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 Chapter 412: Both Sides Are Swollen

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The Namo Saint Emperor laid on the ground howling furiously.

"What sort of skill is that! How can the pain penetrate through my eternally invincible will!"

No matter how hard the Namo Saint Emperor resisted, he could not stop the pain from infiltrating the depths of his heart.

"No, I can't...!"

Instantly, the strain of consciousness escaped out from Han Lu's body.

It was only after this that the Namo Saint Emperor managed to regain some normalcy. At the same time, he was filled with caution towards Lin Fan's move. Even though he was just a strain of his own consciousness right now, his will was indestructible! How was it that he was pained to a point where he almost broke down entirely?

Just then, Namo Saint Emperor spotted a black-robed man in the distance.

This black robed person had been hiding all this while, as though he/she was shocked entirely by the scene before him.

"Heaven's Will! Hold on for me! I'll go and seek a host!" The tuft of white mist then bolted towards the black-robed man.

"Alright..." Heaven's Will nodded his head. "I've already severed one of the kid's legs! His movement should be hindered by a huge amount!"


Suddenly, Namo Saint Emperor appeared in front of the black robed person, intending to take over the latter. The black robed person's expression tightened at the sight of this tuft of white smoke and struck out.

"Give up on resisting! I'll borrow your body for a bit!" In front of the Namo Saint Emperor, the black robed person's strength was absolutely minuscule, and was overtaken by the Namo Saint Emperor in an instant.

But just then, a yell came out from the mouth of the black robed person.

"How can this be...?!"

"This body of Yin and Yang! How can a body type such as this appear right here?!" The Namo Saint Emperor howled as though he was undergoing immense pain.

Upon hearing these words, the face of the Heaven's Will changed as well.

A body of Yin and Yang! This was one of the strangest body types ever! How could this appear within Xuanhuang World?!

Impossible...absolutely impossible!

Furthermore, one must be born with such a body! It was something that was extremely hard to obtain!

Instantly, the Namo Saint Emperor burst out of the black robed person's body, evidently unable to adapt to that body of Yin and Yang.

"B*stard! Since that's the case, seems like there's only one way then!" After hesitating for a moment, the Namo Saint Emperor entered Han Lu's body once more.

The moment it entered Han Lu's body, that tragic howl rang out again.

'ARGH...!' This heart-wrenching howl filled the entire place.

The Namo Saint Emperor was ruthlessly decisive. Gritting his teeth tightly, he decided to bear through the entire ordeal.

Lin Fan laid at a corner, his breathing heavy.

He was pretty curious about that Heaven's Will Sharp Weapon indeed. What sort of weapon was that to be able to cut through this body? Incredible indeed!

Other than the fact that he was at an Imperishable physical body state, he was embued with the protection of the energy grid line chains. As such, his physical body state was extremely tough.

The Heaven's Will was strong indeed. Even with three-fourth of its original state being split away, the source of its powers was still definitely strong.

But even if that were the case, so what? He had already made up his mind. It was either he or they who would die today!

There should only be one man, or the three of them left standing today.

Within that endless deep crevasse that was dug, a figure gently floated up.

Heaven Queen was covering up her face, with her body shuddering uncontrollably.


A mouthful of blood spat out from her mouth.

She had not expected Lin Fan to be so ruthless! She was a woman...!

Damn it. GOD DAMN IT!

"Heaven Queen..." Looking at Heaven Queen who was covering her face, even Heaven's Will did not know what else to say.

"LIN FAN, YOU B*STARD! I'M A WOMAN...!" Heaven Queen was truly riled right now. Any woman, let alone Heaven Queen, would be especially concerned about their appearances.

Even though she was only a strain of consciousness, her pursuit of beauty had never ever vanished because of that.

"So what if you're a woman? Yours Truly have already made my words clear. Either you guys die or Yours Truly shall." Lin Fan laid there with his heavy breathing as his Blood Sea was working hard.

"Lin Fan, now that you've already lost a leg, you still wish to fight us to the death? Okay then, today, I shall take you down once and for all!" Heaven's Will's voice was commanding.

"Heaven's Will! What are you still talking about! Strike now while the iron's hot! What else are you waiting for!" Barely tiding through his pain, Namo Saint Emperor yelled out.

"HAHA...!" Lin Fan reared his head and laughed wildly. "You guys wanna take me down with just the three of you? Stop dreaming!"

It was at this moment that the three of them realized that the severed leg of Lin Fan was slowly growing back out.

