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 Chapter 380: How Many Brain Cells Died For This?!

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Six months later...

On a training ground on Nameless Peak, two figures were working hard at training. A series of dull sounds rang through the entire Nameless Peak.

"Both of you, come and take a break. You won't miss anything much with a short rest." Looking at the two figures on the training grounds, Gong Bingye called out gently.

"Yes, Sister Gong!" Placing down the long sword in her hand, Cai Zhiqiao picked up the pastries on the table and munched on them happily.

"I'll come over in a bit." You Jiuling did not stop. Her small little frail body endured the wooden dummy trap which was landing blows on her one at a time.

With every blow, she bit into her lips further, not allowing herself to let any noise out. Sweat was pouring like rain on that exquisite face of hers, but she didn't have a single complaint.

With every single beating she received, a stream of energy would flow through her limbs within her body.

What Zhiqiao learned was the Will of the Sword. You Jiuling did not learn that. Instead, she learnt the Titanium Grade Demon Body.

The Titanium Grade Demon Body only had 3 levels initially. But once it was imparted by someone, it could be trained up to 6 levels. When Lin Fan was bored and had nothing to do, he would tirelessly note down these 6 levels of training, and had left them on Nameless Peak.

You Jiuling wanted to follow the path of her Master. Hence, she chose to train up the Titanium Grade Demon Body. But, this was an extremely difficult skill to train with. The physical torment was practically unbearable for a child that age.

Ever since You Jiuling acknowledged Lin Fan as her master, she did not withhold anything to herself. She also wrote down the entire Heaven graded upper-level skill Heaven and Earth Five Thunder Strike, and placed it within Nameless Peak's skill library.

As the final strike of the wooden dummy landed on You Jiuling, a warm gush of energy broke through the bottleneck.

Titanium Grade Demon Body Level 1 was completed.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, You Jiuling came before Gong Bingye. Putting on her sweetest smile, she took up a piece of pastry and said, "Thank you, Sister Gong!"

During this period of time, Gong Bingye had already handed down her position as the Family Head of the Gong Family, and was residing on Nameless Peak, taking care of these two kids.

"Junior Sister, Master said that one must have a limit while training. Take your time, there's no rush." Even though Zhiqiao was young, she had entered the sect early. Hence, she was no longer the Small Junior Sister. Now, she had successfully upgraded to be Senior Sister.

"Senior Sister, that's not right. One must persevere through training. The moment one enters a concentrated state, they have to push on all the way till the end." Eating her pastry, You Jiuling shook her head in response.

Zhiqiao pouted her lips, "Junior Sister, I'm the Senior Sister. You should listen to me!"

"Nopes. If the Senior Sister is wrong, as a Junior Sister, I ought to point out her mistakes as well." You Jiuling shook her head once more.

"Junior Sister, if you don't listen to Senior Sister, then I won't play with you any longer!" After a long time, Zhiqiao had finally upgraded to become a Senior Sister. Therefore, she wanted to thoroughly relish this feeling of being one.

"Nope. I cannot just listen blindly. I have to have my own thoughts." You Jiuling took up yet another piece of pastry.

"Junior Sister!!! You must listen to Senior Sister!" Cai Zhiqiao stood with her arms akimbo, acting like an adult.

"Nopes." You Jiuling shook her head.


Looking at this scene, Gong Bingye pursed her lips and chuckled, "Alright, alright. Stop arguing. Don't talk when you're eating, haha."

"Sister Gong is right. Let's not talk when we're eating." You Jiuling echoed.

Cai Zhiqiao pouted her lips once more with a look of defeat. She thought that she would acquire a follower once she turned into a Senior Sister. To think that this Junior Sister would refuse to listen to her at all.

Sprawled resting at a corner, Whitey gave off a languid roar as well, as though she was in agreement.

"Sister Gong, I'm done eating. I'll be off to train up now." You Jiuling wiped her mouth before turning over, "Senior Sister, don't be too lazy! Otherwise, you'll have no face left once I catch up with you!"

"There's no way I'll lose to you!" The moment Zhiqiao heard this, she hurriedly gulped down her cake before proceeding to focus on her training.

Busy with his own work, Zhang Ergou looked at these two junior sisters. Casting yet another look at the tribute sculpture far in the distance, he let out a heartened smile.

"Master, don't worry. We've been working hard."

In this period of time, Xuan Yunxian would come by once a month. Each time, she would linger for a full three days and nights before leaving silently.

The fourteen Sand Bandits would come by as well. Each time, they would report on their progress on the way of robbery, how far they had progressed, the sort of enlightenment they had achieved along the way.


In that mysterious realm...

Lin Fan realized that he couldn't move forward even a single inch. In the end, he sat down cross-legged and entered a comprehension state, experiencing and feeling his surroundings.

In the midst of comprehending everything, he found himself entering a magical state. It was an inexplainable state of being. He found those seemingly near yet unapproachable light spots floating around him all the while.

