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 Chapter 360: Leave Once The Deed Is Done

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Right now, Chicky was pretty displeased. Everything good had been taken away by his Master.

He was evidently anticipating the pretty young lady's rubbing of his tummy. However, she was beckoned over mercilessly by his Master. This was pretty distressing for Chicky.

However, Chicky was a simple man. The young lady who was rubbing his tummy right now was pretty decent as well. Furthermore, her moves were sleek and gentle.

Tilting his head, Chicky covered his little brother shyly.

"Eh? Seems like I've overestimated this little demon! Seems like he would need sometime still to deal with my Faceless Sky Demon. I should have quite a bit of time more for this foot bath."

Lin Fan and Chicky had been out wandering for quite some time now. Rushing all along the way, they didn't really have the chance to take a relaxing break. Ever since he left Jiuxiao Sect, he hadn't had the chance to have his feet soaked in a warm bath. Therefore, he definitely needed to make good use of this chance right now.

And the person seated right before Lin Fan was none other than the holy woman, Yanran.

Yanran's mind was completely blank. She had not expected herself to wash another person's feet one day.

Yanran's fingers were long with sparkly fingernails. They all looked extremely lovely. Those delicate hands could definitely win a Hand Beauty Pageant.

The moment those delicate fingers touched Lin Fan's feet, he couldn't help but shudder uncontrollably for a moment. How pleasurable were her hands?!

Looking at one another, the Grandmaster and Senior Elders of Xianling Sect could not help but sigh helplessly.

The Grandmaster stood forth, wanting to exchange a few words with Lin Fan. However, she was in a dilemma over how to address him without his name. If she were to call him Senior, that would be a little inappropriate for her position as a Grandmaster. After thinking for a moment, she decided to follow along with her disciples.

"Erm...powerful man..." Just as she opened her mouth, she was cut short by Lin Fan.

"I don't like to chat while I'm relaxing. We can continue this conversation after I'm done." He closed his eyes gently. These were the sort of comfort and satisfaction he was craving for.

But he knew that he could only count these enjoyments one at a time. Once he was back on the road looking for clues, it would be difficult to come across such opportunities again.

Even though there were plenty of sects in Dongling Continent, there were only this number of all female sects to speak of. If he were to always let men touch Yours Truly's tender toes, he would have to give them a hard kick in their faces.

Upon hearing these words, the Grandmaster of Xianling Sect chuckled. She felt neither angry nor awkward as she retreated back to one side.

Yanran's tender hands were gently rubbing Lin Fan's big toes. Even though her skills were not exactly that perfect, it was still acceptable. If she were to continue training down this path, there was no doubt she would be a really successful feet masseuse.

Yanran was a holy woman of the sect, someone destined to be the next Grandmaster in line. But to think that she was ordered by her Grandmaster to come service this man, how could she be happy about it?

She looked over at her junior sisters who were serving as well. All of them were blooming with smiles. She couldn't empathize with it as she looked over at her Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster nodded her head towards Yanran with her eyes sparkling brightly, as if telling her, 'Cheer on! Put on a bright smile! This is a test you have to undergo in your life!'


"B*stard thing...!!!" Yama, who was locked in battle with the Faceless Sky Demon, snarled out as he looked below. He couldn't wait to shred this guy into pieces!

To think that he could still afford to soak his feet comfortably! He was definitely showing no respect to Yama!


Yama grunted out, "You guys forced my hand! I shall make sure you guys regret it!"

"Ancient Demon City!"

Placing his palms together, a gigantic smoke of demonic aura rose up from above Yama. It seemed like there were innumerable vengeful spirits howling and swimming within the demonic aura. Within it, a shadow of a demon city emerged in the sky.

This massive demonic aura seemed to be infecting the Heaven and Earth, turning them into the same as the demon city.

Lin Fan opened his eyes slightly and grinned, "Seems interesting. Time to end it."

"Alright, you guys can stop now." The moment the Ancient Demon City was summoned, Lin Fan knew that the Faceless Sky Demon should be at its limits.

He was a being with twelve energy grid line chains indeed. The aura that was being emanated from Yama reeked of true strength. If he weren't the one here right now, Xianling Sect may truly not be a match for it for sure.

Now that he was done enjoying, it was time to settle the troubles.

Within the sky, the Ancient Demon City was crashing down in the direction of the Faceless Sky Demon.

Within the city, a malicious looking evil dragon made up of smog darted towards the Faceless Sky Demon.

Retreating non-stop, the Faceless Sky Demon was cutting down at the dragon relentlessly with the six sword wills.

