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 Chapter 311: It's A Misunderstanding! We're Here To Congratulate!

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Looking at all the Grandmasters, Xinfeng took in a deep breath and replied straight, "I cannot comply."

The moment the 38 Grandmasters heard these words, the fire in their hearts had reached a breaking point. As for this guy who had appeared out of nowhere? Even though they did not know how tough he was, but could he really stand up against the combined power of 38 sects worth of Grandmasters and disciples?

"Good. Jiuxiao Sect is arrogant as always indeed. I hope that you do not regret these words at the brink of your destruction." Grandmaster Hu of Red Cloud Sect replied coldly. Seemed like he had to go in for real now.

"Is anybody going to tell me just what is going on right now?" And the man had spoken. At the same time, Lin Fan was glaring at Grandmaster Hu like he was watching a dead man.

"Senior Brother Lin! They want to divide our sect up!"

"They're simply too much! We either have to give up our territories to them or they would declare war to destroy our sect!"


Now that Lin Fan was here, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples let out all their complaints outright.

Back when Lin Fan wasn't around, they were really feeling extremely indignant. But now that Lin Fan was present, they could tell all their troubles out to him. If Senior Brother Lin were to really strike, all these nobodies wouldn't have any guts to be so insolent anymore!

Lin Fan stood up and tossed a piece of pastry into his mouth. Munching happily, he chuckled, "Today's the day of my Brother's grand ascension of the Grandmaster seat. If you guys aren't here to congratulate them, then so be it. But to think that you're here to talk about destroying his sect? Now, that does tick me off a little."

Grandmaster Hu looked at Lin Fan who was standing in the middle and snorted coldly, "This is an affair between the 38 sects and Jiuxiao Sect. It's none of your business."

Grandmaster Hu had purposely raised his volume when he mentioned the '38 sects'. This was a warning for Lin Fan to think properly before butting into a mess of troubles he couldn't afford to handle.

Within the 38 sects, there were quite a number of greater celestial full cultivation beings. To talk about fighting strength, they were definitely far from lacking. Everyone knew that greater celestial full cultivation was the strongest one could get in the Dongling Continent. After that, all that mattered was the number of energy grid line chains.

If the 38 sects were to stand together, that'd be a fearsome force to behold. Even Jiuxiao Sect at its peak would have to pay some sacrifices if they wanted to take down these 38 sects combined, let alone the current weak Jiuxiao Sect.

"Brother Lin..." Xinfeng looked at Lin Fan, as though he wanted to say something. But Lin Fan waved his hand, cutting Xinfeng off.

All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples looked at Lin Fan in anticipation.

"Alright, since that's the case, we've got nothing more to talk about. All 38 sects can come at me together then." Lin Fan flicked his robes and used his hand to beckon at the masses before him.

The faces of everyone from the 38 sects changed immediately, "What do you mean?"

Looking at these people, Lin Fan shrugged nonchalantly, "Oh, nothing much. Since you guys are insistent on destroying Jiuxiao Sect, then I guess I just have to destroy all of you guys today. That'll save me any troubles in the future as well."

The moment Lin Fan said these words, the entire atmosphere turned eerily silent.

What did they just hear?

Did this man just say that he wanted to destroy all 38 sects singlehandedly? What...what a f*cking joke!

As for the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, they were so excited that some of their teeth were chattering nonstop.

Senior Brother Lin was really way too domineering!

"Who are you? Do you even know what your words mean?" Grandmaster Hu shouted harshly. He could sense that this guy was really way too insolent. Or perhaps, this guy practically disregarded their existence entirely!

All the 38 Grandmasters laughed out loud together. This guy was simply courting death, wasn't he?

They had thought of every single possible scenario that could have happened, but they did not expect to hear such a reply.

Suddenly, Lin Fan's face turned entirely cold. That cheery and smiling face was no longer present, as his gaze now pierced through everyone's heart with an explosive aura erupting from him.

"It doesn't matter who I am. The main point is whether you guys have any objections to me destroying all 38 sects today." Flicking his robes, Lin Fan's demeanor was beyond grand right now. He was like a peerless overlord of the world looking down on his subjects.

Looking at this scene, all the Jiuxiao Sect disciples were frozen solid right now. 'So...so...cool!'

Even though some of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples were still ignorant of Lin Fan's identity, they had already peed their pants with his bold reply.

