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 Chapter 408: I've Got A Treasure, I'll Challenge You

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

"Chicky, collect the corpses for me later on! Tie all of them onto these pillars!" Settling one of them with just a single kick, Lin Fan called out.

'Cuckoo...!' With a cry of acknowledgment, Chicky hopped down from Lin Fan's shoulders. With a look of toying in his big, bright eyes, Chicky stepped forth, his claws stamping down with every single step with an imposing air. He gripped towards old master Wanmo's crotch. With a big swing, Chicky flung old master Wanmo towards one of the pillars.

Straight after that, Chicky spread out his wings. A bright red glow shot into the sky and reached out at old master Wanmo. The moment it touched him, the glow turned into a bright flame, covering his entire body.

His clothes were burnt away instantly, leaving him nude to the air.

'ARGH...!' Old master Wanmo cried out tragically. The pain at his groin was like infinite ants biting down on him, absolutely unbearable. He wanted to use his hands to apply pressure and stop the pain. However, before he could do that, those bright red flames turned into wires and coiled around him, leashing him tightly onto the heavenly piercing pillar.

A demon of a man, someone whose existence was absolutely feared in Cangling Continent... To see him being subdued so humiliatingly was a piercing sight to behold.

All of the other Grandmasters who were watching this took in a breath of cold air as a look of disbelief passed through their faces.

How could old master Wanmo have fallen just like that?!

Impossible...absolutely impossible!

Looking at the tragic look on old master Wanmo's face, and especially at the pitiful state of his groin, everyone shuddered in fear. They could literally feel the pain just by looking.

"Oh, old master Wanmo, weren't you one of the most brazen ones back then? Never in your dreams did it occur to you that this would happen to you one day, right?" Lin Fan laughed coldly. Seeing Chicky's actions, he was filled with pride. But, he was curious as well. Using just his claw to dangle the other party's groin, couldn't Chicky feel that something was wrong with that part?

But looking at how excited Chicky was, Lin Fan did not point it out. As long as Chicky was happy...

The moment everyone caught sight of Lin Fan's glare, their hearts sank. It was as though they had entered the Nine Hells, as a cold fear surged into their hearts.





All sorts of emotions were running through their minds right now. He had taken down old master Wanmo in just a single move. What were THEIR chances?

"Don't even think about escaping. I've already sealed the entire sky here. All of you shall hand yourselves over here today." Lin Fan took in every single last bit of emotions that these guys were feeling into account as he laughed heartily.

All of this was retribution.

'If you cut the weed without eliminating the roots, the weed will always grow again.' This was coming true from Yours Truly.

"Everyone, fear not! We've got so many of us here right now! Does this kid really have the ability to keep all of us here? If we could take down Saint Devil Sect with our combined forces back then, we can definitely repeat that feat against this lad!" Looking at everything before her, blue sea old lady was filled with fear as well.

However, the situation did not leave them with any space for consideration. They had to band together to get rid of this obstacle before them!

"That's right, everyone! Join forces! We'll strike together!"

"If we can get rid of Saint Devil Sect, we can definitely get rid of this remnant b*stard dreg!"

"Go then! What's with all the talking?"

"We'll go if YOU go!"


Standing there, Lin Fan was as malevolent as a peerless demon of the century. His formidable aura spanned the entire sky above the training grounds.

"Oh, don't bother fighting. You guys don't have to strike at me. I'll strike." Looking at these Grandmasters, Lin Fan laughed coldly.

"Blue sea old lady. Since you like to be such a show-off and take the lead, I'll start with you." Looking at the blue sea old lady, Lin Fan disappeared instantly from where he was. By the time he reappeared, he was right in the blue sea old lady's face.

"You...!" Just as the blue sea old lady was about to say something, her body shuddered. A massive force had entered her body from her crotch and was wreaking havoc all on its own will.

"Chicky, she's yours." Lin Fan tossed the blue sea old lady over to Chicky.

Chicky tossed his head as his eyes flashed with dominance towards the body that was rocketing towards him. Letting out a look of disdain, he cried out wildly. Leaping up and spinning his body, he used a roundhouse kick and send the blue sea old lady darting towards the heavenly pillars.

An old lady like this was somebody that even Chicky didn't want to touch at all.

"Everyone, attack!" Looking at the situation, the Grandmasters knew that there was no way they were going to avoid this. With that, they struck at Lin Fan with massive force.



A series of terrible wails rang out.

Compared to Lin Fan, these so-called powerful Grandmasters were nothing but ants. Almost simultaneously, True Origins Crushing Kicks left a series of rips in the void. Each rip represented someone's nuggets being crushed cruelly.

Chicky was starting to get busy as well. One claw after another, he kicked these people towards those pillars mercilessly and tied them up afterward with his sealing chains.

Looking at the scene before him, the Yan Emperor was shocked out of his wits.

"Yan Emperor..." Lin Fan's voice was cold.

The Yan Emperor's heart was thumping. He couldn't just sit by idly and wait for death.

