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 Chapter 330: Attacking Straight Up

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Against this aura that could arrive at any moment, everyone from Xuanjian Sect was tense and concerned. They were no longer just fearful of this aura, they were downright panicking.

This was horrifying beyond words.

But to Lin Fan, even though this aura seemed strong, he still felt that it was manageable. After all, what should he be afraid of with the Eternal Arm?

And if he really pushed Yours Truly to the limits, Yours Truly could also take out the Eternal Donger to kill off this bugger with a good 'Facial Shot'.

The only thing that made Lin Fan unnerved right now was Xuan Yunxian standing by his side consistently. He could feel that gaze of hers locking onto him constantly.

"Cough, cough. There may be a great battle later. You need to take care of yourself first." Lin Fan's meaning was in fact: Your gaze is causing Yours Truly to feel really awkward. How about you stand on one side first?

But to Xuan Yunxian, the meaning was totally distorted.

"Yes." Her voice was as soft as a mosquito's.

Xuan Yunxian could feel an immense amount of care from that single sentence. Was he afraid that she would come into danger?

Lin Fan snuck in a glance secretly and sighed helplessly. Seemed like Xuan Yunxian had misunderstood him once more.

This was a matter which was causing him endless headaches.

While others required all sorts of tricks and tactics to attract a chick, all Yours Truly did was put on an act of bullsh*t!

Lin Fan stared at the distant sky. Even though the aura was strong, there was still some time before it would reach him. Seemed like he was coming at a real slow speed indeed.

Lin Fan tossed the five bodies into the Heaven and Earth Smelt and started smelting.

'Ding...congratulations on smelting success.'

'Ding...obtained 60 energy grid line chains.'

'Ding...obtained Pseudo five Spirits: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.'

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was puzzled. What in the world was Pseudo Five Spirits?

'Pseudo Five Spirits: Created by man by gathering goblin spirits from different places. These are not spirits made by nature. Prerequisite for mastering 'Five Elements'.'

Oh! Seemed like these Pseudo Five Spirits were just normal stuff and nothing good. If they were innate spirits, Lin Fan might not have minded fusing them into his own body.

Seemed like he should wait a bit before trying out this 'Five Elements'.

Right now, Lin Fan had Seventy five energy grid line chains in his possession. But he already had a rough idea how he was going to make use of them.

The moment he knew that the Beast Spirit World would begin their invasion of Xuanhuang World within the next three years, he had the intentions of powering up his strength level at an immense speed.

Even though he had the Eternal Arm right now, this was still an external source of help. It was hard to say whether this was enough for him to deal with that Ruler of the Beast Spirit World.


Suddenly, the void rippled. A horrifying gap appeared from the sky as a deadly aura descended down from the skies onto the ground.

"You have to take care of yourself!" Xuan Yunxian said in a worried tone.

Lin Fan nodded his head silently before looking up at the massive gap.

This was a grand entrance, intimidating as well.

He wondered what the guy truly looked like.

Within the gap, lightning flashed, as if that was the only thing on the other side of the world.

For someone to be able to create such a formidable impact, his cultivation state must definitely be at a greater celestial full cultivation level. The only question now was the number of energy grid line chains he possessed.

The Eternal Arm had a hundred energy grid line chains to it. With that, Lin Fan could already see how frightening an existence it was.

And since the Eternal Donger was even stronger, Lin Fan presumed that it must definitely have a full 120 energy grid line chains.

Actually, one could not tell how strong it truly was just by looking at that donger. But that was where one must not judge a book by its cover.

Glory Sect's Grandmaster had already been in the greater celestial state for hundreds of years. But even then, he had only managed to accumulate tens of energy grid line chains.

And to think that the Eternal Arm was just a part of the entire body. Lin Fan did not dare to imagine just how frightening the full body would be if it were all fused together.

Therefore, even after obtaining the Eternal Arm, Lin Fan did not dare to think that he was invincible just yet. He knew that everything he would face from now on would definitely not be as easy as he thought.

The most important thing was to get himself stronger. Who knew if all these external powers would turn their back on him and backstab him one day. Therefore, no matter what, Lin Fan only depended on them with care and caution.

Just then, a shadow appeared in front of the gap with lightning crackling and rumbling within it.

That shadow stood there peacefully. Clad in long robes, one could not make out anything about its facial features. In fact, one couldn't even tell of its gender.


And just then, an impossibly strong aura erupted out from that shadow. This aura disrupted the voids and skies around it as it gathered into a torrential force and gushed at Lin Fan and Xuanjian Sect.

Looking at the force that was incoming like a storm, everyone from Xuanjian Sect's faces were pale with shock. They did not even have any power to resist this.

As the smell of death wrapped itself around everyone from Xuanjian Sect, the only question they had was whether they would die just like this.

