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 Chapter 297: The Power Of Unity

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The Glory Sect disciples continued to group and gather like a bunch of locusts. Bonding with one another, they defended against these enemies together.

Under the assistance of Zhang Ergou and the others, disciples of places like Jialan Peak, Danding Peak et cetera were temporarily relieved of their dire straits.

"Fellow junior brothers and sisters, let us gather as a group and head to the main hall to meet up with the Grandmaster and Elders!" Zhang Ergou rallied enthusiastically. As though the pills in his storage sack were free, Zhang Ergou tossed them around nonstop wherever he passed by. As for Mie Qiongqi, he was on a killing spree, massacring Jiuxiao Sect disciples, who were helpless against him, with savage methods as well.

"Fucking die!" From a hidden corner, a Jiuxiao Sect disciple suddenly leaped out with a sword, bolting at Mie Qiongqi.

Mie Qiongqi's eyes were already reddened with rage right now. Just as he was about to strike, a palm flew down from the skies, crushing that Jiuxiao Sect disciple into dust as well.

Looking over, Mie Qiongqi chuckled, "Decent palm strike there, junior brother."

The rumored incarnation of a deity of war, Meng Hao chuckled and looked at Mie Qiongqi with gleaming eyes, "Your furious attacks are also extremely strong, Senior Brother."

As the both of them glanced at one another, a battle intent began to boil in both of their hearts.

Two men of powerful wills and background, both of them naturally felt the thirst for battle the moment they bumped into one another.

"You're pretty good indeed, but your cultivation base is too low. When you've caught up with me, look for me for a battle." Mie Qiongqi continued.

"Yes." Meng Hao wasn't enraged in the least bit. He knew Mie Qiongqi spoke the truth. His cultivation base was too low indeed. However, that did not dampen his will for battle in the least bit.

Perhaps, this was the rivalry that one genius could sense towards another.

And just then, more people appeared in all directions.

Jian Wudi, Zong Hentian, Lu Yan, et cetera.

"You seem to have hidden your skills behind deep covers. Why didn't you display these skills normally?" Looking at Lu Yan, Meng Hao asked.

Lu Yan did not reply much to his query, "Senior Brothers present, the sect is in a dire state right now. Now's not the time to be discussing this topic."

After that, Lu Yan turned around to look at Zhang Ergou. His eyes flashed momentarily with indignance and rage, but he turned away immediately after to look at the main hall.

"Alright, since all of you are here, lets head over to the main hall right now to provide our assistance to the Senior Elders!" In this battle, the four-men Rescue Party's name spread wide and far across the battlefield, as they salvaged tons of junior brothers along the way. To Zhang Ergou, this was a representation of their self-worth.

One for all and all for one... Even though Saint Devil Sect could be considered a sect of its own, they could not relinquish all of their relationship with Glory Sect.

"Junior Brother Tian!" Looking at the rescue party group, Zong Hentian shouted out in disbelief.

Tian Yu looked over at Zong Hentian and nodded his head in acknowledgment, "Senior Brother Zong, anything else, we'll talk after we settle the issues of the sect."

Zong Hentian stared at Tian Yu. There were tons of things he wanted to say to this junior brother of his, but he nodded his head eventually. He understood that now was not the time.

"Let's go...!" Zhang Ergou hollered. From top to bottom, Glory Sect was united.

"Fend off the aggressors!"

"Power be to Glory Sect...!"


All the disciples chanted in high spirits. They would always remember the events of today in their hearts. In the thousands of years of history of Glory Sect, this was the first time something as such had happened. Looking at the dead bodies of their fellow brothers in the vicinity, all of them were driven with an unspeakable rage.

This was a trial for them, a mental trial to overcome.

Looking at the disciples surrounding him, Zhang Ergou was filled with motivation as well. As long as they were united, there was definitely no obstacle they couldn't overcome.

Outside the Main Hall...

When Zhang Ergou and the others arrived, they saw the Grandmaster being protected by a Senior Elder on his side, and hurried their footsteps.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were yet to be eliminated. Those disciples they had killed off were those of weaker cultivation bases. The stronger ones had retreated to the entrance of Glory Sect. There, they were awaiting Grandmaster Han to take down the strongest powerhouse of Glory Sect before gathering for a final push, destroying Glory Sect once and for all.

These were evil men whose hearts had already been twisted long before. They lived to kill and murder. Towards Grandmaster Han's change of heart, they were excited beyond words.

