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 Chapter 34: A Good Example of Serving the People

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After coming to this fantasy world, Lin Fan didn't really think too much about others. Stuff like dominating the entire universe, that was reserved for the really powerful people. Since he had a system, he needed to make use of it and increase his own strength as quickly as possible.

Now that such a great opportunity was in front of him, how could he miss it?

Mo Yi Xin and Ni Mantian were currently engaged in a furious struggle of healing, but at this time, they heard a joyful voice cry out.

"Granddaddy is coming!!!"

Mo Yi Xin opened his eyes and saw a person running over from afar. His heart then leaped with joy, it seemed the moment of life or death had arrived. Fortunately, he was a disciple of the Infinite Devil sect. If the Infinite Devil sect claimed they were number two in tempting humans, then nobody would claim to be number one.

Ni Mantian frowned, not knowing who the person was. Although she was unable to detect the opponent's cultivation base, judging from the footwork, it seemed like he was someone of the Great Yan Dynasty.

Lin Fan ran forth as quick as a horse, his speed breaking through the limit, then glanced at the two's cultivation base.

"Level seven pericelestial."

"Level eight pericelestial."

Lin Fan was dumbfounded after seeing them... strong, way too strong.

'Unexpectedly, two big Bosses turned up. It seems I will earn big this time.'

"My fellow brother, I am a disciple of the Infinite Devil sect. We have been in good relations with the Saint Devil sect for many generations. If you help me, I can introduce you to the Sect head of the Saint Devil sect." This was the territory of the Great Yan Dynasty, and the Great Yan Dynasty was a subsidiary of the Saint Devil sect. Since this person appeared here, he most likely derived from the Great Yan Dynasty. As long as he promised enough benefits to the other party, he definitely would help.

Ni Mantian was young, so she lacked experience. But at that moment, she still began to worry. This was the territory of the Saint Devil sect, and many dynasties were subsidiaries of the Saint Devil sect. Since she came from a righteous sect, she was at a disadvantage.

She was also seriously injured and had fallen prey to Mo Yi Xin's trickery, so she couldn't move. She had cultivated a body of Lianlong, so a mere postcelestial would be unable to harm her, but if he interfered and helped Mo Yi Xin recover first, she would be in grave trouble.

"My fellow brother..." Mo Yi Xin secretly healed himself and prepared to continue tempting the other party.

Lin Fan, who was rushing forth, stopped while realizing that perhaps going forth so openly wasn't such a great idea.But covering his face now was too late, so he could only endure and face it to the end.

At this time, Lin Fan held the legendary weapon "Nine-Five Red Brick" behind his back.

"Fellow brother my as*..." Without any word, Lin Fan jumped forth and smacked the brick on top of Mo Yi Xin's head. Mo Yi Xin, who was in the middle of healing, instantly fainted.

Ni Mantian saw this from the side and let out a sigh of relief secretly. It seemed the other party was a person who could differentiate good from wrong.

A devil sect, in the end, was a devil sect, everyone who was a part of it would be punished.

Just that it was unfortunate for the thousands of citizens under the Great Yan Dynasty, for they were controlled by the devil sect. As a disciple of one of the twelve righteous sects, her future path was still very long.

"Thank you." Ni Mantian whispered, then closed her eyes and silently started healing.

"You're welcome..." Lin Fan smiled and picked up his legendary weapon, smacking Ni Mantian over her head.


When the two people both fainted, Lin Fan brushed off his hands while looking left and right.

The male was handsome while the female possessed an inviolable beauty. Who he should start with first was a deep dilemma.

Towards beautiful women, Lin Fan would always ponder with a pure motive. He would definitely never have any impure motives. Because Lin fan was such a pure person.

Lin Fan thought about it, a level seven pericelestial master, he had never thought that his own brick was capable of knocking out two pericelestial masters. It was something he never dared to think about.

"Alright, gentlemen first. Let's start with you then." Now that "Monkey Steals Peach"was already level 15, it had long reached a very high plane, but as for how high, Lin Fan was unable to say since he never tested it.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and flexed his fingers to make them more movable.


"Monkey Steals Peach"

Lin Fan struck forth without any hesitation, leaving no scope for any error.

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"experience + 20000.'

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"level up.'

When he first attacked, Lin Fan became instantly shocked and then very excited upon hearing the system notification.

The experience was increasing so rapidly.



Lin Fan diligently cultivated "Monkey Steals Peach" and became more skilled with each use. He had now essentially mastered it.

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"experience + 30000.'

"Hey, What happened?" Lin Fan was surprised and stopped. The previous monkey steals peach were only worth 20,000 experience. How did it suddenly turn to 30,000? Did it perhaps have something to do with the handwork?

Lin Fan then experimented again with stealing peach.

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"experience + 20000.'

Lin Fan finally understood that it definitely had something to do with the handwork. With each level, the handiwork would become more and more important, and this was likely an enhancement brought by the recent upgrade.

Lin Fan gradually immersed himself within the rules of "Monkey Steals Peach".

The world was said to have three thousand great paths, each path was a possibility.

The world wasn't actually limited to three thousand paths. Instead, three thousand was a figure point. It wasn't saying that only three thousand paths could be taken. Instead, it meant that the possibilities were endless. If one reached a certain point, they would be able to go beyond the limit.

"Monkey Steals Peach"

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"experience + 30000.'

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"level up.'

Leveling up again made Lin Fan immensely joyful.


At that moment, Lin Fan jumped, 'Oh no, I was so immersed in stealing peaches that I nearly forgot the time.' He then picked up the brick and smacked it again on the two people's head without any hesitation.

The two people, who nearly were about to wake up, fainted again.

Lin Fan sighed in relief. It seemed he needed to pay attention to the time when he was stealing peaches.

These two were boss level beings. If they really did try, they would definitely be able to kill him.

Lin Fan was risking everything this time to level up his skills rapidly by relying on them.

Lin Fan then raised both hands and began crazily stealing towards the crotch of Mo Yi Xin, the sect head of the Infinite Devil sect.

Whenever the two were about to wake up, Lin Fan would unhesitatingly smack the brick over their head and cause them to faint once more.

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"level up.'

'Ding... congratulations"Monkey Steals Peach"level up.'


After "Monkey Steals Peach" repeatedly leveled up some more, reaching level 19, Lin Fan stopped. The reason was that the experience for "Monkey Steals Peach" had now reached one million.

Before level 19, the experience had just been several thousand, but now, it had jumped to one million. Once it reached level 20, it would likely upgrade vastly just like Eternal Demon Body.

At this time, Lin Fan looked towards Mo Yi Xin's crotch, sensing something to seem quite swollen. He then sighed. "Serving the good people of society..."

"Monkey Steals Peach"