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 Chapter 328: Turn Into Dust

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In the sky, five shadows were floating in the air right now. These five men were clad in robes of different colors. Each of them had a word embossed on their chest area.

Metal. Wood. Water. Fire. Earth.

The five elements?

These five people seemed to be linked with one another in one way or another. Even though their aura right now was meek, they seemed to hold in way more than this.

"HAHA! To think that the next Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect would be in love with a man. What a sight!"

"And they both bore a sissy son as well! This is a scandal worthy of Xuanjian Sect's thousands of years of history indeed!"


These five people seemed to keep no one in their eyes. Insults rained one upon another, as they tore down the image of Xuanjian Sect without any fear of repercussions.

The presence of these unknown enemies caused Xuanjian Sect to be on high alert. Xuan Yunxian's forlorn face regained its usual cold demeanor as she looked at the five people in the skies.

However, each time her eyes made contact with Lin Fan, they were lovesick once more. This sent Lin Fan on a massive guilt trip. Did she really think he was the one?

"May I know who you guys are? What is your purpose here at Xuanjian Sect?" Looking at the 5 men in the skies, Grandmaster Xuan was filled with unease. None of these people seemed weaker than her from their aura. In fact, they gave off a really threatening feeling.

She could not remember any sect within the entire Dongling Continent that had clothing similar to theirs. Just what sect did they hail from?

Just then, the man with the word 'Metal' spoke up, "You're not worthy of knowing who we are. The only thing you need to know is that we're here for one thing."

These people were not here with friendly intents.

Grandmaster Xuan cast a look at her fellow Senior Elders.

"What thing?" She then asked in a solemn voice.

"The core of Xuanjian Sect." The Metal man replied coldly.

"Impossible...!" Grandmaster Xuan's face changed and she rejected this immediately.

This gigantic sword right here was the core of Xuanjian Sect. Taking away this sword was as good as destroying Xuanjian Sect entirely. Something like this was impossible for them to accept.

"Oh? You don't have the right to decide whether it's possible or not." The Metal man snorted coldly. "You guys have one incense's time to leave this place, or you shall lay down your lives here as well."

Suddenly, the ground they were standing on shook. The gigantic sword vibrated momentarily, and numerous Sword Wills shot out from it, encompassing the entire Xuanjian Sect.

"Hmph. Know your place. You guys think you can stop us with this mere Heaven's Energy Sword Formation? The dreams that fools make indeed. You guys only have one incense's worth of time. Once the time is up, all of you shall stay right here forever."

The moment they finished this sentence, all five of them floated in the air without budging a single inch. Those cold eyes looked down with looks of joy, as if this was all was a game to them.

In their eyes, just a mere Xuanjian Sect was nothing for them to fear.

As for Xuanjian Sect, everyone was in a frenzy right now. They had no idea who these people who just popped out of nowhere were.

Lin Fan looked into the skies and was filled with questions as well.

These five were greater celestial full cultivation beings with 12 energy grid line chains to their belts. However, when the five of them stood together, their strength was far greater than that of just 12 energy grid line chains. Seemed like there must be some secret to their formation.

"Grandmaster, where did all these people come from? How about we get away to discuss for a moment." One of the Senior Elders shouted out urgently.

Grandmaster Xuan's face was grim. All five of their cultivation bases were higher than hers. And they only gave her time for a single incense to burn. How was that even enough?

As the Grandmaster and the others were discussing, a thought was forming in Lin Fan's mind.

Perhaps, he could strike a deal with Grandmaster Xuan and the others.

Xuan Yunxian came before Lin Fan with a look of reluctance and said, "Please, bring Linfeng away with you."

Xuan Yunxian was now a greater celestial lower level with a single energy grid line chain to her belt. Even though those people in the sky were keeping their aura to themselves for the most part, she could make out the terrifying power behind them.

She was certain that a big fight was about to break out. By then, she would have no spare attention to take care of them.

"Master, I will not leave." Liu Linfeng replied.

Even though he was a sissy, when the time came to it, he was definitely loyal towards the sect.

"Listen to master and leave first. You can come back after the entire thing blows over."

"No...!" Liu Linfeng shook his head furiously before turning to Lin Fan, "Daddy, please leave first!"

The moment Lin Fan heard the words Daddy, he cringed from head to toe. It was as if the word had a magical effect in Liu Linfeng's mouth, which caused one to shudder uncontrollably.

Lin Fan did not reply to them. Instead, he came forth to the strategizing Grandmaster Xuan.

"Grandmaster Xuan, I'd like to make a deal. As long as you give me this item, I'll help you kill all five of them." Lin Fan took out a Supreme Being's Token Shard.

Regarding this item, not many people within the sect knew about it.

Towards the battle back then, only sects with a history of tens of thousands of years would have some broken pieces of records and documentation about it. As for sects like these with only a few thousand years of history, they did not know about it at all. Therefore, the moment Lin Fan took it out, Grandmaster Xuan did not have much of a reaction.

"This thing...?" Grandmaster Xuan looked at the Supreme Being's Token Shard, as if she was trying hard to recall about something.

