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 Chapter 414: Booting Up The Training Programme

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Looking at Lin Fan's gaze towards himself, Namo Saint Emperor's heart jerked for a moment. At the same time, he was filled with immense remorse. Why did he only choose to send down a single strain of his consciousness back then? If he had just sent down that bit more, he would be able to take down this lad right now!

But alas, it was all too late.

"Kid, I'll admit that you are strong. But this is only a single strain of Your Emperor's consciousness. Rest assured that Your Emperor will descend upon Xuanhuang World one day and crush you entirely." Namo Saint Emperor gritted his teeth.

He had already achieved the status of an emperor, and his mental frame was already at a state where he was undisturbed by most things. To think that he would actually be riled to a frenzy by this lad who exploited deplorable moves thoroughly.

One could kill, but one should not humiliate!

The seed of this vengeance was now sowed.

"Oh, and I'm supposed to be scared of you? Take down Yours Truly? Sure, come on then if you've got the guts. Yours Truly will skin you alive, do you believe me?" Lin Fan tossed a dirty glance at Namo Saint Emperor.

Even though Lin Fan acknowledged his strength, Yours Truly wasn't afraid in the least bit.

Looking at Lin Fan, Namo Saint Emperor's face began to calm down. Suddenly, a surge of energy burst out, as though it was about to rip the void apart.

"Fine. I truly did not expect to meet with an abnormal one such as yourself today. So be it, I'll fight you to the death." Namo Saint Emperor was no longer thinking about staying alive. Even though it would be a pity to lose a strain of consciousness, it didn't matter anymore.

This plan that he had laid down over 10,000 years ago had failed at this moment. The holy jade bottle was something that he had brought down from the upper world through his consciousness. The reason for that was to seek out a suitable host.

However, in all these years, there was no one he had taken sight to.

To think that he would finally meet one, yet, this person was doomed to perish today. Seemed like this was fate after all. There was nothing he could control about this.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes at the Namo Saint Emperor. Was this kiddo trying to act like he sought a deathmatch just so that he could get slapped to death in an instant?

Heh...how could things get so easy for him?

Since he was here, it would be an insult to Lin Fan's memory if he didn't torture this guy thoroughly.


In that instant, a tremendous source of energy burst out and split the void into two halves. Like a gigantic knife that cleaved the seas apart, a torrent of energy gushed upwards from the split.

The Namo Saint Emperor was going at it for real now.

That single strain of consciousness released its final flash of brilliance.

Lin Fan frowned. He could sense a mysterious form of power within that aura. That wasn't the power of energy grid line chains. Based on just his intuition alone, he could sense that the power was even stronger than that of energy grid line chains.

But what a pity, it was far from enough.

"Kid, Your Emperor will never forget this..." In that instant, a bright light flashed out as the Namo Saint Emperor dashed out at Lin Fan instantaneously. He wanted to use his strongest move to kill Lin Fan right here.

"Hoho. Then I'll offer you my gratitude in advance. But what a pity. You wish to die right here, right? How could I let you die this easily?" Lin Fan sniggered sinisterly.

Namo Saint Emperor's face changed. He had a bad feeling about this.

In a split second, Lin Fan appeared right before Namo Saint Emperor and send a massive punch towards his stomach.


A punch containing a tremendous amount of power found itself on the Namo Saint Emperor's belly in that instant. A massive surge of energy pierced through the Heaven and Earth.


Fear filled the eyes of the Namo Saint Emperor as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood uncontrollably.

"I'll feed you some medicine now to help you feel better, alright?" The moment the Namo Saint Emperor's mouth fell open, Lin Fan slapped on his storage and slammed a large amount of Biggras into his mouth.

"What did you feed me?!" The pills melted the moment they entered his mouth, turning into a warm, soothing feeling that flowed down into his belly.

"Oh, good stuff of course. You can't even buy these things with money, man!" Lin Fan stood a few steps back and chuckled at the Namo Saint Emperor. He wondered what would happen to someone after they consumed such a large amount of Biggras. This was a first indeed.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's expression changed. The features of Namo Saint Emperor's face were starting to change as well!

He was red like lava!

Tufts of smoke began to shoot out from the head of Namo Saint Emperor.

"JUST WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU FEED YOUR EMPEROR?!" Namo Saint Emperor's face was filled with fear as he started to realize the changes in his body.

