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 Chapter 346: Some Ingredients For You

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"What did you feed me?" Chen Xuan looked at Lin Fan with a face of horror.

The moment the pill entered his belly, a warm stream of energy rose and gushed through his entire body. Other than the pain, Chen Xuan could feel another sensation at his crotch area.

But as both sensations clashed with one another. He cried out in dismay as he flipped his body.

"Why...? Why can't I control my body? No...!"

Poke. Poke.

The ground started shaking. Chen Xuan's actions had Sha Dulong and the others watching with their jaws agape. Raising their thumbs, they could not help but exclaim.


Han Mei was looking at the scene with equal shock. She had not expected the elegant Chen Xuan to commit such acts.


The skies were getting more and more chaotic as the dark clouds swiveled in circles. Within a patch of darkness in the skies, lightning crossed one another and rumbled, threatening to destroy every single thing.

"What sort of dogsh*t divine retribution is this? Don't you just only know how to call down thunder? Come down here for a one on one if you've got the guts! Yours Truly will school you every single second!" Lin Fan hollered at the skies with his fingers pointed.

As long as this guy that was in the skies would come down for a duel, Lin Fan was determined to wallop the sh*t out of him till his nose spurt out blood. He would take this guy's blood for sure.

Looking at how cool their Boss was, even fighting up against divine retribution of the Heavens itself, Sha Dulong and the others were almost kneeling down in awe.

From these rumbling skies, they could only feel a repressing force choking down on their hearts, as if forcing them into submission.

They couldn't even find the strength to turn their bodies around.

But the Boss was the Boss indeed. Not only did he not have such issues, he was still so domineering!


The thunder that was booming in the skies went through a change as well. The already unusual purple thunderbolts that were streaking across the skies turned into pitch black thunderbolts.

The black thunderbolts seemed to possess boundless strength, as if anyone whom they touched would disintegrate into nothingness.

"Eh? Still not coming down? Yours Truly shall stand here and let you smite with the thunderbolts then! If you can make Yours Truly puke out blood, then this will be considered your win!" Lin Fan pointed into the skies and continued his taunts.

Lin Fan did not believe in the power of this divine retribution. If someone like that was chosen from the Heavens, he could take down that person at any time.

Just then, a black thunderbolt descended down from the skies. It was so fast that one could not even have enough time to dodge it.


That black thunderbolt wrapped itself around Lin Fan's body. The tremendous energy of it seemed to be ripping the void around him apart, causing a furious whirlpool of energy to flow from the void and coil around Lin Fan.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +50,000,000'

'F*ck! What sort of c*ck tease is this? Just 50,000,000 experience points?! This gave Yours Truly a shock for nothing!' Lin Fan thought that this divine retribution would be pretty powerful and whatnot. To think that this intimidating looking thunderbolt could only have such capabilities! What a disappointment!

But even ants had some meat to them. While Lin Fan looked down on this thunderbolt, he did not wish for it to stop just yet.

"HAHA! A joke like this and you dare to call it divine retribution?! Show me some stuff for real, will you?" Lin Fan jeered.


It was as if the force within the sky were enraged right now. Thunderbolts rained one after another, even more formidable than before, bringing about a force that threatened to devour the entire world.

Han Mei and the others were long seated crippled on the floor, gazing in the skies with absolute helplessness.

To someone like them, what was happening was just beyond horrifying.

Under the cover of Lin Fan, Sha Dulong and the others were not feeling too much from it. But just that bit of aura that was leaking out from the forces were enough to have them shivering from head to toe as well.

"Boss, just how strong are you?!" Sha Dulong and the others were entirely stupefied.

This divine retribution covered an area of a few thousand miles in radius. Just a single look at it was terrifying to the bones, let alone taking it like their Boss was doing.

"Boom your head! All show and no substance! Let Yours Truly give you some additional ingredients!" Looking at divine retribution, Lin Fan pouted his lips and shouted out in disdain. He then took out a Biggra from his storage.

"'Heh, pop a pill!" He tossed the Biggra in his hand up into the sky. The moment the Biggra reached that area of the divine retribution, it burst open as a mist was absorbed within.


Suddenly, Lin Fan felt the speed of the divine retribution's rumbling to be increasing.

"Holy! Don't tell me the pill's really taking effect?" Lin Fan was taken aback by the scene. Just as he was thinking about it, a thicker and bigger black thunderbolt struck him.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +60,000,000'

"Woah! It really worked?" The sizzling sound the thunderbolt made when it struck Lin Fan made it seem like he was going to be barbequed to nothingness. But to Lin Fan, it was actually all useless.

Now that Blood Sea was at level 7, his physical body state was already far from normal.

"Hoho. Seems like you've got a fetish for it as well eh? Yours Truly will give you a good booster today then." With the thunderbolt still coiling around Lin Fan, he looked exactly like a demon incarnate right now.

Seemed like Eternal Immortality was going to level up today once more.

Instantly, Lin Fan tossed up a couple more Biggras into the divine retribution. A thick mist spread out before being absorbed back in.


The rumbling was getting even more rapid right now.

A red streak of light appeared from within that chaos.

"It's doomsday!!!"

"Boss, what did you feed it? That fella seems to be going nuts with it!"

Looking at the skies turning more and more horrific, Sha Dulong and the others were having their hearts pounding furiously. If their hearts were like little boats in the face of a gigantic wave previously, right now, they were like swimming in a volcanic eruption.

This force wasn't something that mere humans could withstand any longer!


The thunderbolts in the skies were just getting thicker by the moment. And huffier as well.

A couple of thunderbolts coiled together before forming a mega thunderbolt and struck down from the Heavens.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +70,000,000'


"HAHA...!" Lin Fan was the one laughing maniacally right now. Looking at the furious divine retribution, he hollered out, "LET THE THUNDERSTORMS COME EVEN FIERCER, GOSH!"


Everyone was staring at this man with extreme bewilderment.

Was this guy even human?!

Sha Dulong and the others were crippled on the ground right now. If not for the fact that their Boss was shielding them from everything, they would have been dust right now.

Unable to resist that urge within his body, Chen Xuan puked out a mouthful of blood while looking at Lin Fan who was standing insolently without any bit of fear under the divine retribution.

How could this be?!

Why couldn't this guy die even under the powers of Heaven's divine retribution!?

But even if he were puking blood, Chen Xuan could not stop his relentless penetration of Mother Nature...


Translator's Thoughts

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HAHAHAHA OMG IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MOTHER NATURE AGAIN. BIGGRA IS BACK. And seriously this author's imagination is out of this world. Lin Fan can now fight against a patch of rumbling skies?!? HAHA! Okay, though I think there might be someone beyond it but who knows? Shrugs haha. Cheers!

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