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 Chapter 296: No One Is Trash

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Fights were breaking out at every corner of Glory Sect. For this infiltration of Glory Sect, Han Yongyi had brought with him all his strongest fighting disciples. Not only that, he had released every single malevolent disciple within the jail and brought them here with him.

Even though not all the jailed disciples possessed high cultivation bases, all of them were wicked and dishonorable men. To Glory Sect, this was the greatest calamity they had faced in their entire history.

"Heh, so that's all the Glory Sect disciples have got? Alright, let me send you along your way then!" A Jiuxiao Sect disciple was laughing with a grim look on his face. The saber in his hands glimmered sinisterly.

Blood was flowing from the sides of the Glory Sect disciple's mouth. Looking around at the few corpses of his junior brothers around him, his clenched fist was trembling in rage.

The other party was way too strong. Especially that saber he was wielding, it seemed to possess a weird bewitching power that blinded one's eyes. In the blink of an eye, it's position changed rapidly.

"Pui...! Someone will...take revenge for me...! Power be to Glory Sect...!" Roaring in anger, the disciple rushed towards the Jiuxiao Sect disciple without any fear.

"Hmph... Courting death then." A cold smile appeared on the Jiuxiao Sect disciple's face as his saber gave off a devilish glint.

The Glory Sect disciple could not help but close his eyes shut. He knew that this was the final moment of his life...

After waiting for a long time, he still hadn't felt that momentary pain before death. Opening his eyes, he found four figures standing before him like the arrival of the Messiah.

"Fellow Junior Brother, are you alright?" Zhang Ergou stepped forth and asked.

"I'm fine! It's you, Senior Brother Zhang!" Looking at who it was, the Glory Sect disciple let off a sigh of relief. But when he looked over at the direction of the Jiuxiao Sect disciple, he gulped in a breath of cold air once more.

"Junior Brother Mie, don't be so vicious in your methods." Zhang Ergou frowned, unable to look at the sight directly.

"Oh." Mie Qiongqi replied casually. Tossing the head he had wrung down from the other party, he threw it into the skies. With a single palm strike, he splattered the entire thing into nothing.

Zhang Ergou shook his head. F*cking hell! If he hadn't known that this was his loving and doting Junior Brother, he would have thought that this was a devil incarnate as well. Such cruel methods of Mie Qiongqi!

"Junior Brother here, have a good rest. Let's go, Saint Devil Sect Rescue Party! We know no fear!" Zhang Ergou snorted loudly.

Looking at the back view of these four men, the disciple of Glory Sect could not help but feel immense respect.


Jialan Peak...

Big Senior Sister Mu Bingyan was leading all the other female disciples. United as a group, they were fending off the furious advances of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples.

Outer Sect disciples area...

Rumoured to be the incarnation of a deity of war, Meng Hao was valiantly fighting off a group of Jiuxiao Sect disciples.

"How dare you guys intrude upon Glory Sect? Die...!"

A pair of black and white swords danced in the skies, infused with a strong amount of Sword Will. In the face of the sect's darkest moments, many disciples who had kept their true powers in all the while were fighting in full force right now.


Possessing the mysterious Mahesvara Beads, Lu Yan did not dare to keep his powers hidden right now. Chanting out sutras never before heard in the Dongling Continent, an angry looking image of the Buddha appeared behind his back. Giving off an air of solemnity, the Buddha figure was fierce and sent off an air of exuberant powers.

Inner Sect disciples ground...

Zong Hentian had been rampaging everywhere he went. Each time he caught sight of a lone fellow brother fighting, he would jump in to assist them.

Out of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples who had infiltrated Glory Sect this time round, some of them had extremely powerful cultivation bases. Like wolves within a pack of sheep, some of the weaker disciples were slaughtered without any room for mercy. As such, Zong Hentian needed to seek out these helpless junior brothers so that they would not die so tragically.


"Senior Brother, there's a Junior Sister there that is left alone! The situation seems critical!" Tian Yu shouted, spotting a female disciple in the distance being cornered by a Jiuxiao Sect disciple, about to be killed any moment.

