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 Chapter 410: Imposing Little Lin Fan

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"Senior Brother Lin, I beg you! Please let me go! I'm truly regretful right now! I shouldn't have been a coward back then! Please...!" Fang Han was truly afraid right now.

In the face of absolute repression, he was filled with fear and nothing else.

Even if there were only a single shot at survival, he wouldn't have resorted to begging. However, right now, there was no light at the end of the path.

If he were to die just like this, he would be really indignant.

The heritage of the devil king! He was someone who could be a champion! As long as he survived, he would definitely be able to become an overlord of a part of the world one day for sure! How could he die just like this...?

"Do you think I'll let you guys off?" Lin Fan threw the remaining pieces of the holy jade bottle in his palm aside.

As for Han Lu, he was sprinting off into the distance. Grasping at any bits of pieces of the holy jade bottle he could find, he ran off with absolute dismay.

His only source of support was gone...

"Senior Brother Lin, please spare me on account that we were once from the same sect! Forgive me! I'll never dare to do it ever again!" Fang Han was weeping right now, but the hatred within his heart was surging as though it was destroying his entire self.

He was filled with hatred...

Why...why was the difference between them so great?! He was someone who had gotten the heritage of the devil king!

"It's exactly because we were from the same sect that I'm even bothering to talk so much nonsense with you guys. Otherwise, you would have been hung up there on one of those pillars long ago." Lin Fan laughed coldly.

Vengeance had to be swift. If he had a heart of pity and forgave this guy, then what sort of vengeance would this be?

"N-no...No...!" Fang Han shook his head repeatedly. "Senior brother, I've acquired tons of treasures in these past few years! I can give them all to you as long as you spare me, please! I truly don't wish to die...!"

"Treasures? Do I look like I'm lacking in them? If you guys had just run away with your tails between your legs just because of your cowardice, I wouldn't hold it against you. But, to think that you had dared to murder Senior Brother Wang from our same sect just to prove your own loyalty as traitors?! I'll never forgive you guys for that." Lin Fan seethed coldly. He already had plans of his owns regarding the outcomes of these people.


Suddenly, something happened to Han Lu's figure. In an instant, a mysterious aura burst through the entire training grounds.

Lin Fan looked over warily.

The Han Lu of this moment had his long hair flying all about with the wind. His entire body was covered by a white mist.

Fang Han was stunned. Even though he did not know what Han Lu was up to, as long as it could even help him stay alive, he hoped that it was something good.

"Ho? Is it because of that thingy?" Lin Fan looked at the broken shards of the holy jade bottle on the floor and smiled coldly. Han Lu's entire body was spasming. All that anger and despair had disappeared from his eyes entirely.

Right now, his demeanor was changing entirely, rising elegantly.

Suddenly, the weird phenomenon stopped. Han Lu looked around at the surroundings. He noticed the broken shards of the holy jade bottle on the ground, and then he looked over at Lin Fan.

"This man has been chosen by me. If you let him off, I'll forget all about the matter of you destroying my holy jade bottle today. Deal?" Even though the words came out of Han Lu's mouth, Lin Fan knew that it wasn't Han Lu himself who was speaking out.

"Oh? And who are you?" Lin Fan chuckled.

"You're not worthy to know who I am. All you have to understand is that I am not something the current you can afford to know about. As long as you leave some good karma with me today, you will definitely benefit from it in the future." Han Lu continued.

"Oh, quite cocky, aren't you?" By the sounds of it, this guy was intending to put on a show of bullsh*t in front of Lin Fan!

Looking at the conversation, Fang Han could catch no balls at all. However, by the looks of Han Lu, he knew that something was amiss.

"No, even though you're strong right now, you're still a frog in a well. I implore you not to seek out unnecessary trouble for yourself." Han Lu stood there and said calmly.


Suddenly, a loud boom came out of the sky in the distance.

"Namo Saint Emperor..."

Han Lu raised his head and his lips curled into a smile, "Heaven's Will."

Lin Fan stood there as his brain started to tinker. The situation seemed to be getting complex.

As for the voice that boomed out of the skies, could that be Cangling Continent's Heaven's Will?

"Namo Saint Emperor, I've already felt your consciousness descend upon this world back then. How is the upper world doing?" The sky was filled with rainbow lights before culminating into the illusory vision of an elderly figure.

"You don't need to know how the upper world is doing. But, you don't seem to be doing too well yourself, eh? Ever since the Supreme Being split you apart, I'm afraid that you're only one-fourth of who you were, right?" Han Lu continued.

