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 Chapter 293: Why Do These Keep Happening?

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"Brother Lin...! Why...why are you here...?" Xinfeng could not believe his very own eyes. To think that Brother Lin would appear before him at this juncture!

But how could he have? Like, Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect were extremely far apart!

Descending from the skies, Lin Fan landed beside Xinfeng. Patting his shoulders, he continued, "As a brother, I've been feeling really uneasy lately. I haven't been able to eat nor sleep. I just had this ominous feeling that something had happened to you, Brother Feng. In order to verify the facts for myself, I made this trip all the way from Glory Sect especially to keep my heart at peace."

"Brother Lin, I..." The moment Xinfeng heard this, tears poured down his face. He was touched beyond words. To think that Brother Lin would make such an arduous journey just to ensure his safety!

"It's alright, Brother Feng. Don't cry. After I regain your court for you, we'll have a good gathering." Lin Fan patted Xinfeng's shoulders once more.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples were shocked when this man descended from the skies. Upon knowing that this man was Lin Fan, they were extremely exhilarated.

All of them knew about Lin Fan as well! Ever since Big Senior Brother had returned previously, he had mentioned umpteen times about this strongest genius of Glory Sect. Lin Fan was mentioned so much that these disciples had started revering him without even meeting him

Looking over, he was every single bit as their Big Senior Brother had described.

Magnanimous and benevolent, righteous and just.

"Senior Brother Lin...!"

As Lin Fan passed by, these Jiuxiao Sect disciples stepped out of the way, forming a path for him to walk through while greeting him courteously.

Looking at these disciples, Lin Fan nodded his head and praised, "You're all good kids. Don't worry, your Senior Brother here will help you regain the playing field. Just sit back and relax. Leave it all to your Senior Brother here."

Hearing Lin Fan's words, the disciples were trembling with gratitude.

"Senior Brother, good luck!"

"Senior Brother Lin!"

"Senior Brother Lin will definitely avenge our dead brothers!"


Looking at the man walking towards him, Gu Tianhao shuddered momentarily as well. He could not see through this man's cultivation base, and his heart clenched for a moment on seeing those disciples who were crushed by the gigantic palm earlier.

Extremely strong.

Even though he could not make out this man's cultivation, that single palm slap was putting a great amount of pressure on Gu Tianhao's heart.

"Do you know how grave your sins are?" Lin Fan asked coldly.

Gu Tianhao looked at Lin Fan and did not reply. He was contemplating hard in his head. If he weren't this guy's match, then he could just make a run for it.

"Why, did a cat get your tongue?" Lin Fan's face grew even colder at Gu Tianhao's silence. Flicking his robes, he continued, "Let me tell you then. You've sinned gravely indeed, gravely."

"How dare you touch a brother of mine? How about you head out and ask around just who the f*ck is Lin Fan?" Lin Fan barked.

Upon hearing Lin Fan's words, Xinfeng was nearly brought to tears once more. This was akin to an elder brother standing up for his younger brother who was bullied!

All the other Jiuxiao Sect disciples glanced side-eyed at Gu Tianhao as well. Wasn't he so bloody cocky just moments earlier? What happened to that now, huh?

Gu Tianhao looked back at these people grimly before asking, "Who are you?"

He could not figure out this mysterious man before him at all, neither his background nor his cultivation base.

Right at this moment, all the powerful masters of Jiuxiao Sect were headed towards Glory Sect with Grandmaster Han. If he were no match for this guy, then there would be no one left in Jiuxiao Sect to take down this man.

"Oh? You don't even have the rights to know who I am." Lin Fan snorted coldly.

"Go and die!" Waving his hand, Gu Tianhao's aura exploded as he disappeared into the voids, reappearing before Lin Fan.

"Die!" His killing intent was certain as he threw a powerful punch straight at Lin Fan's chest.

"Brother Lin, watch out!" Xinfeng was shocked at the teleportation.

Lin Fan chuckled contemptuously. Giving Gu Tianhao a tight slap, he roared, "GET LOST!"


Being struck by the Eternal Arm was no joke. No matter how powerful Gu Tianhao was, he was bound to fall right here and then.


Everyone's jaws dropped in disbelief. They could not believe their own eyes! With a single slap by Senior Brother Lin, Gu Tianhao collapsed onto the ground with his head entirely bent out of shape.

How could this be...?

Xinfeng was shocked at this development as well. He had thought of the multitudes of possibilities that could happen, like a fierce and deadly fight, or something like that. But he had not expected victory to be determined in a split second!

"Hmph." Snorting coldly, Lin Fan tossed Gu Tianhao's body into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Alright there, done." Lin Fan turned around with a bright smile.

Sobering up, the disciples erupted into a series of cheers.

"We won...!"

"That darned b*stard's finally dead...!"

Looking at these elated disciples, Lin Fan smiled as well. Turning towards Xinfeng, he continued, "That's right, where's the Grandmaster?"

As though he had suddenly recalled something, Xinfeng replied hurriedly, "Oh crap! The Grandmaster's headed towards Glory Sect!"

"What?!?" Lin Fan's face of glee slowly turned into one of disbelief. "You mean to say that Grandmaster Han's going to Glory Sect?!?"

"Yes, I've heard it from my Junior Brother. The info shouldn't be wrong."

"Senior Brother Lin, Big Senior Brother Xinfeng, it's true! The Grandmaster gathered everyone two days ago and headed towards Glory Sect!" A disciple stepped forth.

Lin Fan frowned. He truly had an ominous feeling now.

He wasn't afraid of Grandmaster Han clashing head-on with Glory Sect. He was afraid that Grandmaster Han might resort to some underhanded or dirty tricks.

"Brother Feng, I don't think I have time for a gathering anymore. I've got to hurry back to Glory Sect." Lin Fan replied anxiously.

"Brother Lin, calm down first. We've got to think up of a plan! Grandmaster Han and the others are of greater celestial full cultivation and can traverse through the voids and the skies. There's no way we can catch up with their speed just like this!"

Xinfeng's words were like cold water being poured right on Lin Fan's head right now.

That was right. How could he make it in time?

Jiuxiao Sect was so far apart from Glory Sect! Even though his fighting strength was incomparable right now, his cultivation base was only at a lesser celestial! There was no way he could catch up with them in traversing speed!

F*ck man!

Lin Fan was thoroughly enraged by now. Why did things like these have to keep happening to him!

'Ding...congratulations on smelting 5 energy grid line chains.'

The Heaven and Earth Smelt was done with its work, but Lin Fan did not have the energy to be bothered with it.


That was right...

A thought suddenly struck Lin Fan.

"Brother Feng, sorry to let you down. But your Master's body, I've got to be selfish just this once." Lin Fan thought to himself regrettably.

He then tossed Liang Yichu's corpse within the Heaven and Earth Smelt as well.

'Ding...congratulations on smelting 10 energy grid line chains.'

"Brother Feng, we'll leave in a bit. I've got a plan."

"Yes." Xinfeng nodded in agreement, though he did not know what Lin Fan had come up with. Even if they were to take the gigantic ark, they'd require 10-14 days to arrive at Glory Sect.

Unless he was able to rip through the void and travel through it... But was that even possible?

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