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 Chapter 302: Momentary Peace Before The Great Calamity

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'Ding...congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being.'

'Ding...experience points +1,500,000,000'

'Ding...congratulations on smelting 16 energy grid line chains.'

Lin Fan did not expect that Han Yongyi's energy grid line chains had reached an astonishing number of 16. No wonder Glory Sect nearly fell to this man. With his sneak attack on Grandmaster Yan, he just single-handedly held down the entire Glory Sect right after.

Lin Fan looked around at the fellow disciples. Some of them were agitated while others sorrowed. Lin Fan let out a sigh as well. Even though he still made it in time, there were still casualties of war who could not be saved.

"Master...!" Looking at Lin Fan, Zhang Ergou cried emotionally.

Lin Fan nodded his head before reaching down to fondle Cai Zhiqiao's little head as well.

"Master, please hurry and save the junior brothers!" Zhang Ergou carried on hurriedly.

Lin Fan came before Tian Yu and Feng Bujue and checked out their wounds. While deadly, at least they still had a single breath left within them.

Now that the lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree had been used once by him, he couldn't use it as abundantly as he'd like to right now. But to bring some of it out into cultivating some pills should be possible.

Opening his palm, medicinal herbs started to float onto his palm.

'Pills Through Thought.'

One by one, the medicinal herbs danced within the flame on his palm. After that, a large number of pills flew out from it. Taking two of them out, he fed them to Tian Yu and Feng Bujue. The effect was good indeed, as the two disciples took a turn for the better gradually.

The Mythical Parasol Tree was a godly object indeed.

"Ergou, hurry and take this pill over for Mie Qiongqi." Lin Fan ordered.

"Yes!" Zhang Ergou nodded.

"Master, please save Whitey and Sister Gong!" Zhiqiao cried out.

Lin Fan looked at the Snow Lion in Cai Zhiqiao's embrace. It was injured pretty badly, but it was fine because beasts had a strong lifeforce to begin with. Additionally, the bloodline of the Snow Lion was starting to show signs of it returning to its ancient roots, increasing the lifeforce even further. Lin Fan then placed a pill within its mouth, allowing the cub to slowly recover.

"Sister Gong?" Upon hearing this, Lin Fan was puzzled for a moment, wondering just who this Sister Gong was. But looking at the person laying in a pool of blood, Lin Fan took a second take.

Why was this person so familiar looking?

That was right! It was that fella from the Mo City!

But how did this person end up in the Glory Sect? Furthermore, how was she so chummy with Zhiqiao right now?

Lin Fan's brain was tinkering nonstop. Could it be that this person had smuggled into Glory Sect based on his identity and some made up story to make use of the sect for her own profits?

Thinking this, he contemplated whether or not to save her. Perhaps he should just lie to Zhiqiao. After all, a momentary pain was better than keeping a wolf in their own midst.

"Master, please hurry up and save Sister Gong! I'm only okay because she pushed me away!" Looking at Whitey beginning to recover, Cai Zhiqiao's mood improved slightly. However, she was still extremely sad over Sister Gong's state.

Lin Fan nodded his head and fondled Cai Zhiqiao's head. Forget it, he would save her first before asking her to leave the sect.

He looked down at Gong Bingye's peerlessly beautiful face. She was pale as a sheet right now. That petite body of hers was filled with a hole that pierced through her body entirely. In fact, he could even see her internal organs moving.

'Seems like you've got pretty good luck indeed for the wound to have missed your vital organs.' Lin Fan could not help but praise her good luck. It was just that close a shave.

After placing a pill in her mouth, Cai Zhiqiao stayed by her side to keep guard over her.

Lin Fan then came over to Grandmaster Yan and the other Senior Elders to hand them the pills.

"This will help your wounds recover faster."

Receiving the pill, Grandmaster Yan shook his head gently, "Hais, it's no use. Our wounds are too..."

Before he could even continue, he was astonished. To think that the lifeforce of this pill would be so strong! That was entirely unthinkable!

This could put up a strong fight with those godly pills that were made just for recovery of injuries!

But Lin Fan had barely put in any effort into making these! How could he have produced such miraculous pills within such a short period of time?

Could it be that the herbs he used were valuable beyond measures? But that was not the case either. They had seen the herbs he used; they were all ordinary. Even the most precious amongst them was a mere Linghua Plant.

