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 Chapter 358: Nuts. EVERYONE'S GONE BONKERS!

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"Ah...! The powerful man remembers us! We're so lucky!" The moment Lin Fan turned around, all the Xianling Sect female disciples who had once served him cheered out in joy. They had totally forgotten that there was a demon floating right above their heads.

"Affinity. We've got affinity indeed." What the hell else could Lin Fan say right now?! His pre-planned God and Chicken Duo was now taken as non-existent.

After today's events, Lin Fan swore to the Heavens that he would never work with Chicky ever again.

Whoever groups up with him was a f*cking moron.

This was just a lusty chicken through and through!

The Grandmaster of Xianling Sect was equally dumbfounded right now, wondering what her disciples were up to. At the same time, who was this young man who was causing them to get so excited? There was a demon floating right above their heads right now!

Yanran was at a loss for what to do. It seemed as though everything before her was an illusion. Her junior sisters had just undergone a total change of character!

They were practically fearing for their very lives just moments ago. Why the hell were they so excited now?!

Adding to their amazement, a junior sister just bloody ran into the house and retrieved a chair out in this situation!

"Powerful man, please have a seat! All of us junior sisters have been training up our skills ever since we came back! We can guarantee that our massaging skills will definitely be better than last time!" A pretty, young female disciple pulled Lin Fan to one side before letting him take a seat.

Her delicate face revealed an earnest smile of adoration. The look of fear she had on her face moments earlier had disappeared entirely, as though it was never there.

Gotta be kidding! Now that this powerful man was here, what was there to fear?

The battle back at the Dead Demon Seas was earth-shattering! They were people who had been through the gates of Hell and back.

They could even remember the awe-inspiring look of the powerful man when he unleashed his powers.

Even after they returned to their sect, these feelings lingered on for so long. They could barely even fall asleep. Each time they closed their eyes, the pitch black darkness of their minds would suddenly brighten up, as a figure would be seen roaming around, etched within their minds.

"Powerful man, how is it? Does it feel better than before?" A delicate looking female disciple asked gently.

"Yes... not bad. Not bad." Lin Fan nodded his head. The feeling of dozens of tender young hands roaming around his body... This feeling was simply pure pleasure!

As for his purpose of heading here, he had almost completely tossed it to the back of his head. Right now, he couldn't even remember that there was a demon that was floating right above his head.

The most important thing to do is to enjoy thoroughly first.

Laying there, Chicky was covering his little brother with his wings. His face was doused in pleasure as well, letting out the occasional moaning like cries.

"Powerful man, some of us junior sisters have learned a new set of Sword Dancing recently. Shall we present it for you?" Four female disciples asked shyly. However, they were brimming with excitements in their hearts.

"Yes, good. Good..." Now that Lin Fan's body was in a thorough state of pleasure, the thought of being able to enjoy a sword dance at the same time titillated his senses to no end.

The four female disciples were slender and curvy with amazing features. This was a sight to behold for any man.

Looking at everything before her, the Grandmaster of Xianling Sect felt like something was choking her throat.


She was completely stupefied, unable to comprehend anything that was happening before her right now.

"Yanran, this...!" She turned over to look at Yanran.

"Grandmaster, I have no idea either!" Yanran's eyes were wide opened. What the hell was up with her junior sisters! Were they possessed?!

What sort of time was it right now? The demon had already knocked up their door and was about to destroy their sect! And they had the mood to be doing stuff like this?!

All the other female disciples of Xianling Sect could only stare with their jaws agape. Recovering from their stupor, they glanced at one another before going deep into whispers.

Ever since these senior sisters returned from the Dead Demon Seas, they had been going on and on about some powerful man or something.

Furthermore, an Elder had even perished back there.

When they were pressed for details, none of them could come up with anything concrete. Hence, there were no leads as to exactly what happened at the Dead Demon Seas back then.

But what they knew was that the other sects' disciples who returned to their own sects were rambling about this same powerful man.

This had caused all the other Grandmasters to be equally bewildered.

Could there have been a haunting at the Dead Demon Seas that were causing these disciples to have been shocked silly?

"Yes, not bad. Not bad. Press on here." Lin Fan spread his legs wide open. There were beautiful disciples seated on the side of both legs. The same went for his arms and shoulders.

