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 Chapter 308: Humiliation

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Across that boundless vast sky, a gigantic battle ark was cruising through rapidly. Lin Fan stood atop of it, laughing maniacally down at the Earth below.

"That's right! The outside world is where Yours Truly truly belongs!"

Ever since he left the sect grounds, Lin Fan realized how high spirited he was altogether. Coupled with the fact that he managed to get a hold of the Grandmaster's battle ark, there was practically nothing that could dampen his mood right now.

He decided that once he was settled with Jiuxiao Sect's affairs, he would go and roam around with the battle ark.

This battle ark was especially fast compared to those battle arks he had ridden on before. He was practically traversing 10 miles in a blink of his eyes.

However, Lin Fan still did not know the theory behind how this battle ark worked. If he knew about the theory, he wouldn't have minded building one for himself.

Lin Fan gazed at the distant skies before him. After Jiuxiao Sect, he would then head out to search for the Supreme Being Token Shards. Oh right, the forbidden grounds of that bloody dog Seven Saints as well.


Jiuxiao Sect...

In the past month, Jiuxiao Sect was in a state of low spirits. Some of the disciples had lost every bit of hope for the sect.

The Grandmaster was dead.

The Senior Elders were dead.

The once number one sect in the far west was now nothing more than an empty shell.

Some of the disciples chose to leave Jiuxiao Sect. Since they did not know what the future held, they wanted to head out to seek for a new future.

The others swore to stick by Xinfeng's side. They were determined to continue fighting on for the sake of Jiuxiao Sect.

"Senior Brother, the Grandmaster's Ascension Ceremony is about to begin." Feng Xiaoling was worried as well. However, no matter how tough the road ahead might be for Jiuxiao Sect, he was confident that Senior Brother Xinfeng would be able to bring Jiuxiao Sect back to its glorious days once more.

"Okay." Xinfeng nodded his head. A dragon could not survive without its head. Now that the burden had fallen on Xinfeng's shoulders, the pressure could be suffocating at times.

Feng Xiaoling looked at his Senior Brother. With something bothering him, he hesitated for a moment before saying, "Senior Brother, with our situation right now, we could do better without the ascension ceremony. Based on the reports of our disciples outside, many sects are harboring ill intentions towards us."

Feng Xiaoling looked into the distance. The glorious aura that emanated from Jiuxiao Sect was no longer present.

"Junior Brother, even though Jiuxiao Sect is down and desolate right now, we are still a big sect. An important ceremony as such must not be canceled. As for the other sects, we would need to deal with them sooner or later. If they want to come and cause trouble, then let them be." Xinfeng replied solemnly.

"Actually, there's another way out, Senior Brother. Based on your relationship with Senior Brother Lin, if Glory Sect could help out, perhaps we could..." This was the thought that Feng Xiaoling was hesitating to speak out about.

Xinfeng shook his head in disagreement, "Junior Brother, you must remember always. We, Jiuxiao Sect, owe Glory Sect too much... Far too much."

Not knowing what more he could say, Feng Xiaoling nodded his head. He knew what his Senior Brother was thinking about, and why he was feeling that way he was. But as things were, things did not look to be too well for Jiuxiao Sect right now...

"Has the guests from the other sects arrived?" Xinfeng asked.

"More or less, they're all here."


Jiuxiao Sect's Entrance...

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were kept busy attending to the guests one after another. All the major sects of the far west region were present for this ceremony.

"Senior Brother, I'm a little nervous." One of the disciples attending to the guests at the entrance muttered anxiously. This was the first time he was in such a situation, now that Jiuxiao Sect was shaky and no longer the strong sect it once was.

"Junior Brother, have no fear. No matter what happens, we've got to show that our spirit is still strong." Another disciple replied.

Just then, a group of people appeared at the gates of Jiuxiao Sect.

"Red Cloud Sect's Grandmaster arrives with his disciples to offer their sincerest congratulations to the newly ascended Grandmaster of Jiuxiao Sect. They present a gift of a...10-year-old cherry fruit." When the disciples in charge of welcoming the guests from other sects received the gift, they were supposed to announce it out loudly.

But upon receiving this gift, their hearts shuddered momentarily as well.

This was in no way a congratulatory gift. This was a form of humiliation.

Upon hearing the announcement, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples gathered at the front gates looked extremely grim. Ten-year-old cherry?!? This was a complete insult!

"What? Is this the way Jiuxiao Sect treats their guests? We've offered our congratulations and given our gift as well. You guys are gonna have us standing here still?" The Red Cloud Sect's Grandmaster voiced out in displeasure.

The Red Cloud Sect's disciples started to complain on their part as well.

"Hmph. How dare they continue to be so arrogant when they're in such dire straits."

"Does Jiuxiao Sect still think that they're a somebody? Goodness, we're already giving enough face by even showing up right now."

"Are they trying to imply that our gift is too pitiful? This 10-year cherry fruit is the best gift that our Grandmaster can offer to weak and poor sects when we visit them!"


Hearing these sarcastic words, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples were filled with a burning rage within them. Since when had Jiuxiao Sect been the target of such humiliation! Which of these sects had dared to speak to them in such a manner in the past?

But thinking of the state they were in right now, these disciples could only clench their fists tightly and bear with the insults.

"Grandmaster Hu, please come in." One of the previous geniuses of Jiuxiao Sect welcomed the Red Cloud Sect's Grandmaster in.

"Hmm." Grandmaster Hu of Red Cloud Sect nodded his head. "At least you've got some manners."

The genius disciple gave off a forced smile. These Grandmasters of such sects would never have dared to be so insolent in the past.

There were 38 sects present right now, and Red Cloud Sect was the last to arrive.

In front of the hall where the ascension was going to take place, all the sects sat down at their positions respectively. The 38 Grandmasters conversed openly without trying to hush their voices as well, not in the least bit afraid of Jiuxiao Sect disciples listening in on them.

"Grandmaster Yang, what did you gift them?"

"Oh, a chest of common jewels."

"Wow, what a generous man you are! I gave them a 10-year-old cherry!"

"Haha! That's a little stingy now isn't it, Grandmaster Hu! My jewel chest can buy two of those cherries!"

"Heh, even that seems too much to me, Grandmaster Hu! Guess what I gave on my side? I'm so poor I could only give them some gold bars! HAHAHA!"


As these Grandmasters indulged in their conversations, the surrounding Jiuxiao Sect disciples could only grit their teeth in pain.

They were heartbroken, and felt as if they were being slapped on the faces right now.

Once the leader of the far west, but to be in such a dreary state right now.

They could tell that these people did not come with good intentions. They were probably not here to just congratulate them on the ascension of the Grandmaster position.

Jiuxiao Sect was like a piece of meat on a chopping board right now, waiting for anyone to take a slice.

Greater celestial beings...

In the past, Jiuxiao Sect could easily find a greater celestial being lying about nearly anywhere. But now, there wasn't even a single greater celestial being in their sect. Far from being an irony, they weren't even comparable to a small sect right now.

Looking at all the high and mighty looks of these other major sect's Grandmasters, the Jiuxiao Sect disciples could only fume silently in their hearts.

But the thing they were even angrier about was the fact that even the disciples of these major sects were pointing fingers and throwing shade at them, as though they were nothing but flies.

And the frustration came with the fact that these disciples were of low cultivation bases, practically nothing compared to even the remaining Jiuxiao Sect disciples. However, Jiuxiao Sect no longer had anyone as their backing.

If only their Grandmaster and Senior Elders were still around, who would dare to be so impertinent still?