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 Chapter 324: Unsatisfied Desires

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Filled with a flirtatious mood, a deep crying sound rang out from the woods.

"Boohoo...!" The plump and cute Flame Overlord was being strung up on the trees with his clothing in tatters. Those whip marks on his tender body were ever so red.

The rotund little Flame Overlord could no longer feel his own chastity.

No matter how much he struggled and cried out, he could not escape these sinister palms.

Big drops of tears were flowing down from his big, wide eyes. He was an overlord who looked after countless number of residents under him. To think that he would be ravaged by a human. He was suffering within his heart.

He even had thoughts of suicide right now. How was he to stand upright in front of his residents ever again...

Looking at the scars on his plump, white body, he felt like crying once more.

Despite being filled up to brim with shame, he felt a hidden pleasure within his heart. He started to wonder what he would feel if he couldn't experience this guilty pleasure ever again.

At this moment, Lin Fan was leaning on a tree trunk. He had successfully trained this beast. In fact, the training this time round brought him waves of pleasure himself.

Even though the Flame Overlord was already 600 years old, every single whip on the body of this childlike body still brought to Lin Fan a sense of guilt as well.

Was he turning into a pervert for real?

The moment he felt those feelings, Lin Fan was scared stiff by his own thoughts.

He then shook his head furiously and tossed out those emotions. How could he be someone like that?

If only there were cigarettes right now, Lin Fan could really use one as he was leaning against the tree, just to soothe his fluttering heart.

Indeed, a beast was a beast. Even the willpower of a beast was extremely determined compared to humans.

Lin Fan doubted that even Mie Qiongqi was just half of this Flame Overlord.

He had exerted every single restraint and used up his Ultimate Secret Art 6 entire times before this Flame Overlord finally succumbed.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt two distinct auras.

"Demon! Take my sword!"

Looking over, Lin Fan caught sight of 2 shadows darting over from the distance. A male and a female, both of them were pericelestial upper levels. Not too shabby.

The male was handsome while the female was beautiful. But why was it that their gazes did not look too friendly?!?

But it didn't bother Lin Fan. He allowed the 2 of them to chase forth while he flew off to the distance.

Now that he had successfully trained the Flame Overlord, he left some instructions for the latter as well. Once he returned to the Beast Spirit World, he would then follow Lin Fan's orders.

Even though the Flame Overlord had 16 energy grid line chains, this was still definitely far from enough to deal with the black clad man.

But it didn't matter. It was always better to have an extra pair of hands.

"Hmph! Thank goodness you escaped quickly, demon! Otherwise, I'll make sure you spill blood!" The suave young man's hair was floating with the breeze as his sword gleamed brightly.

"What a pitiful child! To think that he was nearly made a victim by that demon!" Looking at the Flame Overlord strung up on the trees, the beautiful girl who followed along said with a pained look.

"Senior Brother Mu, hurry up and let this child down!"

"Sure, Junior Sister." With a swing of his sword, he cut down the ropes and caught the falling Flame Overlord.

"Take a look at the scars on his body, Senior Brother! He must definitely have been abused by that man! Thank goodness we arrived in the nick of time!" Looking at the scars on his body, this girl was extremely heartbroken.

Even though she wasn't from the same sect as Senior Brother Mu, the 2 of them were bosom mates from childhood. Hence, they traveled together to exact justice for the wronged in the world. On the way back to their sects, they heard a tragic sound and hurried over to check it out.

The sight of it all had them entirely outraged. To think that the pedophile would not even let go of a kid this young!

"Eh? Senior Brother! Take a look at his back! Why are there 4 wings here?" The girl asked, confused.

"That's right! What's happening? I've never heard of anything like this before!" The 2 of them looked at one another in bewilderment. This was the first time they had witnessed something like this.

If not for the fact that the records within their sects had indicated that beasts could not take on the form of humans, they might really have mistaken this thing as a beast!

"Senior Brother Mu, I think he must have undergone some experimentation or given some weird pills by that demon just now, resulting in this. This is really painful to look at! How about we adopt him and raise him together from now on?" The girl said compassionately.

The moment that Senior Brother Mu heard this, his body shuddered for a moment. The calm and handsome face of his let out a look of glee.

'Adopt this kid. Raise him together. Doesn't that just mean...?'

Senior Brother Mu did not dare to ponder any further. Without any hesitation, he nodded his head in agreement. He had been wondering what he should do to take the next step forward with his Junior Sister, but wasn't this just the perfect opportunity?

"Little kid, Elder Sister here will protect you, alright? Can you tell me what's your name?" The girl looked at the Flame Overlord with a tender expression.

But suddenly, she let out a scream.

The Flame Overlord was extremely angry right now. Those round eyes of his were dancing with flames. He had intended to stay hanging there for his big brother to whip him more. He was craving for that feeling once more. To think that these guys would spoil his plan!

He only had one thought on his mind right now: to devour these 2 humans whole.

"What's wrong, Junior Sister?" Senior Brother Mu was shocked out of his sweet dreams by the screams of his junior sister.

"Senior Brother! H-his eyes!" The girl pointed at the Flame Overlord in fear.

"Eyes? What eyes?" Senior Brother Mu was confused. However, the moment he caught sight of the Flame Overlord's eyes, he was equally stunned.

"How dare you 2 detestable humans destroy my perfect plan! I shall swallow you whole!" The face of the cute and plump Flame Overlord was now cold and vengeful.

With a single roar, his body expanded rapidly.

Instantaneously, the cute body of the child disappeared as he regained his true form.


The Flame Overlord let loose a cry as those sharp teeth of his glinted with a devious light. It was as though a peerless demon was staring down at these 2 people.

Looking at the gargantuan beast before them, these 2 people were scared witless. Even though their cultivation bases were decent, they were still rendered crying helplessly under the aura of this intimidating beast.


"Enough, kid. Do not harm these 2 and hurry the hell back!" Suddenly, a voice rang out from the distance.

The moment the Flame Overlord heard this, his anger diffused out. Looking at the 2 of them one last time with those fiery eyes, he leaped into a deep hole that had opened up on the ground and disappeared from Dongling Continent entirely.

The girl was scared shitless right now. Senior Brother Mu was still able to maintain his composure for just that bit more. The moment he saw this terrifying guy leave, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Junior Sister..." Senior Brother Mu wanted to comfort his junior sister. To think that she would pounce into his arms on her own accord.

"Senior Brother! I don't want any kids in the future! Kids are scary!"


Still rushing on his way, Lin Fan shook his head a little helplessly. He had been monitoring the situation back there. Even though the Flame Overlord had been tamed by him, he was still a terrifying existence towards other human beings.

But thinking of how things ended up between those 2, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle. To think that the Flame Overlord would end up being a matchmaker.

Who knew? Senior Brother Mu might even be thanking the Flame Overlord secretly in his heart right now.

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