In their world right now, only a single word existed.

Kill. Kill. KILL!

Anyone who dissented? Kill.

Anyone who resisted? Kill.

Just killing everyone in their way.

Killing was the way to power.

The skies were crackling and rumbling with flashes of lightning right now. With the void ripping apart continuously, everything looked ominous, as if doomsday were approaching.

The energy grids of Heaven and Earth were changing right now as well, seeming about to crumble.

In the sky right now, the Senior Elders of Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect were engaged in a fierce battle. This massive amount of energy and power was causing an endless number of shockwaves. It was so devastating that the Heavens could barely withstand their powers.

A fight between two greater celestial full cultivation beings might not amount to much, but a fight between dozens of greater celestial full cultivation beings while making use of the energy grid lines was enough to almost destroy the entire world.

"So...strong! Is this the power of beings who could comprehend and utilize the energy grid lines?" Mie Qiongqi squinted his eyes and looked over. To a genius like him, the existence of energy grid lines was no secret at all. Even though he was astounded by the ferocity of the battles before him, it was not to a state where he was entirely stumped. After all, he knew in his heart that he would reach this state one day as well.

However, the sight before them was totally foreign to some disciples. Ever since they entered the sect, they hadn't even seen a single fight between two greater celestial beings. To them, this was no longer a battle between humans, but a battle between Gods.

Within the voids, the energy grid line chains turned and spun non-stop. Like a coiling dragon, they disappeared into the voids in an instant and reappeared brightly in the next instance.


Suddenly, the skies reverberated. Within the void, a bright flash of light appeared, slashing the void thinly apart. The energy current within it began to swirl rapidly like a tornado, threatening to suck everything within.


Like a meteor, a figure shot down rapidly from the skies.

"That's...Senior Elder Wuya!" Focusing their gazes, Zhang Ergou and the others were taken aback completely.


Senior Elder Wuya's body crashed right before their very eyes. His body was stained with blood, and his breathing was feeble. That usual healthy face of his was now ghastly pale.

"Elder...!" Zhang Ergou and the others dashed forward to help Wuya up.

"Grandmaster, Han Yongyi has descended down the dark path. He's way too strong now!" Senior Elder Wuya spat out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood. His body had a few more wounds on him. He must have sustained these injuries during the fight up in the skies.

Yan Hongyu was frowning as his face was extremely stern right now. Even his Junior Brother Wuya has been defeated. Just how strong was this Han Yongyi?

Junior Brother Wuya's strength wasn't too far off from his. To think that even he had fallen to Han Yongyi's hands. Now that he was bearing a large injury, he most likely wouldn't be Han Yongyi's match either.

Han Yongyi floated menacingly in the air right now. He wasn't too bothered with the surrounding battles. His gaze was fixated right below.

That bloodthirsty and demonic gaze sent shivers down the spine of every single Glory Sect disciple.

"Protect the Grandmaster and Elder!" Zong Hentian roared as he stood in front of Grandmaster Yan and Senior Elder Wuya without a single fear.

"HAHA!" Han Yongyi laughed manically. His eyes shone with murderous intent as he was covered in a black aura, howling like a dragon of darkness.

"You can go and die!" Han Yongyi growled in wrath as he sent a mighty palm strike down from the skies.

The palm strike was filled with devastating force, so frightening that it left everyone feeling desolate.

"HAHAHAHA!" Han Yongyi continued laughing in a frenzy.

"Grandmaster...!" All of the Senior Elders in the skies expressed a look of concern. But with a powerful enemy on each of their toes, none of them could leave their current positions!

The outcome looked to be determined. There was no way out of this.

Suddenly, Mie Qiongqi roared in fury. His muscles expanded rapidly, and his aura burst out into the skies. Darting forward, he received the blow by himself.

'Unkillable Indestructible...!' Mie Qiongqi screamed in pain, his blood spraying out everywhere. The cataclysmic power of this blow was so immense that Mie Qiongqi's True Energy within his body was in a state of chaos. The boost to his body from Unkillable Indestructible was the only reason he was even able to barely hang on alive right now.

"So what if you're a greater celestial...? I, Mie Qiongqi, shall slay the Heavens today...!" Incensed, his scream was filled with boundless hatred and hunger for battle.

"We'll assist you...!" Suddenly, all the geniuses within Glory Sect leaped up without a single bit of fear.

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