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 Chapter 292: As Your Brother, I'm Late.

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"Finally, Jiuxiao Sect..."

A majestic place spanning ten thousand feet in radius, this was the great sect of the western area: Jiuxiao Sect.

As a righteous sect, the aura of Jiuxiao Sect should be grandiose like a dragon and radiant like the sun at noon. Especially now that Lin Fan's cultivation base was increasing, his level of comprehension and sense was rising as well. However, the aura of Jiuxiao Sect right now was broken and derelict. This meant that the doomsday of Jiuxiao Sect wasn't too far away.


To think that a majestic sect as such would relegate to such a state. Given a little more time, Jiuxiao Sect would definitely just be a name of the past by then.

"Who's there?" Noticing Lin Fan's shadow, one of the disciple patrolling the mountains outside stepped forth and questioned immediately.

Lin Fan eyed the disciple. Even though his face reflected the prime of health, Lin Fan could sense some sluggishness in his spirits.

"Glory Sect, Lin Fan." Lin Fan replied calmly.

He then looked into the distance, sighed, and continued, "Jiuxiao Sect, a tragedy indeed..."

The Jiuxiao Sect disciple had intended to lecture this guy upon hearing these words, but he took a second take. Wait a minute, Lin Fan? Why was this name so familiar? He then asked hurriedly.

"You're that strongest disciple of the Genius Sparring from Glory Sect? THAT Lin Fan? Senior Brother Lin?!?"

Lin Fan chuckled, "Why? Have you heard of a second Lin Fan within Glory Sect?"

Upon hearing Lin Fan's reply, the disciple's face took a huge change. That wary look on his face initially began to ease down as well. "Pardon me, Senior Brother Lin! I've long heard of your greatness. It's just that I hadn't had the affinity to meet you in person until now."

Lin Fan's heart took a small leap. Seemed like Yours Truly's name had spread indeed. Everyone within Jiuxiao Sect seemed to know about Yours Truly.

"Ever since the Genius Sparring ended, Senior Brother Xinfeng had returned full of praises about your character, Senior Brother Lin! As such, all the junior brothers within the sect know of your respectable self!"

"Junior brother here, what is your name?"

"It's Zhang Kui, Senior Brother Lin!"

"Junior Brother Zhang then, do you know where's my Brother Xinfeng?"

Zhang Kui lowered his head slightly in sadness, "Senior Brother Xinfeng has been locked up in the jail by our Grandmaster..."


Lin Fan was startled by a sudden loud explosion coming from within the sect.

"Not good, something's happening in the sect!" Zhang Kui's face was pale. "Pardon me Senior Brother Lin, but I've got to head back right now!"

"Yes, I'll head there with you."


Outside Jiuxiao Sect's Main Hall...

"Are you guys bent on continuing down this wrong path?!" Xinfeng stood there and screamed in misery. He was stained with blood from head to toe. Looking at his peaceful Jiuxiao Sect turned into such a state, he was extremely heartbroken.

The surrounding disciples glanced at one another. Some of them had a tortured look on their faces. But looking back at the group of figures behind them, they were then filled with fear.

"Unexpected indeed, unexpected. To think that those bunch of elders would impart their life's worth of cultivation to you." A middle-aged man stepped out from that group of figures at the back. His tone was thick with disdain.

This man was once locked up in jail for his evil ways in the sect as well. But, he was now released by the Grandmaster, and was in control of the scene right now.

Gu Tianhao was ruthless and vicious. Possessing a high cultivation base, he had killed off multiple disciples of their own sect. His overbearing presence was causing the disciples nearby to feel nervous.

Right now, these disciples of Jiuxiao Sect were living in constant fear.

"Gu Tianhao! How dare you parade righteously in front of the main hall of our glorious sect after massacring our fellow junior brothers? What a disgrace to the sect!" Xinfeng shouted in anger and huffing.

Even though the Senior Elders had transferred their life's cultivation to him so that he could break out of those chains, his personal body had a limitation. Hence, he was unable to unleash and make use of all of their powers right now.

As he was right now, Xinfeng's thoughts were muddled by rage. Instead of leaving the sect after escaping the jail, his first thoughts were to come to the main hall of the sect to wake these disciples up and prevent them from erring in their ways any further.

But to his surprise, the Grandmaster had gone into a frenzy, and had left this area to the charge of these evil disciples.

"Haha...! What a disappointment you are indeed, Xinfeng! I bet those old fogeys did not expect you to court your own death right after they gave you their powers! If they had known, they might have changed their minds and chosen to let me kill them instead!" Gu Tianhao waved his hands. He had zero interest towards someone like Xinfeng who was struggling against an impending death right now.