Looking over, Zhang Ergou's face changed immediately as he replied hurriedly, "Leave it to me!"

"Little girl here, what a waste of these lovely features. I'll give you a quick and easy one then!" In the face of her final moments, Yu Lan closed her eyes in destitute. She knew that she wasn't far from death.

At this moment, a lot of thoughts flashed through Yu Lan's mind, including Zhang Ergou, who had once confessed and was rejected tactfully by her. One by one, the images of her life flashed through her eyes.

And it was at this moment as well, that she heard a familiar voice. Her face changed as she opened her eyes.

"You shall harm no one! Eat my Ergou Mala Pill!" Zhang Ergou leapt over. Slapping his storage sack, a pill ugly beyond words shot out immediately. It exploded right in the face of the Jiuxiao Sect disciple, turning into a mist and covering him.

Under the influence of Lin Fan, Zhang Ergou had some basic knowledge of pill cultivation as well. Trying a hand at it, he realized that he had some slight talent for it as well! Therefore, while Lin Fan was away, Zhang Ergou was hard at work on his skills as well.

But it was all because his Master's Biggra had a profound impact on Zhang Ergou, so he was working tirelessly to see if he could recreate the same pill.

In the end, he couldn't reproduce Biggra. But in the process, he came up with different strange pills as well.

And this particular one was named 'Ergou Mala Pill'. Made up of various spicy medicinal herbs, this pill sends a mala cloud over to the other party, causing the other party to lose their senses in a bout of spiciness.

"What's...this...?" The Jiuxiao Sect disciple choked the moment he sniffed in the mala smoke. The spiciness was so strong that he couldn't even open his eyes. As such, his motions and movement turned retarded as well.

"Die...!" Seizing the chance, Zhang Ergou swung down his sword and killed the Jiuxiao Sect disciple.

Looking at this mighty figure before her, Yu Lan gradually lost her own senses. However, when the figure started leaving, she could not help but call after it hurriedly.

"Senior Brother Zhang...!"

"Junior Sister Yu Lan, you ought to take care." Stopping in his tracks, Zhang Ergou replied calmly.

Yu Lan was silent for a moment. A hint of regret streaked over her face. She continued, "Senior Brother Zhang, can you give Yu Lan one more chance?"

Zhang Ergou shuddered for a moment before shaking his head, "Junior Sister Yu Lan, I've dedicated my entire life to Saint Devil Sect. I no longer possess worldly feelings such as love. Farewell."

Upon hearing these words, Yu Lan was filled with regrets. However, it was all too late...


"Senior Brother! That display just now...impressive!" Feng Bujue gave him a big thumbs up.

Zhang Ergou glanced for a moment and chuckled. Just impressive? That was thoroughly comforting down to his core!

"Not good! The junior brothers ahead seem to be in trouble. We've got to hurry." Zhang Ergou hollered. "Fellow Junior Brothers ahead, do not fear! We're coming!"

Patting his storage sack once more, tons of different pills flew towards the Jiuxiao Sect disciples.

Even though these pills were not of high quality, Zhang Ergou regarded their actual combat use to be way higher.

Even though the maniac Mie Qiongqi was trained by Lin Fan, his personality towards his enemies were as cruel as ever. Savage and barbaric, he made use of no weapons at all, just tearing apart his enemies with his bare hands.

'Unkillable Indestructible' churned continuously in the skies, letting of a deadly aura. Mie Qiongqi screamed out, "Who else?"

Zhang Ergou could only stand rooted on the spot. He had just barely thrown out his pills, but Mie Qiongqi had already rushed in to cause a rampage, leaving him zero room to show off at all.

That single roar from Mie Qiongqi was even more shocking, causing shockwaves to be sent out in all directions.

Having inherited 'Unkillable Indestructible', even though Mie Qiongqi was a mere lesser celestial full cultivation, his actual fighting strength could be considerable to a greater celestial...