He did not know how much time had passed, nor did he know what was going on in the outside world.

Lin Fan wanted to wake up from this state as soon as possible. He didn't want to live life as a vegetable.

As for the state of his physical body, he wasn't worried about it in the least bit.

With his current Physical Body State, no one and nothing would be able to damage it. Imperishable Physical Body State! This was no joke at all.

And at this moment, Lin Fan seemed to have finally found the way back. The more he comprehended, the more he seemed to be able to manipulate those light spots.

Perhaps these light spots were like a puzzle, a maze. It was as though his consciousness would be able to return to his body once he solved this, as though he had found the exit.

Seven months passed...

Eight months...


One year later...

Glory Sect was especially lively today, with a large crowd gathered at its entrance at the base of its peak. All of these were commoners. The reason for their presence today was none other than Glory Sect's recruitment.

All of these commoners hoped to be able to enter a grand sect. They wanted to be a disciple of such a sect, to learn those peerless skills, and to step up as an upper being of life.

Some of these commoners had pretty decent cultivation bases. However, they required the help of a sect before they could get into the next stage of life and the likes.

All of those rare treasures that sects often had access to were what dreams were made up of for these commoners.

All of those mythically graded skills... These were the things they needed.

They came from all sorts of backgrounds. Some of them were from distinguished ones such as royalty, while others could be from extreme poverty, the lowest of all the classes of humans.

All the commoners who were present for the entrance test were deep in whispers right now, discussing everything.

"Silence!" Suddenly, a figure appeared at the entrance, staring at the crowd sternly. All of the candidates shut their mouths immediately, staring fervently at this figure before them.

This person was none other than Zong Hentian.

"Candidates who wish to take part in the entrance test, your 1st test... Climbing the Heavenly Steps." After his comment, he waved his hand. Any candidates who had any cultivation states found their cultivation states being sealed.

The stairs up to Glory Sect totaled more than three hundred.

"If you manage to climb up, you pass the 1st stage." The moment Zong Hentian finished, he headed up.

The candidates followed suit hurriedly, pushing and shoving to be ahead.


Time flew by quickly. There were only half of the original candidates who survived.

Those who failed were disappointed beyond words. Those who had passed were filled with glee, as they began their discussions once more.

At this moment, Zong Hentian stood before a sculpture. He raised his head, seemingly deep in his thoughts.

"All of you shut up!" The moment Zong Hentian heard all these candidates chattering incessantly and loudly at a place like this, his expression turned frosty as he lashed out.

"All of you shall raise your heads and look at this tribute sculpture for an entire day and night." Zong Hentian looked at the tribute sculpture and said gently.

In the crowd, a feeble question rang out, "I-is this the 2nd test?"

"No." Zong Hentian replied.

The moment everyone heard that this wasn't a test, they heaved out a sigh of relief. Some people who were once arrogant and f*cking cocky in their usual lives began to rant.

"What's so good about watching this broken statue!"

"He's laughing like a retard!"

"And is that a chicken?! That's so bloody ugly!"

"What a weird sect! Looking at a statue for an entire day and night? Do they want me to go blind?"

Looking at this bunch of candidates, Zong Hentian continued, "This tribute sculpture is man whose deeds surpass this world. Anyone who doesn't wish to continue looking can follow me for the second test."

The moment everyone heard this, their hearts were overwhelmed with joy. Since they could do without watching, why the hell would they continue to? Of course, they'd go on for the next test! What was there to be gained from looking at a dumb statue?

One by one, everyone followed behind Zong Hentian. There were only three people who remained behind at the tribute sculpture.

Those three weren't even standing up. They were kneeling down their heads kowtowed.

Those who followed behind Zong Hentian gloated in their hearts. Were these three idiots? They weren't even standing up to look at this dumb statue but kneeling?!

"Aren't you guys coming for the test?" Zong Hentian asked.

"Sir, our country was once invaded by a Beast Stampede. But it was this great man here who had saved our entire country. We knew that he belonged to Glory Sect, hence we made the journey of tens of thousands of miles here to try to enter Glory Sect." The three of them replied.

"Junior Master, to think that you would still have so many things that we do not know about." Zong Hentian repeated while looking at the sculpture.

He then turned around to the crowd following him, "You guys have been eliminated. Please leave."

"Huh?!" The moment they heard this, everyone exclaimed out in absolute disbelief. What the hell was going on? They hadn't even gone for the second test! How was it over just like this?

"The three of you have passed the test. You're now disciples of Glory Sect. Please follow me." Zong Hentian pointed at the three kneeling down. Ignoring the rest of the dumbstruck crowd, he prepared to leave this place.

The three of them were stumped as well. To think that they had become Glory Sect disciples just like this? This...this was too simple, wasn't it?!


Just then, a loud sound came out from above the tribute sculpture.

Zong Hentian who was about to leave the place stopped dead in his tracks. His face changed as he looked up at the tribute sculpture in disbelief.


And then, a voice permeated the air.


"IM BACK...!"

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