His crotch area was supposed to be rendered completely destroyed after that fabulous kick from Lin Fan. But to the astonishment of Namo Saint Emperor, his crotch was rising rapidly as though it was about to break through the Heavens.

"Oh...I wanna f*ck the ground!" Suddenly, a shameful thought floated through the mind of the Namo Saint Emperor. But the moment this thought appeared, the Namo Saint Emperor used all his willpower to shove the thought aside.

To his dismay, the thought only grew more intense by the second. It was as though his body was unable to control the urge to do something as shameful as that as well.



In that instant, Namo Saint Emperor laid flat down on the ground.

"B*STARD, HOW DARE YOU HUMILIATE YOUR EMPEROR? YOUR EMPEROR WILL NEVER LET YOU OFF!" Namo Saint Emperor howled in rage. He wanted to force his consciousness out of this body. But what sort of pill was this?! How was it tying his consciousness so tightly to this physical body as well?!

"Oh, you can slowly f*ck the ground first. I'll come back and deal with you later." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively at the Namo Saint Emperor. He then looked at the completely dumbfounded Heaven Queen and snorted coldly.

Just these three and they hoped to be able to take down Yours Truly? Dreamers they were indeed.

If Yours Truly would go down with just a single strain of consciousness of these guys, Lin Fan would have lived his life for absolutely nothing.


Lin Fan came before the Heaven's Will. Right now, the Heaven's Will was the most exploitable.

"What do you want! I'm the Heaven's Will! If I die, the entire Cangling Continent will perish along with me! In fact, even YOU will die!" The Heaven's Will was starting to feel fear.

He had not expected a being whose life was under him to be this strong! Even with their combined forces, the three of them could not take him down at all.

Just how strong was this fella?

If one were to consider cultivation state alone, Lin Fan might not truly be that high up. But considering the energy grid line chains that he possessed, he was definitely a terrifying existence.

Coupled with his array of whacky skills, he was totally unpredictable.

No matter how strong one was, as long as they received his attack, they would be rendered practically dead.

"Oh, Heaven's Will. Don't bother howling out. Don't worry, Yours Truly wouldn't kill you. But, you're not gonna be any well off either." Grabbing him by the ankles, Lin Fan pulled the Heaven's Will along.

"LET ME GO! I'M THE HEAVEN'S WILL! YOU CAN'T KILL ME...!" Being dragged along the way, Heaven's Will howled at the top of his lungs.

"Oh my, my... How the world has changed? To think that even the Heaven's Will would know fear. I pity all of us who're living under your control." Lin Fan shook his head in disapproval.

"Even though I don't know what the three of you are up to, it doesn't matter to me any longer. Honestly, if you guys hadn't appeared to stop Yours Truly, nothing would have happened to you. You guys should only blame yourselves for interfering where you shouldn't, when you don't have the capabilities to do so." Lin Fan continued.

He had heard the conversation between these three. The upper world and what not. Who the hell cared?

Lin Fan would sort things out when it came to it. For now, Yours Truly was here solely for vengeance.

'No matter how strong or mighty you are, if you stand in the way of Yours Truly, F*CK YOU UP AS WELL THEN!'

And there was absolutely no way he was letting them go. Otherwise, what was the use of training up so hard for all these years?

"LET ME GO...!" Heaven's Will continued to howl and struggle. But in the arms of Lin Fan, none of these mattered.

'Heavenly pillars! Come on out...!'

Lin Fan took out a Heavenly pillar from his storage and planted it on the ground. At the same time, he tied up Heaven's Will on it.

"You're the Heaven's Will. If you die, the world shall perish. Of course, I believe that. But still, those words ain't gonna threaten Yours Truly, man." Looking at Heaven's Will, Lin Fan took out a long whip from his storage.

Slapping it violently on the ground, a loud crack rang out.

"Trainer profession... I wonder if I can train up the Heaven's Will as well. Time to test out this profession's true capabilities!"


Namo Saint Emperor, who had been f*cking the ground happily, looked over at Lin Fan's side. He was enraged, wondering what Lin Fan was up to.

At this moment, Heaven Queen was seated on the ground crippled as well. Her humongous chest was about to explode.

She no longer knew what to say about the man before her.

How could he be this unreasonable...?