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 Chapter 340: Show-Off Of A Young Man

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"Chicky, stop sulking! Do you have to get so upset over just a single drop of your essence blood?" Looking at Chicky frowning non-stop, Lin Fan was starting to feel exasperated.

Chicky was the descendent of an Ancient Beast after all. Hence, his essence blood was the most precious. But to think that Chicky would get this upset over just a single drop.

Was this Chicky even the same Chicky he knew?

Stingy! This is way too stingy!

'Cuckcuckoo!' Chicky's cries were a little tragic. Slapping on his little belly with his wings, he then pointed down at that area with an extremely sad 'Cuckoo'.

Chicky looked as though he was about to cry.

Lin Fan looked over in bewilderment before teasing him a little.

"Eh? That's strange! Why does it look even smaller than before? I can barely even see it now! Could this be due to the loss of essence blood?" Lin Fan asked curiously.


With anguish in his eyes, Chicky nodded his tiny little head. To Chicky, this was a humiliation beyond words. Ever since a drop of essence blood was taken from there, the size did diminish significantly.

Looking at how sad Chicky was, Lin Fan did not know what else he could say any more. This was the first time he had seen a beast so concerned about his little brother.

Patting on Chicky's head, he then continued, "Alright, alright. Don't be so sad anymore. I'll get you two hens later for your enjoyment, alright?"

The moment Chicky heard this, that sorrowful look disappeared entirely as his eyes opened big and wide, gleaming with excitement.

That excitement seemed to have materialized into a beam of light as he gazed deep into Lin Fan's mind, imploring the latter to never forget this promise.

Looking at the drastic change in the attitude of Chicky, Lin Fan was even more exasperated.

'Chicky! Could you just have that bit of dignity within you that shows that you're a descendant of an Ancient Beast?!? How can you be so pleased with just two hens? You should have at least asked for ten...'


Suddenly, Lin Fan felt some commotion going on far ahead. Out of curiosity, he headed towards the direction.

At a barren land tens of thousands of miles away from Xuanjian Sect, the strong wind was blowing up huge patches of dust clouds.

A convoy of horses had been stopped by a group of people.

"All of you stop right now! This is a robbery...!" A man who was blind in one eye and had a malevolent face was looking at this carriage. His face had a look of excitement on it.

If Lin Fan were here right now, he would have recognized him outright. Wasn't this Sha Dulong?!?

The tale of the 14 Sand Bandits could be considered a tragedy. Ever since they had a botched robbery once, they were taken in by that Big Brother, and hence their lives were spared. However, they were then scared nearly to death at the Fiery Hell due to its horrifying nature.

They then followed behind the Xuanjian Sect members, and left that horrifying place of the Fiery Hell. After traveling for some time, they arrived at the territory of Xuanjian Sect.

To Sha Dulong and the others, this was a totally unfamiliar place. Hence, they could only live their days one at a time.

And the worst thing was that this area wasn't frequented regularly by businessmen or travelers. Hence, they couldn't even rob for a living.

After countless months of struggling to even survive, they finally arrived at a place that could be considered Heaven for people like them.

Yellow Sand Ridge.

This area was livelier and bustling with people. A convoy would pass through here at least once every ten days or so.

And Sha Dulong and the other bandits had learned their lesson as well. Before every robbery, they would check to see if they could look through the cultivation bases and fighting strength of the people within the carriages. If they couldn't see through them, they would give up on the robbery.

But if they could, then they would definitely go for it.

"That's right, wisen up! Men on the left, women on the right! We're the fifteen sand bandits! We're only here for money and not for your lives!" The pygmy Sha Miexiong hollered.

He had learned this move of splitting the men and the women apart from his Big Brother. But this was a good move by Big Brother. This allowed every robbery to go smoothly, and they could separate the loot properly.

As to why the fourteen sand bandits of the past were now fifteen sand bandits? The main reason was because they had long viewed Lin Fan as their Big Brother now.

Even though their Big Brother was no longer around, that didn't change the fact that they had acknowledged him. He was now living within their hearts.

Hence, the fourteen sand bandits were now fifteen sand bandits.

There was a bit of an uproar within the carriage right now, as if the people within had not expected themselves to be robbed.

On the surface, the entire convoy looked extremely normal. However, there was a final prison cart that was draped in black being dragged at the back. No one could look through what it contained.

Within a majestic carriage of the convoy, a young man and young woman were seated on opposite ends of one another.

"Miss Han, to think that someone would dare to try to rob this convoy of carriages with you around. If anyone else were to find out about this, they would laugh their jaws wide open!" The young man was elegant and suave. His eyes were deep like a lion that was deep in slumber. It was as if one would definitely regret messing with him if they underestimated him.

The girl laughed coldly, apparently indifferent about everything that was going on.

"To think that the Yellow Sand Ridge would have bandits within them. This is a first indeed. Just kill them then." She replied nonchalantly.

The young man pushed the curtains of his carriage aside gently, peeking at what was outside. A smile curled on his lips, "Miss Han, the leader of these bandits seems to have a pretty decent cultivation base. I doubt that your underlings are his match."

Han Mei looked at the young man and contemplated for a moment, "Kill them, then we'll deliver that person to Heaven Sea Sect. The reward shall be split evenly between us."

The person that was imprisoned within the caged carriage at the back was someone that the Heaven Sea Sect sought after. As long as they delivered this person, they would claim the reward from the sect.

The Han Family shared a pretty chummy relationship with Heaven Sea Sect. Therefore, the moment the notice was sent out by Heaven Sea Sect that they were looking for this person, the Han Family used their resources and started gathering information. With decent luck, they managed to locate the person indeed.

But Miss Han could not tell anything that was unique about this person. This was nothing more than a child.

As for the young man, he was a mysterious person they had bumped into along the way. Even though they knew nothing of his background, he seemed to know the Han Family like the back of his palm.

Han Mei had a good mind to recruit this young man for her own use. Since his destination was Heaven Sea Sect as well, she allowed him to hop on with them towards it.

"Miss Han, even though the rewards offered by the Heaven Sea Sect may be pretty decent, I've got no interest in it. All I require is a favor from you, and I'll handle all those guys outside."

"What?" Han Mei frowned and asked warily.

"Help me to become a disciple of Heaven Sea Sect." The young man smiled sinisterly.

"Just this?" Miss Han was stunned. She thought this man would look for an extravagant request. But to think that it was this simple?

"With your strength, I doubt that it'll be an issue for you to enter the sect."

"Oh, about that. I'll be entering the sect as your husband." The young man said casually while raising his wine glass.

A slow burn was raring within Han Mei. After thinking for a moment, she nodded her head, "Sure..."


Outside, the fifteen sand bandits were incensed right now.

"Big Brother! These guys are not giving us any face at all!" Now No.3 amongst them, Sha Daotian exclaimed out.

"Should we just whack them outright!?" Sha Miexiong chided in as well.

They could not understand the situation right now. Did people have different personalities at different places?

Were these guys not even afraid of bandits?!

And at this moment, a young man walked over briskly.

"Are you guys out to rob?" He asked casually.

"That's right! You better not give us any nonsense, you gigolo face! We're the fifteen sand bandits who look for only valuables and not lives! Hurry up and give up your money if you know what's good for you!" Sha Dulong replied confidently.

"1, 2...that's strange. You say you're the fifteen sand bandits? Why do I only see fourteen of you? Could one of you have died already? Oh? You've even got a pygmy midget! This is a first indeed! Seems like even clowns could pass off as bandits these days." The young man jeered.

"INSOLENT...!" Everyone was riled up. Since when had they been ridiculed as such ever since they turned into bandits?


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