Even the ruler of a country might not be able to enjoy this same type of treatment.

Even though Xianling Sect weren't some mighty, invincible top sect, they were still a sect not to be underestimated. Therefore, it was practically impossible for anyone to order these disciples of theirs around like servant girls.

"Here, have a grape, powerful man!" A female disciple by the side was propping up a bowl of fruits as she mouthed out tenderly. Using her jade tender hands, she took hold of a deep purple grape and placed it gently into Lin Fan's mouth.

Lin Fan could not help but sigh out in pleasure. These were the days that mattered man...!

Yama in the skies was completely dumbfounded by the scene before him.

When this man appeared, Yama had viewed him with total disdain. He didn't even bother to strike at this man, waiting to see what this person was capable of.

When the female disciple first went into the house to retrieve a chair, Yama could still steady himself for a bit.

But now that things had developed as such, this has caused the great Yama, who had practically seen the entire world, to be astonished beyond words. This feeling was followed by anger.

Massage! Fruits being fed! Sword dances! And to think that a beast that looked like a chicken was being treated in a similar manner?!

Yama could not help but think back of his past two hundred years, being stuck in that eternal darkness of Thousand Demons Gorge, slowly sucking up the demonic energies for two hundred years. A whole two hundred years! He had caused himself to almost lose out to insanity, and was tormented by all sorts of negativities. To think that the man before him would be enjoying as such?!

He deserved to die...!!!

"ARGH...!" Yama was totally incensed. With a single roar that shook the entire Heavens, he boomed out, "You b*stard! Are you guys blind that I'm here right now?! Do you think that I'm here just for show?!?!'

"How dare you little b*stard look down on me? I'm the demon of all demons! Damn it. DAMN IT!"

In the midst of his enjoyment, Lin Fan opened his eyes gently. Looking at Yama who was floating in the skies, he couldn't help but heave out a deep breath of pure pleasure.

"Hold on, hold on. No hurries there. I'll be done soon." He muttered out softly.

"HUH? YOU'RE SERIOUSLY TAKING MY PRESENCE HERE FOR NOTHING? I AM AN ANCIENT DEMON WHO HAS RULED OVER THIS WORLD OF FEEBLE HUMANS! HOW DARE AN ANT LIKE YOU BE SO INSOLENT...?" Yama was howling in anger right now. That encompassing demonic aura of his was even stronger, as though it could devour the entire Xianling Sect whole.

Looking at the scene before her, the Grandmaster of Xianling Sect was horrified as well. Suppressing the wounds in her body, she continued, "Fellow junior sisters! We must not let that demon ruin Xianling Sect!"

"Grandmaster, we can hold on!" All the elders nodded their heads in acknowledgment.


"Oh, senior sister! Of course, we know he's there. As long as we serve the powerful man well, it's all good! The moment he strikes, this demon will be nothing but dust! Relax, senior sister! Just chill!" Those female disciples who were massaging Lin Fan right now turned around and replied gently.




"Oh, we do! The Grandmaster mentioned that he was the demon that was sealed two hundred years ago, wasn't he? But the powerful man is here, duh! No worries, senior sister! Actually, how about this? Come on over and give the powerful man a leg massage as well! I'm sure he'll enjoy it!"

Yanran stumbled a few steps back, almost coughing out blood. It was hopeless! There was no way she could communicate with these junior sisters anymore!

Bonkers! All of them had gone bonkers!

'Cuckcuckoo...!' Chicky was slowly opening his small beady eyes. His eyes were filled with anticipation. With a beauty such as Yanran, he was hoping that she would come and give him a belly rub.

"Senior sister! Sir Chicky here seems to be implying that he wants you to rub his belly!" The female disciple who was rubbing Chicky's belly said out with a hint of disappointment, as though she was being despised by Chicky.

Taking a look at this female disciple, Chicky stretched out his wing and patted her little hand. It was as though he was assuring her like, 'Lord Chicky will never look down on you, darling.'

With this small action of his, the female disciple was so touched that she nearly cried out.


Looking at this, the Grandmaster and Senior Elders were all nearly suffering a stroke. Clutching their chests tightly, they struggled and gasped for air.


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