This thing looked pretty familiar. Finally, she remembered.

"I have one such thing in my possession. It may be a treasure, but it is able to suck up a person's True Energy indefinitely. Therefore, it must be an evil object.'

Evil object? Lin Fan was puzzled right now. Even though Grandmaster Xuan might know that it was an evil object, as a greater celestial full cultivation being, she should have enough True Energy for it to suck as compensation. Why would she think that it was an evil object if that were the case?

Could it be that the token shard that Grandmaster Xuan possessed was different, such that even the True Energy of a greater celestial full cultivation being was not enough to satiate it?

Rummaging through her storage sack, Grandmaster Xuan then took out a token shard.

"You can have this. Please take all of my disciples and leave this place together." She replied.

"The five of them are at the greater celestial full cultivation state. I wonder how many energy grid line chains they have in their possession. Any average disciple who remains would sure be sent to their deaths. Yunxian, take all of our disciples and leave this place. If we fail the defense, search for another place to continue the legacy of our sect." Grandmaster Xuan continued to pass down the orders.

"Master..." Before Yunxian could continue, she was cut short by Grandmaster Xuan, who then turned to Lin Fan, "Regarding the affairs between you and Yunxian, us old fogeys here are unable to stop it the way things are now. I can only hope that you do not let down Yunxian's sincere feelings."

Lin Fan was stumped once more. He was here for a deal, not to take in all these bunch of people like orphans!

"No, Grandmaster Xuan. You give me that object and I'll destroy all five of them outside. It's a fair and even deal." Lin Fan tried to explain.

Suddenly, all five of them who were outside broke into a wild fit of laughter as they heard Lin Fan's words.

"HAHA! That's the world's biggest joke ever! That kid claims that he can take down all five of us!"

"Metal, why don't we strike now? What are we still wasting time for?"

"That's right! The Lord is still waiting for us!"


Grandmaster Xuan shook her head and handed the token shard over to Lin Fan, "Please take Yunxian and leave with the others."

"Yunxian, listen to your master. Take the disciples and leave."

Lin Fan sighed. No matter what he said, none of them would believe him.

Just then, the Heaven's Energy Sword Formation began to shake. The five of them had begun their attacks.

"Hmph. I've given all of you the time of a single incense. Since you do not know how to cherish this, then all of you shall stay!"

"Take this down!"

Suddenly, the Metal man roared as a golden light filled with immense energy struck at the Heaven's Energy Sword Formation.


Instantly, the formation shattered, unable to even withstand a single blow.

Grandmaster Xuan and the others were petrified. To think that such a mighty sword formation would be destroyed just like that! How could that be!

"Hmph...!" All five of them snorted coldly as the void started trembling.

"Hurry up and leave! We'll defend this...!" Grandmaster Xuan and the other Senior Elders rushed forth, a grim look on their faces.

Just a single strike was all it took to take down the formation! That wasn't a power that they could hope to defend against. But even if they had to sacrifice down to their very last breath, they had to ensure that Yunxian could get the other disciples out safely!

"Alright, the deal is done. Time for me to fulfill my end." Placing the token shard into his bag, Lin Fan could not help but be pleased with his luck. Just like that, he had three pieces now. It shouldn't be long before he collected all of them.

Grandmaster Xuan and the others were utterly shocked, wondering what this man was up to. Could he not tell how strong those five people were?!?

Yunxian looked at Lin Fan with utmost worry as well.

Lin Fan's hair were floating gently in the wind as he raised his head up at the five men in the skies. While grinning, he used his hand to beckon at them and taunt them.

"How dare you...?" All 5 of them echoed in unison. They had not expected this lad to dare to provoke them! They would be sure to let him know the true meaning of horror!

"What are you doing! You're not their match!" Grandmaster Xuan shouted in shock.

Totally ignoring Grandmaster Xuan's words, Lin Fan stood there, disregarding any form of danger.

He then said casually.

"A single palm strike and all of you shall turn into dust."

"C-crazy! The kid's insane!" Grandmaster Xuan yelled.

"Lad...! Go and die!" Suddenly, the Metal man dashed down from the skies. With the power of the Metal energy coiled around his arm, he rained down a punch onto Lin Fan.

And just as the Metal man was prepared to smite down Lin Fan, something astonishing happened.

The Metal man's facial expression changed. He could feel an opposing force that was causing his heart to flutter. In fact, the force seemed to be unstoppable!

I-impossible! This was definitely impossible!


And just like that, a bright ray of light covered the entire skies followed by a really loud boom.

Nobody could tell what was happening right now...

Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

Hi guys! For those of you who are wondering, the 5 elements 'Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth' refer to the 5 elements of Chinese Astrology where one thing curbs and counters another as well as the implications of our birth conditions and the type of issues we may face in our future lives depending on the timings you were born etc! You can try to read up on it! Pretty interesting if you're into these stuff haha! Cheers!

Also, guys! The cover of TSS has been changed because I requested for one. This was because I had comments that the old one was bad. And well, please let me know of your honest opinions on how it is on the comments. Do work with me so that we can have what's best for TSS. Cheers!