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 Chapter 384: The Small Differences Between The Two Small Disciples

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Lin Fan had adjusted his mentality recently, and was no longer in a rush to head out into the outside world. After all, now that he had taken in two small disciples, he ought to train them up properly.

On the training grounds of Nameless Peak, two figures darted around like butterflies, their Blood Qi rumbling. Even though these two disciples were female kids, Blood Qi was still a prerequisite for a good foundation.

Although the significance of having a good Blood Qi was reduced due to the help of Lin Fan's system, that was only because his cultivation state in Dongling Continent right now was like a god with amazing foresight.

Looking at his little Zhiqiao training up her Will of the Sword, Lin Fan couldn't help but think back to Cangling Continent.

Even though he had already understood the reason why he was striving so hard to get stronger, revenge was still revenge. He would never let the grudge of his sect's destruction just disappear like that.

'The Grandmasters of the nine great sects, Yan Emperor, Heaven Queen, all of you better wipe you're a*ses clean and wait for Yours Truly's return.'

"Master, am I really strong now?" Cai Zhiqiao had just completed level two of the mental skill, Will of the Sword. With that, she scurried over to Lin Fan with her butt twerking, looking at her Master in anticipation.

Lin Fan sobered back up and chuckled, fondling the head of his little Zhiqiao, "Not bad, continue to work hard."

Upon receiving the praise and Lin Fan's head fondling, the profession of a Trainer began to do its work as well.

Zhiqiao's skills of comprehension received yet another massive booster.

Even though training up and cultivating these skills were all a piece of cake for Lin Fan, it was still a pretty remarkable achievement for a kid of Zhiqiao's age to do all of that.

Obtaining the cultivation state of precelestial middle level at that tender age, her future was practically limitless.

"But you need to learn from your junior sister. Cultivation isn't about working for three days and resting for two days. You need to persevere consistently." Lin Fan smiled.

"Yes, understood." Upon hearing her Master praise her junior sister, Zhiqiao got jealous. Pouting her lips, she took up her long sword and scurried towards the training grounds to continue cultivating.

Even though she was just a tiny little human being, when she swung the sword, she did have quite the stance. The flash of the sword was bright and dazzling. Sure, it could be improved, but her future was definitely bright.

Zhiqiao's heart was feeling indignant right now. She was the senior sister! How could she lose to her junior sister?

Sipping on his tea and observing the two on the training grounds, Lin Fan could not help but nod his head in approval.

Zhiqiao, this little kid... Be it potential or luck, she used to be extremely average. But now, things were different. Her luck was promising to the Heavens.

As for that little kid, You Jiuling, Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge that with or without his help, she would also become a somebody someday.

Ever since the first time they met, he could tell of her amazing luck. As for her potential, it was tip top as well.

In fact, she was even comparable to Mie Qiongqi.

But to Lin Fan, potential was worth nothing. After all, everyone in Saint Devil Sect, as long as they were under him, would receive a free potential boost.

For example, Zhang Ergou's potential was equivalent to a pile of dogsh*t in the past. But right now, it was in tip-top condition as well.

As for luck though, that was something harder to determine. And, You Jiuling's fortune did seem much favorable than Cai Zhiqiao's.

But it didn't matter. As long as Lin Fan was alive, no one would get to bully either of them anyways.

Once the training was over, both Cai Zhiqiao and You Jiuling arrived beside Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was ready to impart some skills to the both of them.

Since Cai Zhiqiao preferred sword techniques, he naturally imparted her Firmament Sword. At the same time, he gave her Nirvana Finger, True Origins Crushing Kick, and Roc's Breath.

Even though Roc's Breath was an offensive skill by right, it also had the additional effect of helping one absorb the True Energy of Heaven and Earth.

As for You Jiuling, Lin Fan gave her Faceless Sky Demon, Dragon King's Hegemony, and True Origins Crushing Kick.

You Jiuling preferred skills that were domineering and bold. These were the skills which Lin Fan felt that he could impart down to them. The others were a no-no.

Blood Sea was an evil skill. He was afraid that they might veer down the wrong path. As for Demon City in a Palm, that was even more sinister, and definitely unsuitable for them.