All the other vile and evildoing disciples behind Gu Tianhao laughed out cruelly as well. They were ready to strike, but were held back by Gu Tianhao. "No, let them take the kill. Let them have a taste of what it feels like to kill their own dear Senior Brother!"

Gu Tianhao was grim, while the other evil disciples behind him chuckled as well. This feeling must be fabulous right now.

The disciples who were surrounding Xinfeng glanced at one another. They could not bear to lay their hands on him.

"Well, I suppose that you guys want to die instead?" Looking at the situation, Gu Tianhao snorted coldly.

"Elder Gu, that's...that's our Big Senior Brother. We can't...we just...can't...!" In a terrible state of conflict, a disciple began to shake his head fiercely.

They were no fools. They knew how nicely Senior Brother Xinfeng had treated them in the past. But they did not know what had happened to the sect recently. The Grandmaster seemed to have changed into another person altogether. The current Jiuxiao Sect was no longer like Heaven, but rather, Hell on Earth.

"Hmph, trash." Just then, a fierce killing intent shot out from Gu Tianhao towards that disciple.

With a flash of a light, his head separated from his body and flew into the air, landing right at Xinfeng's feet.

This head of the pitiful disciple who died with a grievance stared at Xinfeng with wide opened eyes. His mouth was still mouthing his last words, "Senior Brother..."

All the surrounding disciples stumbled backward a few steps in shock. They had not expected Elder Gu to kill someone just because of that!

"Gu Tianhao, I'll f*cking kill you!" Xinfeng's eyes were filled with bloodlust as he screamed and dashed over.

"Hmph, trash." Looking at Xinfeng darting towards him, Gu Tianhao's mouth curled with contempt.

Disappearing into the void instantly, he reappeared right before Xinfeng and sent out a punch that tore through the voids.


"Piece of trash, Jiuxiao Sect no longer has a place for you." Looking at Xinfeng who was laying on the ground, Gu Tianhao spat out harshly. He then turned around to the rest of the disciples coldly, "I'm telling all of you right now, whoever doesn't head up to kill him shall die.'

All the other disciples shuddered at Gu Tianhao's words. Gripping their weapons tightly, they shivered.

"Big Senior Brother..." Some of the disciples cried out while looking at Xinfeng who was struggling to get up.

"Bastard, how dare you bully my Big Senior Brother? I'll kill you...!" One of the disciples shouted in anger and dashed at Gu Tianhao without any fear.

"Xiao Liu...!" Xinfeng looked at the back view of this man. This was a boy he had brought into the sect as a disciple after saving him from the jaws of a wild beast three years ago.

"Hmph. A mere postcelestial who dares to be so impertinent? Asking for death indeed." Gu Tianhao laughed coldly. Without even moving a single inch, a strong force descended down from the skies, splattering Xiao Liu into pieces.

"I'll give you guys 3 breaths to do it. If you don't kill him within 3 breaths, you're all dead."

These Jiuxiao Sect disciples were tormented mentally beyond words.

Xinfeng stood up slowly, "Junior Brothers, go ahead."

"Big Senior Brother...!" They stared at Xinfeng, evidently struggling terribly within their hearts.

Clink! Clang!

Looking at these disciples taking out their weapons, Gu Tianhao grinned coldly. But his expression changed instantly as well.

"Big Senior Brother, you leave! It's our turn to protect you!" Suddenly, all these disciples outside the main hall turned their weapons towards Gu Tianhao resolutely.

That broken aura of Jiuxiao Sect had suddenly regained some form.

"Evil unworldly being, Jiuxiao Sect is not a place for you to do as you wish!" These disciples echoed together loudly. The aura of their morale was like a dragon right now, boosting them greatly like an invisible wall.

"Go, Big Senior Brother! We'll hold the fort for you!"

"You guys..." Xinfeng looked at his fellow junior brothers and shivered. His fists gripped tightly, his heart indignant beyond words.

"Sure, sure then. Since you guys wish for death, I shall grant all of your wishes!" Looking at the scene, Gu Tianhao's eyes were murderous, "Kill them."

All the evil disciples behind Gu Tianhao revealed an equally murderous look as they dashed towards this group of disciples.

It was as though time had stood still.

Even though these Jiuxiao Sect disciples were filled with fear within their hearts, their faces were determined and firm. Even though they knew they were going to die, they were not afraid at all.

Looking at his junior brothers, Xinfeng could only feel his heart breaking apart.

And just then, a thunderous voice boomed over.


This impossibly strong aura descended from the skies. The evil disciples who had rushed forward suddenly felt a repressive force pressing down upon them.

Descending from the skies, a gigantic palm that was covering the entire skies crushed these disciples to death instantly.

"Brother Feng, you've suffered because your brother is late to the party..."

Everyone's gaze turned towards the skies.

Hearing this voice, Xinfeng was stunned as well, disbelief spreading across his face.

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