"Don't come here and spout all this nonsense. Come at me if you've got the guts." Lin Fan shouted as he threw out a punch. The punch was incredibly powerful, causing the torrential force to dissipate into nothingness.

Looking at how the torrential force was destroyed by Lin Fan with a single punch, he seemed to be a little shaken. But this shaken reaction disappeared as quickly as it came by.

"You're strong. But you're foolish as well. You should not have killed them." Travelling through the void, the shadow reappeared above the skies of Xuanjian Sect instantaneously.

Even through his voice, no one could make out whether this was a man or a woman. It was a gender-neutral voice. Those eyes under those long robes seemed to be giving off a really sharp gaze.

Looking at how Lin Fan destroyed that torrential force with a single punch, everyone from Xuanjian Sect's heart skipped a beat. Eventually, they could only place all of their hopes with him.

"It's none of your business who my Daddy wants to kill!" Suddenly, the person who adored and revered Lin Fan like no one else lashed out at the shadow in the skies.

"Linfeng, hush!" Xuan Yunxian's face changed immediately as she dragged Liu Linfeng to one side.

This was not the time and place for them to make any noise. That figure in the skies gave off an extremely repressive aura, as if he could crush them with just a single finger.

"Hmph." With a single cold snort, the figure sent out a sonic boom ripping across the void, as if he were determined to kill this kid who did not know his place.

The color drained out of Xuan Yunxian's face.

But just at that moment, Lin Fan raised his hand and diffused the sonic boom.

"Don't go overboard, or you won't even know how you died later." Lin Fan said in disdain. These were the type of people he hated the most, people who acted superior to everyone else.

'Sure, you can act out all the bullsh*t you want... But if you want to act bullsh*t in front of Yours Truly, then you're asking for it.'

The shadow no longer bothered with Liu Linfeng, and turned its head towards Grandmaster Xuan, "This gigantic sword was left behind by me. I am now going to take it back. Any problem?"

Everyone from Xuanjian Sect had been wondering about who this person was. But when they heard what the person just said, they looked at one another in shock.

"W-who are you?" Grandmaster Xuan asked in absolute disbelief.

She was the Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sword, so naturally, she knew about the secrets behind Xuanjian Sect.

"It doesn't matter who I am. All I asked was, any problem?" The voice grew tenser, and the person's power level seemed to increase as well.

Grandmaster Xuan was pale as a sheet as she stumbled yet another step back, not knowing what to do. She looked at the person in the sky and continued, "Do you have any proof to prove that this is yours?"

Suddenly, the person tossed a token down onto the hands of Grandmaster Xuan, "Do you recognize this token?"

Upon receiving the token, Grandmaster Xuan's face changed even more terribly, "This...this...!"

She naturally recognized this token! It was inscribed in the sect's secret records that back in the past when they were looking for a location to build the sect on, there were already people on this sword. However, that person ceded and allowed Xuanjian Sect to build their sect here.

Just as the person was leaving, the person tossed the Founder Ancestor a token, telling her that when they met this token once more, it would be the time to return the sword.

But she had not expected that it would be now!

Looking at the aghast look on the face of Grandmaster Xuan, Lin Fan garnered in his heart that the person was speaking the truth. But to Lin Fan, the truth could also easily be distorted in any way. If one were to live just by morals, how pitiful would that be?

"Quit your blabbering. I've now taken an interest in this sword. Do you have any objections?" Lin Fan stared straight at the person in the skies and demanded.

"How dare you...!" The person was evidently riled.

"Hmph. It's survival of the fittest. Only the strong shall survive. Well, Yours Truly is telling you now that I've taken an interest in this sword. Even if it's yours, I'm gonna snatch it over from your hands." Suddenly, a massive aura erupted out from Lin Fan as well.

The cheap son, Liu Linfeng, was thoroughly bedazzled by this display of might as well.

"Hmph...!" The person snorted.

"Oh? You think that you're the only person who knows how you to snort? Yours Truly can do it too! Hmph...hmph...HMPH!!!" Lin Fan snorted continuously in a taunting manner. 'Who's afraid of who? If he's unhappy, he can come at Yours Truly for all he wishes.'

"You...!" The person's aura was reaching a maximum point as the person's robes danced around in the skies. And it was at this point that the face underneath the robe was finally unveiled.

Originally in a pretty decent mood, Lin Fan was completed petrified by who it was.

Heaven Queen...

Lin Fan could not pull his gaze away from this face. This was a face that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

This was one of the participants of Saint Devil Sect's destruction. The Heaven Queen who he had bitten on the neck viciously.

It was her!

No one noticed the anger that was burning in Lin Fan's eyes.

The domineering aura of the person in the sky came to a calm, "I do not wish to engage in battle with you. All I want is this gigantic sword..."

And everyone was shocked by the next scene.


In a frenzy of rage, Lin Fan dashed up towards the Heaven Queen in the sky.

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