"That's right. I have completely split away from Dongling Continent's Heaven's Will." The Heaven's Will boomed out.

Fang Han's face was absolutely bewildered. Everything was happening way too fast! But he had a feeling that he may be able to get out of this ordeal.

Lin Fan's brows creased. Just what were these two rambling on about? But it was alright, he WAS interested in hearing what these two had to say.

The elderly figure in the sky looked at Han Lu and nodded his head. He then turned his gaze to Lin Fan, "Your name's Lin Fan?"

"That's right. Yours Truly." Lin Fan replied to the Heaven's Will. Even though this was the Heaven's Will, Lin Fan was not afraid in the least bit.

"The affairs of today, just let it be. The nine great sects cannot do without a master. Otherwise, all living beings will be in a state of suffering." The solemn voice of the Heaven's Will rang out.

"Hoho..." Lin Fan chuckled and did not reply.

The Heaven and Earth fell silent.

Standing there all this while, Heaven Queen finally spoke up, "Lin Fan, you cannot just do as you will whimsically from now on, lest you disrupt the greater cause of things."

Lin Fan looked at the Heaven Queen without replying. He then cast his gaze at his surroundings and at the two tablets of his senior brothers.

"Female Empress, to think that you'd be here as well." Han Lu looked at Heaven Queen. Even though there was a tone of surprise within those words, he gave off a mysterious smile as well.

"That's right." Looking at the Namo Saint Emperor, Heaven Queen nodded in acknowledgment.

It was as though these three powerful beings were casting Lin Fan and everyone else out of this world. As they conversed, all of their talks consisted of things that were happening in this so-called upper world.

And to them, Lin Fan and the others were simply frogs in a well. They weren't worth being let in on the conversation at all.

Lin Fan glared at all three of them before beckoning to Chicky.

Looking at the three of them, Chicky hopped over towards Lin Fan.

"Chicky, come on in first. I'll let you out later." Lin Fan chuckled.

'Cuckcuckoo...!' Chicky had been with Lin Fan all this while, so how could he not know that something big was about to happen? Stretching out both his wings, he cupped them together like fists as though he was rooting for Lin Fan to give it his best!

Lin Fan then kept Chicky in his storage. He then held the two tablets of his senior brothers in his palms, "Senior brothers, just watch and see. Whoever dares to stand in our way today, your junior brother will get rid of all of them."

After he settled everything, Lin Fan walked towards Fang Han, who had a look of absolute horror.

Instantly, True Origins Crushing Kick erupted out.

A tragic howl rang out into the skies as he tossed Fang Han up onto those pillars.

"Lin Fan, that's enough!" The Heaven's Will boomed out, unable to hide a strain of displeasure within its tone. "Don't tell me that you dare to even disobey the words of the Heaven's Will?"

"Hey, old sh*t, don't you dare to spew your bullsh*t in front of Yours Truly. All of these people deserve death." Lin Fan hollered at the illusory Heaven's Will. To him, so what if that was the Heaven's Will?

"INSOLENT...!" The booming voice of the Heaven's Will shook everything. The sky started to rumble with lightning as though they were about to rip Lin Fan apart.

"HAHA! Heaven's Will, seems like you just can't cut it, eh? Even a life that's under your control dares to pit itself against you." Han Lu burst out laughing.

"Lin Fan, these are no longer issues that are within your control." Heaven Queen looked at Lin Fan with a perplexed look in her eyes.

"YOU SHUT UP!" Lin Fan glared at Heaven Queen. From his storage, he pulled out a bunch of pills, "The pill you gave me back then? I'll return them to you tenfold right now!"

All the Almighty Pills shot out towards Heaven Queen and landed below her feet. With Lin Fan's skills of cultivating pills right now, cultivating these so-called Almighty Pills were something that he could do with absolute ease.

Looking at these pills beneath her feet, Heaven Queen's expression was strange.

"These f*ckers had dared to massacre my entire Saint Devil Sect back then. Where were you back then, Heaven's Will? Now that I wish to kill them, that's just due comeuppance. And NOW, you dare to come say that you're unhappy about this?"


By now, Lin Fan was already prepared to fight this battle all the way.

It was either they who perished or him.

Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

Wow? Just as I thought the plot couldn't get more complex, it did? Now, for the term 'Namo Saint Emperor', Namo refers to a way of singing praise that's specifically used in Sanskrit and Buddhism. Hence, Namo Amitabha.

Heaven Queen seems like a really perplexing character right now. And just who in the world is that 3rd black robed figure that were in the skies?