"Die...!" Yama screamed out. With a clap of his hands, that evil dragon grew ever stronger as it pierced through the Faceless Sky Demon's body. Disintegrating rapidly, the Faceless Sky Demon eventually turned into glitter dust and floated across the sky.

"HAHA...! How's that? Just a mere Faceless Sky Demon and you expect to pit yourself against me?! Courting death indeed!" Yama laughed maniacally. He had to let everyone know what the consequences of enraging him were.

"Kid, what else have you got? The Ancient Demon City that I have mastered right now is an ancient force that can crush anything! Your days are numbered now!" Looking below, Yama howled out wildly.

Hands behind his back, Lin Fan walked forth a little, "Alright, Chicky. Time to settle this tiny puny little small demon now."

The experiment with the Faceless Sky Demon was done. The power that the Faceless Sky Demon sent out was capable of matching up to someone with three energy grid line chains for sure. With his nimbleness, he was even able to evade most attacks.

To be able to hold its own for so long against this demon, the Faceless Sky Demon had done a great job indeed.

In the midst of his enjoyment, Chicky opened his eyes. His expression turned stern all of a sudden as he leaped down from the embrace of the female disciple.

Lowering his head, he took a step one at a time towards Lin Fan. The T-rex costume's hoodie was covering Chicky's head entirely. With the short stumpy tail swaggering behind him, Chicky's aura right now was more imposing than it could ever be.

To the Xianling Sect disciples, time seemed to have stopped right at this moment.

This man and beast duo walking side by side have never seemed grander than right now.

"Aura...that's the aura of a peerlessly powerful being...!"

The Grandmaster and Senior Elders of Xianling Sect were completely frozen. They could sense an aura that only extremely powerful beings possessed from these two beings.

This was an aura which could infect everything and influence everyone.

"The powerful man's getting serious!" The female disciples who had been serving them looked at their back views with absolute anticipation.

"Sir Chicky, good luck!" The female disciple who was rubbing Chicky's belly shouted out.

Chicky tilted his head back and raised his beak slightly, revealing that confident smile.

"Ohhhh! Sir Chicky is so handsome...!"

At this moment, a breeze blew past the battlefield.

With his hands behind his back, the long braids of Lin Fan flowed with the breeze in the air, carrying with him an overbearing attitude that looked down at the rest of the world.

This man and beast standing side by side were as though every other being in this world would have to submit to their prowess.

Domineering. Cool.

"Little demon! You have only a single breath's time worth of your colorful life! I'll let you strike first and grant you a brilliant exit out of this world!" Lin Fan's calm voice boomed out across the sky. Those mighty imposing words had everyone quivering with it.

"How dare you still speak such big words at death's door! You totally deserve death! Die!" Yama was already at the peak of his anger, almost exploding within. How could someone dare to be so impertinent against him? Crushing the Ancient Demon City in his palms, a demonic aura then gathered as he bolted down from the sky towards Lin Fan.

Standing there, Lin Fan took in a gentle breath. The moment he breathed out, his mouth curled into a grin.

"Your breath's time is up. Your life has been dazzling indeed. But it's a pity that it must end here."


Suddenly, Heavens and Earth shook.

Looking at the explosion before them, everyone from Xianling Sect was stupefied.

"How could this be...?" Yama exclaimed in disbelief as he looked at the figure before him. He then looked at the palm that was on his chest as he spurted out blood.

A massive amount of energy surged through Yama's body and pierced out through his back, shooting out at the entire Heavens. The energy pierced through the demonic aura in the sky and instantly, the sky turned clear once more.

"What's impossible?" Lin Fan said casually as he tossed Yama's body into his storage.

'Ding...congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being.'

'Ding...experience points +1,500,000,000'

'Ding...congratulations on obtaining Heaven graded upper-level skill. 'Demon City in a Palm'.'


Lin Fan floated gently slightly above the ground. The sunrays shone on him and reflected off his body with a bedazzling look. Everyone from Xianling Sect gazed at him. It was as though a God had descended down onto the world.

"Chicky, let's go..."

With a soft crow, Chicky turned around and gave the female disciple who rubbed his belly one last look. Turning into a beam of red light, he streaked onto Lin Fan's shoulders.

And straight after, Lin Fan and Chicky disappeared from the face of the world.

Everyone from Xianling Sect stood where they were, rooted and dumbfounded.


Xianling Sect's Grandmaster stood frozen solid where she was. The impact of what had just happened was too great. It was something she could never forget for the rest of her life.


"The demon that had taken multiple sects all their resources and strongest powers to seal was killed just like that...?" She mumbled out in disbelief.


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