"Kid, I shall fight you with all I've got today!" Looking at Lin Fan, boundless anger burned within the Yan Emperor's heart. He did not dare to hide his true strength any longer, as a malevolent aura erupted out violently from his body.

'Devouring Heavens!'

'Big Ancient Devil!'


Instantly, a limitless aura of a deep abyss burst out from the Yan Emperor's body. That aura was so strong that it seemed to be able to devour the entire Heavens and Earth.

"Hmph! Here I was wondering about the sort of potential you must have for you to obtain such strength in just two years. So, the reason behind that is because you've been cultivating some nefarious dark skill." Lin Fan could not stop his laughter. These were the struggles of a dying man.

From that limitless abyss of dark aura, a peerless demon seemed like it was about to be born. By now, the Yan Emperor's face was pale as a sheet.

"Kid, no matter how strong you are, you shall fall today!" The Yan Emperor hollered. The big ancient devil began to materialize as his massive body covered the sky, showing its fearsomeness.

Seeing this, Heaven Queen frowned once more. To think that the Yan Emperor had been hiding such a skill.

'RWAGHR...!!!' The big ancient devil who had materialized howled wildly as his demonic aura covered half the skies.

"SCRAM...!" Looking at the big ancient devil in the skies, Lin Fan yelled.

The moment the massive big ancient devil heard this yell, he shuddered momentarily. He used his pitch black eyes to look at the puny human below. However, the moment his gaze met with Lin Fan's figure, his face turned pale.

The big ancient devil could tell that this puny human's aura was defying even the Heavens itself right now. In fact, there was even a chilling feeling attached to this aura.




Instantly, that peerless big ancient demon used his hands to pull the ripped apart gap shut as he scurried away with his bum.

"H-how can that be...?" Seeing this, the Yan Emperor was entirely befuddled. He did not know what in the world was happening right now.

He had cultivated to an extreme limit before he could connect with that mysterious realm. From there, he was wasting his own body's source so as to summon that strong being. But to think that it would scram away from just a single holler by the other party?!


The Yan Emperor howled madly. However, in that instant, Lin Fan appeared right before his face and chuckled.


The Yan Emperor's face turned into shades of white and green before settling on a full white as he collapsed down onto a kneeling position in the sky.

With another kick, Lin Fan sent the Yan Emperor towards Chicky for him to handle.

Once all of this was done, Lin Fan would then take his time to torture them slowly.

By now, there were only four people on the scene.

The Heaven Queen was the highlight of this entire show. He would leave her for later.

First, it was the turn of those two traitorous dogs.

"Senior Brother Lin...!" Fang Han gulped down on his saliva. Any bit of resistance he could muster up earlier was entirely gone by now. To think that he could take down all the other sects singlehandedly. This power was beyond anyone's imagination.

Fang Han had always been really proud of his own cultivating speed. But after looking at Lin Fan, he now knew that he was just living in his own world.

"Fang Han. You have no f*cking rights to call me Senior Brother." Lin Fan replied coldly.

"Fang Han and Han Lu, in order to protect your own lives, both of you struck out viciously towards Wang Tianfei, Senior Brother Wang. You know, I haven't forgotten about that."

Fang Han retreated a few steps back as his eyes flashed with rage. He was someone who had the heritage of the devil king! He was an overlord!

"Junior Brother Fang, it's useless to speak anymore. There's no way he's going to let us off. Let's join forces. We might have a chance that way." Han Lu, who had remained silent the entire time, finally spoke up.

Fang Han looked over at Han Lu before nodding his head. "Alright..."

Suddenly, Han Lu's power level began to spike up as he held the holy jade bottle in his hand. Feeling the burst of Han Lu's powers, Fang Han was startled for a moment. To think that Han Lu would be even stronger than him!

This guy had been hiding his strength all the while!

"Lin Fan, the others may fear you, but I, Han Lu, certainly do not. After all, I defy the heavens. The lives of those people are like ants, and it was already predestined for them." Han Lu's voice was getting deeper and more mysterious.

Looking at Han Lu, Lin Fan's face curled into a grin. The aura that was being given off from Han Lu's treasure was not something that belonged to the Xuanhuang World. The only explanation was that this was from another world.

"Are you so confident because you possess that? Sure, that's fine as well. It's time for you to understand what it means to pay for your mistakes." Lin Fan was interested in checking out just what sort of treasure this was for Han Lu to have such confidence to challenge Lin Fan in the face.

Fang Han's heart was getting weaker by the moment. He had not expected Han Lu to be hiding himself so deeply!

This aura was far superior compared to his own!

If he could escape from this ordeal, he must definitely steal that treasure away from Han Lu! After all, only he, Fang Han, was worthy of wielding such a treasure!

Even though Han Lu's cultivation state was nothing compared to Lin Fan, the reason why he dared to challenge Lin Fan outright was all because of this holy jade bottle. In the past two years, Han Lu had repaired this holy jade bottle completely. At the same time, he had discovered and mastered all of its capabilities.

Back then in the sect, he already wanted to kill Lin Fan cruelly.

Now was the time.