Unable to understand at all, all of them swallowed the pills eventually. As the lifeforce spread out within their bodies, their injuries began to heal gradually.

"Just what sort of adventures have you been up to outside all this while, lad! Goodness, haven't you grown way too fast?" Senior Elder Wuya's pale face began to flush back with redness. Towards Lin Fan's strength right now, he was just beyond surprised.

To think that he had saved Lin Fan from his grave injuries obtained in Cangling Continent... And that was just half a year ago.

In just a mere 6 months, he had grown to this terrifying state?

"Hais, so what if I've grown stronger? I've still caused the sect to sustain some considerable losses." Lin Fan said regrettably.

"Hais, junior sister..." Thinking back of their junior sister of Jialan Peak's death, all of them shook their heads in pain.

"What happened?" Lin Fan asked.

Wuya shook his head and related the news of Jialan Peak's Senior Elder's death to Lin Fan. After hearing it, Lin Fan was silent as well as he looked over at the Jialan Peak disciples.

Mu Bingyan's dazed expression was especially heart wrenching.

Lin Fan walked towards the direction of the Jialan Peak disciples. Some of the female disciples who caught sight of Lin Fan greeted him as Junior Master courteously.

Lin Fan nodded his head to each greeting in acknowledgment before he finally came to Mu Bingyan.

"My condolences. Jialan Peak will depend on you from now on." Lin Fan did not know what else he could say, but he could empathize with this same pain of losing a dear one.

"Yes, thank you Junior Master." Mu Bingyan nodded her head. Lin Fan could tell that there were still tears waiting to flow out from her eyes. But as the Peak Master of Jialan Peak right now, she knew that she had to be strong for the others.

"If there's anything you require in the future, feel free to look for me at Nameless Peak." This was all that Lin Fan could say. As for the path in the future, it all depended on Mu Bingyan herself.

But Lin Fan knew that this event would cause changes within Glory Sect from top down. This would serve as motivation for every single disciple in the sect to work and push themselves even harder.

In the face of absolute power, all of them now knew how helpless and minuscule they were.

Lin Fan was no longer concerned with matters like being the strongest person within the sect. The main issue now was to get to the bottom of all these events.


For Glory Sect, the events this time around might be a great impact, but to Xinfeng, it was practically a hard knock on his head. It was such a tough knock that he did not even know what the future held anymore.

"Brother Feng." Looking at the dumbfounded Xinfeng standing quietly at one side, Lin Fan did not know what he should say either.

"It's okay, Brother Lin. I understand." Xinfeng nodded his head. He knew that this was Jiuxiao Sect's own tribulation.

"From this day on, Jiuxiao Sect would have to depend on you." Lin Fan knew that after the events this time around, Jiuxiao Sect would most likely fall from their place as a top sect into one of the inferior sects.

This would be an immense blow to any single sect: having all their strongest powerhouses slain overnight.

For the Jiuxiao Sect of today, Xinfeng was most probably the strongest person within right now. But with just that strength of his, it would be tough for anyone to sustain the entire sect.

"I know. No matter what, I would not allow Jiuxiao Sect to perish just like that. I'll stay strong. But all I want to know is why the Grandmaster had turned that way." Xinfeng could not figure out how his respectable Grandmaster had turned as such.

"All I can tell you is that they've been devoured by a sinister dark force. However, I do not know the true source of it as well. But, I will continue my search for the true origins of this matter." Lin Fan replied.

"Yes, Brother Lin. I'll be heading back to the sect then. As long as Jiuxiao Sect does not perish, we will take responsibility for this matter in the future." Xinfeng was feeling slightly heartened. At least his Grandmaster was still the person he had remembered in his heart. He had only turned this way under the influence of a dark being. Otherwise, this would be a terrible blow for Xinfeng's heart.

"Remember to let me know if you need anything." Lin Fan patted Xinfeng's shoulders.



After Xinfeng left, Glory Sect entered a state of restructuring as well.

The construction Earth Demons began their hard work. As for the disciples who had died in the war, their bodies were buried as well. All of them had died protecting the sect. As such, their tablets would be placed in the sect's Hall of Glory.

This was the final bit of recognition Glory Sect could accord them.


Translator's Thoughts

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Okay, everything aside, I think Lin Fan should have given Gong Bingye more recognition. And Xinfeng really didn't deserve this man. I hope we still get to see him in the future.