All the other skills were fine. Additionally, they could even master the skills up to three levels higher than their original maximum levels.

If they could reach a state where they were well versed in them, they would definitely unleash devastating effects that were not to be underestimated.


"You guys train well by yourselves. I'll head out for a bit." Opening a gap in the voids, Lin Fan stepped right into it.

He should really make a trip down to Xuanjian Sect. Otherwise, he would truly be letting her down.

With Lin Fan's cultivation state right now, he could easily rip through the void and travel through it at a horrifying speed. However, the higher the speed, the more damage one took from the energy torrents within the voids.

But to someone like Lin Fan, the damage dealt by the energy torrents in the voids were practically nothing at all.

Treading a hundred miles with every step wasn't out of the tables. But what Lin Fan did not expect was that just something small such as imparting of skills would bring forth the sin of comparison of the two kids.

"Junior sister, I told you. Master loves me the most!" Looking at You Jiuling, Cai Zhiqiao smiled happily while pointing up a single finger, as though she was indicating her victory for this round.

"Master loves me too!" You Jiuling replied, not willing to lose.

"Hehe, but Master imparted four skills to me! You've only got three! That's because he loves me the most, which is why he gave me one more!" Cai Zhiqiao replied happily.

Looking at her gleeful senior sister, You Jiuling pouted her lips, "But, Master just praised me. He just told you to learn from me and train properly without being lazy!"

These words seemed to have a big impact on Cai Zhiqiao as her face turned into one of defeat immediately. However, she regained her smile once more not long later, "But Master gave me four skills!"

"Oh, senior sister, my cultivation state is higher than yours. You've entered the sect earlier than me, yet you're below me in cultivation state. I'm sure Master adores me more because of this!" You Jiuling replied.

"Hmph, so what! I don't care! And I'm sure Master wouldn't either!" Cai Zhiqiao raised her head and tossed it to the side. Even though she said that she doesn't care through words, it did matter quite a bit to her.

"Who says Master wouldn't mind or care? With a higher cultivation state, I'm sure Master likes me more!" A smile of victory appeared on You Jiuling's exquisite features.

"No, he doesn't! He just fondled my head only, but he didn't do the same to you!" Cai Zhiqiao replied indignantly.

"But my cultivation state's higher!"

"But Master imparted four skills to me!"

"But my cultivation state's higher!"

"I'm Master's first..."

"But my cultivation state's higher!"


"Boohoo! Junior sister, you're a bully! I'll never play with you again!" Suddenly, Cai Zhiqiao burst out into tears. Taking up her longsword in one hand and wiping her tears with the other, she ran off into the distance, apparently heartbroken.

"I'll never play with you EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER again!"

You Jiuling gave off a look of satisfaction. However, looking at the back view of her senior sister, she couldn't help but feel sad as well. Suddenly, she recalled the words of Sister Gong, "Even though you're the junior sister, you need to remember that your senior sister's still young. Hence, you need to protect her well from now on."

"Senior sister, wait for me! I'll never make you angry again!"


If Lin Fan knew that his two little disciples were arguing over something such as him imparting skills, he would definitely flip over his belly laughing.

Cute. Simply too cute!


Much had happened in the span of this one year.

Today was the date of Xuanjian Sect's Grandmaster ascension ceremony. And of course, the new Grandmaster was none other than Xuan Yunxian.

Since Xuanjian Sect and Glory Sect did not have many connections together, they naturally did not inform Glory Sect of this affair.

While Xuan Yunxian might have visited Lin Fan regularly in Glory Sect, the fact remained that he was still gone from this world. She did not want to use this as an excuse to get closer to Glory Sect.

Although, the previous Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect did secretly wish that Glory Sect would be present for this ceremony. After all, the presence of Glory Sect would definitely firm up their position as a sect. At the same time, sects which harbored ill intents towards them would definitely be careful to think twice as well.

But Xuan Yunxian did not want to do things that would betray the trust between the both of them. After all, the reason why she loved Lin Fan wasn't because he was from Glory Sect.

She did not want to rouse any baseless rumors out of that.

Thus, the previous Grandmaster did not press on the issue and invited a few sects they had closer ties with instead.