"Hmph! Heaven's Will, seems like I was way too careless just now. To think that that Sharp Weapon of yours could really sever at the body of Yours Truly. Seems like that's pretty useful after all." Lin Fan laughed coldly.

"Just what sort of skills have you been cultivating for you to be able to regrow your limbs?!" The Namo Saint Emperor's face was fraught with disbelief.

Even in the upper world, being able to regrow limbs was something that only those of an extremely high state of being could achieve! How could a mere being of Xuanhuang World possess such abilities?

"Shut your nonsense..." In that instant, Lin Fan, who had healed up completely, burst out at the three of them.

This time round, Lin Fan's target was the Heaven's Will. That Sharp Weapon was simply way too dangerous. He definitely had to get rid of it first.

'Nirvana Finger!'

In that instant, the void seemed to be like a mirror as it shattered apart layer by layer. A devastating aura found its way towards the group of people.

'Firmament Sword!'


One by one, all these ridiculously strong attacks were being dished out as though they were freebies.

Lin Fan wanted to fight them head-on.

Even though the three of them definitely had a lower cultivation state than himself, their sources were extremely deep. Therefore, the sorts of skills they could produce would definitely be unimaginable and hard to deal with.

Seemed like people of the upper world were different levels of beings indeed. But that wasn't a reason for him to fear them.

"Heaven's Will! That guy's headed for you!" Namo Saint Emperor yelled out.

That elderly face of the Heaven's Will could not help but crumple up.

'Might of Heaven's Will!'


Within those boundless skies, a massive aura erupted outward, causing the entire sky to lose its color temporarily. The Might of Heaven's Will slowly concentrated into a massive fist and punched down from the Heavens towards Lin Fan.

"Hmph, Heaven's Will, Yours Truly will kill you off first today!" With a howl, all the energy grid line chains within Lin Fan's body burst out. Joining together, they formed a huge fist and punched back out.


That formidable collision seemed to have enough force to annihilate everything in sight as a gigantic explosion happened in the sky.

In that instant, Heaven Queen and Namo Saint Emperor struck out towards Lin Fan with a boundless amount of power as well. But, Lin Fan wasn't bothered in the least bit. Wielding the Eternal Axe, he slammed out towards the Heaven's Will.


"I'LL CUT YOU...!"


Each time Lin Fan slammed down with the axe, the violent force seemed to be ripping a part of the void apart.

'True Origins Crushing Kick!'

'Nine Five Legendary Brick!'

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'


At this moment, Lin Fan's attacks were switching at an extreme speed, such that even the Heaven's Will could barely catch up.

"B*stard thing! How could he use such despicable moves?"

Lin Fan was filled with disdain towards the way people in Xuanhuang World fought. All of them were so silly!

These guys were just practically competing to see whose head-on powers were stronger.

As for Lin Fan's method, his way was to use all sorts of violent means to take everything down. And, if that couldn't work, then he would use all sorts of cheap moves to deal in sneak attacks.

'RAWR...!' Suddenly, Heaven Queen appeared beside Lin Fan as her eyes shone with anger. But right in that instant, a colossal fist that seemed to have penetrated through the void appeared right behind Heaven Queen.


"Heaven Queen, you smelly b*tch! Yours Truly will take care of you later!" Lin Fan tossed her a dirty look before putting all his attention on the Sharp Weapon of the Heaven's Will once more.

Once more, the peerlessly beautiful face of Heaven Queen received yet another punch. In that instant, her petite body shot down to the ground from the sky once more.

That massive force was working its way at destroying the beautiful features of the Heaven Queen.

By now, both her left and right cheeks were extremely swollen. That initially V-shaped face of hers was now square shaped.



Suddenly, Lin Fan's eyes shone really brightly.

'Twisting Heaven and Earth...!'

Finally, Lin Fan had caught and opening and struck out at the Heaven's Will.

'ARGH...!' A terrible wail came out of the Heaven Will's mouth.

Using that chance, Lin Fan snatched over the Heaven Will's Sharp Weapon. The weapon struggled intensely in Lin Fan's arm, sending down a lightning surge that coursed through his arm, as though it wanted to break free.

"You better go wait obediently!" With that, Lin Fan tossed the Sharp Weapon into his storage.

Finally, it was time to give these guys a good torturing.

Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

Okay guys, I have finally found the likely suspect of the black robe person. Chapter 43. That black robed person.

But on another note, back then the author named this person Zong Hentian. That's right. Even the name in the raws is the exact same one as our Zong Hentian back in Glory Sect. Is this another plotline or a plothole? We shall wait and see whether or not it's even that same person. Cheers!