human, everyone had a little bit of wildness in their hearts.

Heaven's Will was like a fish that laid on the chopping board right now. There was no way he's getting out of this alive.

But now that he has summoned out the divine retribution on his own accord, didn't this just mean that he wanted to spice things up with more ingredients?

Not bad, not bad. Even though Lin Fan could hardly bear to look this guy straight in the eye, he naturally couldn't let down the wishes of the Heaven's Will himself.


A massive purple thunderbolt struck down from the Heavens. The void in the proximity was shaking up as a result.

Looking at this scene, Heaven's Will's heart had given up entirely. The only reason why he did this was to find some sort of solace for himself. He didn't actually bear any hopes of this being able to kill the other party.

Twisting his wrist, Lin Fan flicked out his whip and coiled the entire purple thunderbolt around the whip.

'"Heaven's Will, since you like it this way, Yours Truly shall grant your wishes!"


'The Dao of Training! Tread forth without courage!'

'The 1st Stance: Whip of Training!'



The long whip was like a snake right now with the power of the electricity cruising through its entire length. Along with Lin Fan's massive swing, a loud cracking sound rang through the entire sky.

This thick whip landed smoothly on the body of Heaven's Will.


Heaven's Will had already prepared himself to cry out in pain to try to relieve some of that pain on his body. But in that instant, Heaven's Will was stunned. He realized that something was not the same as he had imagined.

That whip wasn't so painful after all. In fact, there was a weird mushy sensation along with it. This weird sensation cruised through his entire being. There was even a feeling of shame mixed within it.

'Hmm...' Looking at the way the Heaven's Will was behaving, Lin Fan was surprised as well. This was the first time something like this had happened.

Seemed like Heaven's Will was not getting angered by this embarrassment!

Could this guy have a masochistic tendency to begin with?

"Seems like I've got to turn up on the violence knob." Lin Fan was silent for a moment. He then started moving again as the whips danced in the sky like agile snakes.


Heaven's Will's clothes were torn apart, leaving him entirely nude.

"INSOLENT...!" Heaven's Will was in the midst of reminiscing about that pleasurable sensation before when he realized that he was feeling a chill through his entire body. That was when he realized his clothes were gone.

He was the Heaven's Will! How could he suffer such humiliation?

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, this guy was back to normal. If this guy weren't feeling shameful in the least bit, how could Lin Fan's training programme continue?

'Heaven's Will, endure it properly!'




At this moment, the entire place was silent except for the cracking of the whips.

Namo Saint Emperor was going all out f*cking the ground with all of his strength. By now, the entire Earth was cracking apart with the enormous force being exerted by the Namo Saint Emperor.

This feeling was uncontrollable. It was as though he no longer had any will to control the actions of his own body.

Looking at Heaven's Will being tied up there and undergoing such torture, Namo Saint Emperor's heart could not help but jerk for a moment.

How could someone like that exist in this world?!

Heaven Queen was still seated where she was, crippled. Her face was entirely pale with shock. What if that fella started treating her the same way as the Heaven's Will? What should she do?

Heaven Queen was truly afraid right now. It was as though she was about to face the cruelest thing that could descend on Earth.


"Heaven's Will! How does it feel..." With every whip that Lin Fan sent out, ripples appeared through the sky as he looked at Heaven's Will straight in the eyes.

This Trainer profession was marvelous in more ways than one. In fact, there even was an ultimate move that was yet to be used.

But, the progress of training varied according to the person involved.

The willpower of an existence such as the Heaven's Will was definitely stronger than most people. As such, there was a need to turn up the intensity of training.

"I will never let you off...!" Even while the Heaven's Will was yelling out, there was a ripple that was coursing through his heart. Every single whip that landed on his body brought about a small feeling of shame. And in turn, that feeling of shame was converted into one of pleasure.

"Seems like it's not enough yet. Don't blame Yours Truly then." With that, Lin Fan took in a deep breath and coiled the long whip around his arm.

'Ultimate Hidden Skill: Air Flower Style Whipping.'

With that, Lin Fan moved. The long whip danced into the sky and dug in deep at every single part of the Heaven's Will's body.

The sky changed colors as the winds began to howl. The power of lightning surged down from the Heaven and channeled itself into the whip.

"AHHHH...!" Heaven's Will's cries became more pronounced. He realized that the feeling of shame was getting ever stronger, as though it was about to occupy his heart altogether.

How could a situation like this ever happen?!

This was a form of humiliation to himself!


Heaven's Will could not stop screaming, as the tsunamis of shame slammed down onto his heart one wave after another.

'The f*ck? Yours Truly refuse to believe that this wouldn't work!' Looking at how the Heaven's Will was still holding on with his willpower, Lin Fan was indignant.

'Don't tell me that even the ultimate hidden skill of air flower whipping style couldn't tame this Heaven's Will?!'


The sky fell silent. That violent scene would be etched in the memories of the Namo Saint Emperor for the rest of his life, completely stumped. As for Heaven Queen, she was shivering uncontrollably from the start till end.

'Ding...Congratulations on training Heaven's Will. Final Ultimate Technique of Training activated: One Whip To Rule The World.'

'Ding...System will automatically demonstrate once. User should pay close attention and not blink.'

'HOLY SH*T...For real?' Lin Fan was stunned. He did not expect to be able to unlock the most powerful move of all!

In fact, the name itself sounded extremely cocky!