They had not expected to be able to meet with such a majestic man one day. The Jiuxiao Sect disciples then broke into cheers, releasing those pent-up emotions they had been keeping in.

"How dare you? Alright, I'll see what you have then!" Maddened with rage, one of the Grandmasters from below flew up immediately at Lin Fan with a palm strike.

The other 37 Grandmasters stood where they were. They wanted to see just what this man could do.

The Grandmaster who flew up was also a greater celestial full cultivation being. That palm strike boasted of formidable power as it ripped through the void and appeared right before Lin Fan instantaneously.

Looking at the scene unfold, smiles appeared on the lips of all the Grandmasters.

Despite his big words, this man had not even reacted to the palm that was flying towards him so quickly. He must be a trash indeed.

But the next scene had their jaws dropping agape.

Without even bothering to look at the other party, Lin Fan raised his right hand gently and slapped out.

Instantly, a gigantic force exploded out from Lin Fan as a massive palm strike tore the void apart.

A tragic cry could be heard ringing out through the skies.

"How could this be...!" Looking at the scene before them, everyone present was just entirely stumped.

They had not expected this to happen, not in their wildest dreams! With just a single slap, Grandmaster Wang was in a comatose state. Everyone began to gulp down their saliva. They could feel a cold breeze passing by.

Grandmaster Hu's heart took a leap as well. This man was definitely not simple. Far from simple!

But who in the world was he?!?

Grandmaster Wang was a greater celestial full cultivation being, someone with 6 energy grid line chains to boot! And he fell just like that?!? What?!?!

'Ding...congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation Grandmaster Wang.'

'Ding...experience points +500,000,000.'


"Oh, sorry, my bad. I didn't really judge my strength when I struck out. Seems like this so-called Grandmaster is dead. Oh, right, his disciples are still around right? Okay, you guys can go back to your sect and inform the others that the man who killed your Grandmaster is Lin Fan of Glory Sect. If they've got any bones to pick with me, they can find me at the Glory Sect." Lin Fan pointed down to the disciples of Grandmaster Wang.

All of these disciples were frozen solid right now. They had not expected their Grandmaster to die just like that...

As for the other 37 sects, the moment they heard the words 'Glory Sect', their blood froze solid.

Glory Sect?

To think that this man was from the Glory Sect!

But wasn't Jiuxiao Sect at odds with Glory Sect? Just what the hell was happening right now?

"You...you...!" Grandmaster Hu pointed at Lin Fan, not knowing what to say.

"Alright. Who else is indignant? I'll give you guys time to go back to your sect and gather your best. Or, you can head out to hire mercenaries, whatever. I'll be in Jiuxiao Sect for 3 days. If you guys don't come back in 3 days, I'll head out to destroy your sects personally one after another." Lin Fan said overbearingly.

But of course, these were just empty threats to scare them. Lin Fan would definitely not do something like exterminating someone's sect. But by the looks of it, these Grandmasters looked like people who couldn't deal with fear.

Indeed, the moment Lin Fan's words came out, everyone from the 38 sects was staring with their mouths agape as their hearts skipped a beat.

"Th-this...erm...this is a misunderstanding!" Initially arrogant and haughty, Grandmaster Hu's face changed immediately as well. The moment his eyes met with Lin Fan, he stumbled back a few steps.

It was as though he was being repelled by Lin Fan's fearsome gaze.

As for the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, all of their blood was boiling with excitement right now.

What a cool speech that was!!!

3 days for them to gather their best, or they'd face the personal destruction of their sects.

They had never once heard anyone speak such bold words!

"Misunderstanding? Oh, good then. So, what are you guys here for today then?" Immediately, a laugh broke out on Lin Fan's face.

"We're here to offer our congratulations..." Without any backbone left, Grandmaster Hu and the others replied hurriedly.

Gotta be kidding...

All of them had witnessed the scene moments earlier. And to boot it off, this man was from Glory Sect!

Glory Sect's backing aside, with just his strength alone, it wouldn't be easy to even take down this one man.

To be able to kill Grandmaster Wang with just a single slap, even Jiuxiao Sect's previous Grandmaster Han did not wield such strength!

F*cking hell. How was this guy so terrifying...?

Translator's Thoughts

Lam Lam

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Also, I'm really appreciative of the fact that Lin Fan is someone who wouldn't destroy the sects of other people. I think that spells a lot about the type of character he has. While he may be shameless and crafty, he's still got a heart.